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JustAnswer - Ask a Vet!

JustAnswer - Ask a Vet
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This affiliate program provides a valuable service to your site visitors. It's a great feature to offer because sooner or later every dog owner will need to have access to advise from a veterinarian.

While we would all like to be able to provide answers ourselves sometimes it's best to leave it to the professionals. If you are not a veterinarian you can now offer your visitors access to qualified advise online.

There are many reasons people would want to use this service instead of going to their vet's office for a visit. Of course you still have to go to the vet's for check-ups, shots and medical treatments, etc. but many times we just have a question or need some advise. If money is tight this is an excellent alternative as the cost is far less than what you would have to pay otherwise.

Since questions are answered quickly this can be a great way to get qualified advise after your vet's business hours at night, weekends or even on holidays. The "Ask a Vet" service is available 24/7/365.

How Does it Work?

Once you sign up with their affiliate program you will get access to the online tools where you can "Make a Question Box" like in the example below.

This handy tool gives you the code you need to easily copy and paste to your web pages.

When your visitor submits a question through the form they are asked to create an account (free of charge) if they don't have one already. They then set a price they are willing to pay to have the question answered. This amount varies depending on how in-depth the answer required or how complex the problem is but $15 is a good average.

Quality answers are assured by a rating system that shows how many questions a vet has answered and the acceptance rate of those answers.

Another key feature that protects your visitors is that they do not pay unless they accept the answer. Experts whose acceptance levels do not meet required standards are dropped from the program ensuring that answers are of high quality and provide the value expected.

How Much Do I Make?

You earn a referral commission of 10%. Partners who refer over $500 in a given month have their commission on referring users increased to 12%.

The good part is that once you refer someone they are associated with your account forever. There is no time limit of 90 days or a year, for example. If they ask a question 2 years from when you first referred them you still earn the commission.

You can also earn 10% of earnings of others you refer to their affiliate program and sign up as partners. So you can earn commissions on a second tier. Again these earnings are forever.

They also have other experts - not just veterinarians. They have doctors, lawyers, dentists, mechanics, etc. ready to answer questions as well. If you have other websites this may work on your other sites.

If you are an expert yourself you can even sign up to answer questions too. You would be paid for every answer you give that is accepted.

Here's an example of how the question form might look on your site. You can customize it in various ways so you can have it match your website's colors, look and feel.

Ask a Veterinarian Your Health Question

Worried About Your Dog?
We have partnered with JustAnswer to offer online dog health advise from certified Veterinarians. You describe your dog's health problem or ask your question and they reply with expert advise. The fee is very reasonable (far less than you would pay at the Vet Clinic). You will usually receive an answer in less than an hour, and you do not have to pay anything unless you accept the answer.


"$1,000 spent at his vet, and I finally get the correct diagnosis from Nancy Holmes for $15"

Cedar Hill, MO


Vets Answer You ASAP!

Need Expert Advise? JustAnswer has Doctors, Dentists,
Lawyers, Accountants, Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers and
Many More Experts Available to Answer Your Questions.
Click Here to Select Your Expert!

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For more information about this program or to join, click here.


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