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King Bacchus

Our Aussie Bacchus is the best dog I've ever had! We got him about 2.5 years ago for Christmas, and he is practically our child! He pretty much came potty

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Laser Spay Surgery

I received my first female Aussie pup when she was 8 weeks old. She's now 5 1/2 months. This week she started acting weird, i.e.: barely eats, lays down

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Body Slamming?

When my Aussie plays sometimes she slams her whole body into me, which hurts a lot! I grab her and tell her no firmly, but then she growls and tries to

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Australian Shepherd Paintings

Nadi Spencer is a full-time artist who paints every day of the year creating acrylic and watercolor art. See the links below for more information or to

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Dog Fall

My dog is named Boz. He was only 6 weeks old. One evening we were on the front porch. Boz was looking out. He stuck his two front paws out of the gate

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Buying A Puppy From A Breeder

Getting an Australian Shepherd on Saturday from a breeder. I just checked her website and she posted pics of both the parents and they are both merle.

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Anyone Found A Durable Frisbee?

Like a lemming, I keep making my weekly Frisbee order to Amazon. Not only can't I find one that will withstand my Aussie's teeth, actually fly, and not

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4 Year Old Miniaute Aussie Scratching And Itching

My four year old Mini Aussie is scratching the hair off her legs and her butt area. Itching and scratching a lot. When I brush her there is a lot of dandruff.

Continue reading "4 Year Old Miniaute Aussie Scratching And Itching"

Young Puppy Will Not Stop Leading Another Puppy By The Neck

This is a new on on me. We have had Aussies since 1981. This is a long read but all information is below. At this time we have 3 Aussies (full size) one

Continue reading "Young Puppy Will Not Stop Leading Another Puppy By The Neck"

USA, WV, 4 Months, Theree

Theree is this beautiful 4 month old female Australian Shepherd that is in a bad environment and is starved for love and a home. She is friendly, but is

Continue reading "USA, WV, 4 Months, Theree"

Need Advice From Other Owners Who've Helped Dogs Through Joint Surgery (Hip/Knee)

I'm looking for advice and experiences of other Australian Shepherd owners who have gone through joint surgeries and recoveries with their dogs. Specifically

Continue reading "Need Advice From Other Owners Who've Helped Dogs Through Joint Surgery (Hip/Knee)"

Why Does My Aussie Whine When I Get Ready?

When I get ready, for just about anything, my 10 month old Australian Heeler whines. When I put my makeup on, she whines the entire time. Same when I'm

Continue reading "Why Does My Aussie Whine When I Get Ready?"


Chloe is an Australian Heeler, part Australian Shepherd and part Blue Heeler. Everybody who meets her falls instantly in love at the sight of her huge,

Continue reading "Chloe"

Aussies And Yards Without Fences

I have a very young Australian Shepherd, and we just moved into a home that does not have the best fence. In some places, the fence is only about 3 feet

Continue reading "Aussies And Yards Without Fences"

My Best Friend, Maddie

Maddie is an exceptional girl. She is 2 1/2 red merle. She had her first litter of pups on Valentines day. She had thirteen and raised 12. She only lost

Continue reading "My Best Friend, Maddie"

Dr. Steve Oliver... aka Steve!

Steve is my 7th Aussie. (humor) This nasty dog was brought back b/c his back feet are pidgin toed. Two litters on the way, and an 8 month old useless dog.

Continue reading "Dr. Steve Oliver... aka Steve!"

Maggie the Magnificent

This is Maggie Mae, a 5 year old red merle female we have loved since the day we got her at 8 weeks of age. She is my running companion, special friend,

Continue reading "Maggie the Magnificent"

Buckley & Cooper

A friend of mine lost these two beautiful Aussie boys within a time span of a few days. A group of friends gathered and asked me to paint their portrait

Continue reading "Buckley & Cooper"

Ezra and Splash

Our Aussie's are 5 year old step brother and sister. This picture was taken at the end of our driveway in Seebert WV. Our soon to be new home. Splash is

Continue reading "Ezra and Splash"

My Aussie's Skin Problems

He is a lovely red Merle. At about 7 years old, he developed, after boarding, 2 red sores or lesions that would look like a bite from either a snake or

Continue reading "My Aussie's Skin Problems"

Rescued an Aussie—Need Tips

I am just looking for some resources and someone to talk to about this surprise addition to our pack. Here is the story of Lucky (so far). This morning

Continue reading "Rescued an Aussie—Need Tips"

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

The Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month Archive. Did you miss the photo of the month? Submit your own photo too.

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month"

Wild Child 9 Month Old Mini Aussie

We have a 9 month 38 lb Mini Aussie (Bruno). He is a wild child. Will he calm with age?

Continue reading "Wild Child 9 Month Old Mini Aussie"

Pooping Outside

Hello :) My husband and I just got a 15 week old miniature Australian Shepherd from a breeder this past Thursday. He's been doing great so far. The only

Continue reading "Pooping Outside"

Sleepy Aussie

My 1.5 year old Aussie doesn't like to play, isn't incredibly interested in treats, and I'd say she's interested in me about 85% of the time. However my

Continue reading "Sleepy Aussie"

Puppy In Heat

Our little girl Aussie went into heat this morning. My husband was outside for about an hour and came back in to a mess of blood and that she has pooped!

Continue reading "Puppy In Heat"

Schatzi Our "Good Girl"

I can't believe she's a year old, I adopted her from Craigslist. I knew when reading the ad without even a picture she was our girl. Shy and calm with

Continue reading "Schatzi Our "Good Girl""

My Roaming Aussies

Hello. I have two Australian Shepherds, both rescues acquired about one year apart. The alpha girl, 8 now, is very playful and loves to roam around our

Continue reading "My Roaming Aussies "

Leaving Two Australian Shepherds Alone In The House

I have a male and female 6 month olds from same litter. They were trained from 6 weeks to sleep together in a crate but are too big to do that any more.

Continue reading "Leaving Two Australian Shepherds Alone In The House"

Sprayed by Skunk

If your Australian was sprayed by a skunk PLEASE help! Our Aussie got sprayed by a skunk a few nights ago. That morning we bathed her with Odormute.

Continue reading "Sprayed by Skunk"

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