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Any Tips To Deal With Florida Weather?

I currently own two female Aussies, we are about to move to Miami Florida. Any tips to keep them cool and healthy?

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by: jcrply

I live in Fort Myers. My Aussies have done just fine here. My girl that I have now sheds her coat in spring and in fall. I recommend that you do not have the dog trimmed. A sanitary clip just around the anal area is o.k. During the hottest weather, we go for walks and play early in the morning and in the late afternoon.

by: Anonymouskat rose

I am also in Florida. My "Rascal" is an indoor pet with lots of outside play time in the evening. On the weekends he is outside a lot in the heat but he finds the shade and yours will too. He drinks from the water hose often but a kiddie pool is a must and if you have a large pool be prepared they will be in it all the time.
Just remember shade, water and of course a/c.

by: Lois

Living in Oregon our Minature Toy Aussie deals with what heat we get yet their are times that she *melts* to, so at this point, if Temps rise above 80 degrees outside the A/C goes on inside and she tolerates quite well.

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