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Good Therapy Dog?

One of my biggest goals is to own a therapy dog. At the moment my family has two dogs but one is getting older. I have started looking into getting a puppy

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Australian Shepherd Breeding Question

I am kind of in a tiff at the moment with my pups. I have a female in heat and she is on day 16. She's not ovulating yet and I plan on breeding. She hasn't

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Aggressive Australian Shepherd Has Bitten Neighbor Boy

This is FLOYD as in Pink Floyd. I know... stupid name for a beautiful dog. Anyway, Floyd is 7. Four years ago he was involved in a hit and run resulting

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Aggression With Small Children

I have a 7.5 month old red tri Australian Shepherd, as of December 2016 he began showing aggression towards small children. ex - barking, lunging, and

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Two Aussies, One Family?

Anyone have experience with introducing a new older Aussie with a younger one? We have a 17 month old but have come across a six year old who needs a home.

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Dog Separation Anxiety And What You Can Do About It

Dog separation anxiety can be frustrating for both you and your dog, but there are things you can do to help.

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Essentials Of Dog Leash Training

Proper dog leash training is essential for all dogs and the sooner you start the better, but how do you begin?

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Not All Dog Growling Is Created Equal

Is your dog growling? Not all dog growls are created equal. What do your dog's menacing growls mean?

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Having Dog Behavior Problems?

Stop your dog behavior problems. Training tips on chewing, barking, mouthing, begging, stool eating and jumping up.

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Australian Shepherd Herding Behavior

So I am getting an Aussie pup this summer and have never owned one before. I currently have a Springer and a cat and am worried about herding behavior

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Can A Miniature Australian Shepherd Jump A 5 Ft. Fence?

Can a Miniature Australian Shepherd jump a 5 ft. fence? I know an Australian Shepherd can, but can a Miniature Australian Shepherd?

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Electronic Dog Fence vs. Traditional Fencing

An electronic dog fence is a great option and has benefits that can make them preferable to traditional fencing.

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What Is The Safest Harnesses For Puppies?

Hello all, I am looking for some advice regarding what harness I should purchase for my 8 week old puppy. I have done research regarding tracheal/esophogeal

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Mini Colors To Avoid

Going to buy Mini Shepard, but trying to figure out what colors of coat and eyes to stay away from. Or should I just ask the breeder to pick one out for

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Collar vs Harness

What is your preference for your Mini Aussie? I currently use a Martingale Collar, but was wondering if a harness would be better. Mostly walks with a

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Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training when used properly can be an efficient and effective tool to help housebreaking your puppy or dog.

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What Does Service Dog Training Entail?

Service dog training can train dogs to help individuals cope with a wide range of physical or mental disabilities.

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Size Question About Mini Aussie

I have a 9 month old Mini Aussie who now weighs 47 pounds! We knew he would be on the big side, since his mom was 33 and his dad was 37 pounds but we are

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Professional Dog Training

Professional dog training is best to get a solid foundation in obedience or to deal with dog behavior problems.

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My Mini Aussie Is Nipping And Barking On Walks

Hi, I have the best Mini Aussie pup who is 15 weeks old. She's already house-broken, crate-trained, and an angel (most of the time). However, this week

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New Puppy With White Face – Should I Be Worried?

I am going to be bringing my Mini Aussie puppy home in about 6 weeks. He is my first dog, but my fiance grew up with a Golden and a Husky mix as a kid.

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Male Australian Shepherd Over Possessive With Our Other Female Dog

I have 2 Australian Shepherds, a male 6 years old and a female 5 years old. They grow up together, but a time passes the male is becoming very protective

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My Dog Won't Go For Walks

Hi, My husband and I have an almost 3 month Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix named Zeus! He's a ladies man and loves to be the center attention and

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My Freckles

We lost you in November. We had you for 13 wonderful years. We miss you so much, letting you go was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. We still

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Suggestions On Impulse Control During Dog Walks

Hi folks, I'm a proud owner of a 5 month old Red Tri Aussie. His name's Spud. He's such a wonderful lil' trooper. Playful. Intelligent. Social. Eager

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At What Age Do Mini Aussies Go Into Heat?

At what age do Mini Aussies go into heat? I have asked the vet and she is not sure because she has not encountered the Mini Aussie breed before. As of

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Miniature Or Toy Breeders In Norway

Hello, Are there any miniature or toy Aussie breeders in Norway?

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Aggression With People

I have a 1 1/2 year old Mini Australian Shepard who is aggressive towards everyone except me, my fiancé, his mom, and my parents. When it is just the above

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Entertaining An Aussie

I will be moving out of my parents house next summer and will be moving into an apartment with my dog and my cat I am also planning on getting an Australian

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Everlasting Treats In Chicken

Sydney (our 3 year old Aussie) absolutely LOVES the Everlasting Treats... using the Fireplug (the treats are medium), they keep her occupied for hours

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