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At What Age Do Aussies Calm Down?

by Nancy

At what age will my Aussie calm down?

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by: Debbie

My aussie is 10 months old and I think she has always been on the calm side especially in the house. she plays on and off all day with toys and balls and she tires herself. she can become excitable but i try to keep her calm by telling her to be nice. she is so anxious to please she behaves herself. I am extremely happy with my aussie.

2 Years
by: Anonymous

As far as I've ever heard or experienced it's generally excepted that Aussies don't truly "grow up" till they're at least two years old.

Aussies never grown up
by: Anonymous

I have had Aussies off and on for over 20 years. Aussies need a job, every day. Our old dog, Zeke, worked on the farm until he was 18 and up until he was 16 years old acted like a puppy. He had lots of jobs... pulling hay bale & sleds, herding cattle, being the watch dog.

Our newest Aussie, Tucker is a year old Black Tri. He has a job...agility training and working on becoming a therapy dog. He is mellower than Zeke, who was very high energy.

Obedience training is very good for them. It gives them something to look forward to they like the stimulation.

Long walks helps promote a calmer Aussie but overall, they will act like a puppy into their later years.

Wild dog
by: Jody

Someone gave me an Australian Shepherd. He's now 4 months old, and he is driving us crazy! He runs, jumps, nips, and tears up everything. We've tried constantly to correct him with forceful "Nos" and "Down," but he ignores any commands. We walk him daily. I wanted to have him as a house dog, but I am beginning to think he is going to have to be an outside dog, which I hate. There are no dog trainers in our area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Wild Dog
by: Rocio

Jody, if you keep your Aussie outside, he will get worse. Aussies need to do something every day. He can do agility, obedience competition, or you can train him to become a therapy dog. They are not like other dogs. They will do anything for you, but you have to keep them busy, and with you in the house.

Good luck

by: Anonymous

It's takes a good 2 years for an Aussie to calm down. We have always lived in a military community, thus we have small yards. Therefore I became a runner, and I run him daily and play fetch with him daily. THEY NEED A PURPOSE!!! I went nuts the first year we had him... but hang in there, with consistency, discipline, and tons of affection u will have the most loyal loving dog ever

To Jody
by: Siri's Mom

I have my first Aussie, Siri, who is now about 7 1/2 months. He is similar to yours and drives me crazy most days but also makes me laugh and lets me know how much he loves me. On the days he is best I give him 2 activities, outside off-leash play (fetchin a ball or frisbee, or both) usually around 30-40 mins. And I walk him about 2.5 miles. He generally behaves well on those days. If I give him one or the other, he tends to act up more. He is neurotic and must be busy or exercised to the point of exhaustion. He has been through basic obedience training and was the only puppy that graduated actually. I am going to be bringing him to a herding for fun class soon. My main concern about him is how unaccepting he is of strangers. I appreciate it because I know he will protect us but at the same time fear he may bite a friend or family member someday. That is what I am most trying to get under wraps. Good luck!

Year old ... Still a puppy
by: Ibayiish

My girl is a year old and you'd never know it. She is very very active, jumps, runs, hops, plays wrestling with my 2 and 9 year old. I don't know if she'll ever out grow it, but I just have to say park and she lays down calmly by the door waiting for me to take her. We try to go 4 times per week and really get her tired out she loves to play ball and will run long distances until she gives up under some shade. We did training too and she's smart for the most part she's okay except when I come home from work I can't get her off me for a while. But they do learn and very quickly, you just have to be consistent.

love my aus
by: Gordon

I have a 9 month old albino. Well shes blonde and white. Shes just adorable and while high energy she is extremely smart and suprisingly well minded. I have been very persistent in teaching her and I think its has paid off as far as potty training, not begging (needs a little work ;) and basic obedience. However something I havent been able to break her of is jumping on people and whenever I try to pet her she wants to nibble and lick. She absolutely never lets u just pet her calmly its always play time when your hand comes near her lol. Any tips?

Very Relaxed
by: Anonymous

I have had an Aussie rescue for three years now. She is the most calm dog I have ever owned. My prior dog was a border collie who was nuts. The Aussie might have been traumatized but even after three years in a loving home she rarely plays is content to sleep most of the day and only gets excited when I take her for walks or play ball for limited times with her in the back yard. As much as I try to exercise her she does not seem all that interested. She is a beautiful and loving dog and was described this way on Petfinder but shy and nervous around other individuals. So I would recommend everyone rescue not only because it is the right thing to do but you also understand the disposition of the dog before you own it.

by: J

My Aussie is a 3-4 yr old rescue who is full of energy. We walk 3 miles a day, chase balls and his still has energy to burn. He is very affectionate but he has to be doing some kind of exercise every 6 hours or so or he gets antsy.

Lot of work but worth it
by: Kyle

I have an 11 month old female Aussie, we have had dogs before but never an Aussie. She gets plenty of exercise between playing with our neighbors border collie daily, going for a RUN with me etc. and she can still keep going, she literally went 12 hours without sleeping yesterday and that has happened before. However, i have never seen a more affectionate dog in my life honestly. If I give her attention whether it's exercise or keeping his busy little mind going she will love me forever. Very loyal dog. So beware, they are a LOT of work but well worth it.

need help fast!
by: Ashley

We have a 9 1/2 month old Australian miniature shepherd. we have had her since she's been 6 weeks old. she's never like loud noises. So if you take her outside she's she's always on her guard. we got her from our son. he is autistic and we wanted a dog to come help him. She does OK with him but stays away from in less he calls her. she is very protective of me when it comes from somebody outside of the home she does OK with my husband. we have recently started doing foster care and when we bring other kids in she's very protective of me and she gets in between me and some kids. Not all kids. And growls and tries to not even if they're not by me. I want to get rid of her so please if someone could help come up with suggestions it would be great.

They do mature quickly, just keep them busy
by: Giovanna

Ozzie settled at 6 months. He is most of the time inside the house. We keep him busy with toys, lots and lots of toys. He keeps himself occupied throughout the day. I started leaving Kongs filled with frozen broth with bits of cheese and pieces of chicken, kibble or whatever I had on hand. Or peanut butter. Also multiple balls that release treats very slowly. He has GoDogs, Braidz, ropes, nylabones, Galileo, etc. Literally a giant basket full of his things. When we come home from work his toys are scattered, so we know he plays all day long. I placed tennis balls inside a pieces of nylon panty hose, tying and leaving a six inches tail with 3 knots. He throws the ball swinging it from the tail and chasing after it! When I get home I praise his good behavior with nice long walks. He has never messed with anything else in the house. We switch toys very often. He gets very excited when an old favorite pops up again.

Digging problem
by: Rhea

My toy Aussie is determined to dig in the yard... it is driving me crazy! Any suggestions? She is going on 6 months and is quite the rascal. I put her in puppies day out once a week just because I have to have a break! I need help wh this one for sure.

Crazy Aussie puppy
by: Anonymous

I have an Aussie puppy and she's almost a year. She drives me crazy! I cannot walk her daily and I have a hard time working with her daily due to schedules, two small kids and a disabled husband. My biggest issue is her obsession with food. She is a poop eater to the extent I've never seen before. Any insight into the poop eating would be very appreciated.

PTSD Australian shepherd puppy help lol
by: Jackie

I have a Australian shepherd puppy in training to be my PTSD dog. She is so wild I need advice to calm her down. I can't have her jumping on people or being out of control in places. I let her run and I work her all the time. I just don't know what to do please help.

Aussie is so out of control! Why is he so crazy?
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is under a year old and he is definitely not a calm dog. My husband actual thought he hand a mental disability because of the way he acts. I just want him to be calm so I can pet him but he always bites and try's to play with me. I love my dog but have considered how easier life would be with another dog. I guess you can say I am envious of people who have a dog that doesn't ruin the house. Or a dog that just likes to relax.

Calm indoors, reactive and overexcited outdoors
by: Anonymous

We've had our 1.5 year old Australian shepherd for about 6 months. We adopted him from a shelter. He is calming down indoors. He used to bark excessively at all sorts of things and nip at our kids but that behaviour has settled down. He is very alert on walks and is quite reactive on leash. He is not good at the dog park. He does not approach other dogs well and is always getting overexcited and starting a scuffle. He is great at our dog day care, they do a slow introduction behind a fence before putting the dogs in. We are working on obedience training and will be starting agility. He is very smart. We are going to get a tread mill and I think it will help a great deal along with the agility training. I have also noticed he is very sensitive to light and sounds, much more so than other dogs. We have had other types of dogs and have a lab puppy to compare him to. With work I am seeing improvement in behaviour but I expect it will take time before he is a really calm, always under control kind of dog.

When do Aussies Calm down
by: Keith Wood

I read all the comments, (after two years etc. etc.) my Max (the greatest dog in the world) is now 8 years old and has not slowed down since the day he was born. Six am your ass better be up because its time to play!

People are right, they need something to do. Max is my velcro dog, ALWAYS by my side. He loves going out on the boat to bass fish, even at home I can't walk from one side of the house to the other without him next to me!

Herding Dogs, that rings true.. he guides me every morning to the food bucket.

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