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Aussie Doesn't Seem To Be Growing

by Matt

Our Aussie, Boomer, is a tri-color male 8 mos old. The last month he has seemed to stop growing. Last month at the vet he weighted 36 pounds and now maybe weights 40 pounds if that. Also at the dog park we also another Aussie who was 10 months old and towered over Boomer. Do Aussies hit a second growth spurt after 8 months? Both his parents were 60+ pounds.

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Growth Spurt
by: Juno's mom

I'm not sure if it's normal for a second growth spurt, but our blue merle definitely had one. Her parents were in the 40-50lb range and her siblings are all around that size as well. We had to switch to a limited ingredient food because we found out when she was about two years old that she's allergic to chicken byproduct meal that's common in a lot of popular foods. She gained 20lbs in three months...and not fat either. She grew in height and mass. She's 70lbs now and has been for about a year and a half. We were concerned at first, but the vet said it's not abnormal for any breed of dog to bulk up like that based on their diet.

Not to worry
by: Kristi

My Aussie is full grown and only 42 lbs. Vets say he's perfect weight. Sometimes can get thick and put on weight after they are nuetered but that's not always healthy. I wouldn't worry too much unless there are other things happening. If he's eating well and active he should be great :)

by: gayle--big run aussies

At 8 months your pup pretty much has his full growth in height and will be filling out until he is about 3. That is one of the things that is so wonderful about Aussies: they are all different!

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