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The Importance of Building an Ongoing Relationship with Your Visitors

So you've taken into account the many on-page and off-page criteria that the search engines look for and you've built your website to be search engine friendly as we discussed in earlier articles. Article 1 Article 2

Perhaps you've used the keyword brainstorming tools with SBI! and you've picked keyword combinations that make your pages highly competitive and you are starting to generate traffic.

If you've followed the advise provided in the Action Guide you will have created terrific original content that provides real value for your readers.

If this is the case, Congratulations! you have the beginnings of a successful website. However, unless your visitors are converted into customers it doesn't really matter how much traffic you get. If you don't do a good job of convincing your visitors that your products or services (or your recommendations of other merchants) are what they want then they will never become a customer.

So how do you convert a visitor into a paying customer? Ask yourself the same question. What convinces you to accept a recommendation to make a purchase? High pressure sales pitches that defy credibility? Wild and unsubstantiated claims? Advice from a someone you know, like and trust?

Of course you would accept the recommendation of a friend you trust over a stranger that is just trying to "sell" you something.

Once a visitor comes to your site they have to find content that helps them solve a problem or answers a question. Your content will provide their "first impression" of you and your website. If you have provided sufficient value they may even consider bookmarking your site for future reference.

This is the beginning of your relationship with your visitor. However, you don't want to risk losing them. You have put a great deal of work into creating a great website so it would be a shame if your visitors only came once and you where to never see them again.

This is another fatal mistake that all too many website owners make. They think all they need is traffic that they can "SELL" to. But just like you, most people don't spend their money on their first, second or even third visit.

So the question is "How do I get visitors to come back again?" or "How do I build and ongoing relationship with my visitors so they get to know, like and trust me?".

The short answer is to provide them something of real value. For example, you could publish a monthly newsletter with tips and news related to the topic of your website. In fact this is one of the best ways that you can build and maintain an ongoing relationship with your visitors.

Many experts consider building a list of subsribers to their newsletter to be the number one, most important job of their website.

It only makes sense that if you can contact a person again and again and build your credibility and reputation with them while bringing them back to your website again and again it is far better than having them visit your website once and losing them forever.

So, how do you create a newsletter? How do you add sign-up forms to your website, handle opt-in confirmation and automate building your mailing list?

If you are using SBI! to build your site all these functions are included. If you don't have SBI! there are third party companies like AWeber that provide excellent services.

However, the capabilities you get with AWeber may be more advanced than what you really need and you will be paying almost as much (or more) for just this one service as the entire cost of SBI! which includes a newsletter and email autoresponder functions as well as many, many other tools.

Speaking of the email autoresponder function, that brings us to another great way you can use SBI! to build an ongoing relationship with your visitors.

For example, you could create a free mini course and send it out in a series of emails. This way you could build your reputation by providing great information over a period of time. You could promote your products or services toward the end of the series or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

But doing this manually would be a huge pain. And using a service like AWeber would be overkill and too expensive for most webmasters. That's why SBI! includes the Form Build It! function that serves the needs of most webmasters.

You can create forms for many other reasons like a "contact" form, a "referral" form for partnerships or surveys for example. But let's look at how you can use Form Build It! to create a mini course that you can set on autopilot.

You would start by creating your form in the easy to use Form Build It! tool. Just click and add the fields you want. You can have as many fields as you like including text entry boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus and checkboxes by just clicking and adding a new field. You don't need any technical skills.

Then you add an autoreply to the form. The reply will be sent to the email address that the visitor enters into your form. If it was a survey your autoreply might simply be a message thanking them for participating in the survey. But with SBI! you can do much more.

You can add up to 7 replies that are sent out according to the schedule you set. So you could create, for example, a 5 part mini-course that automatically sends the next article in your course every couple of days or once a week.

This is a great way to demonstrate to your visitors the value of the information you provide and allows you to build a relationship. If they haven't already, by the time they get to the end of your mini-course they will be willing to subscribe to your newsletter.

They will also appreciate the high quality information you have provided them with and will be more likely to want to purchase products or services through your website.

So, we've discussed ways of helping your website attract more free traffic through search engines and talked a bit about what to do with the traffic you get and build an ongoing relationship.

You should continue building links with other related websites with Value Exchange (its free). Also continue to add more high value original content to your site using the guidelines discussed in previous articles. I also recommend you take a closer look at the SBI! process and tools. Your website will do much better with SBI! than without it.

SBI! allows you to look at their entire Action Guide for free. It will provide you with an entire internet marketing course full of information that you can apply to your website. It is well worth studying even if you don't have an SBI! site yet.

In order to expand on the concepts we've presented here we've decided to start a dedicated website on the subject of building a successful business using the internet.

I invite you to visit our new site I would love to get your feedback.

All the Best,

Anton Hout

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