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How Can I Get My Aussie To Jump?

We got Maggie when she was two months old. We had stairs so she could get on the sofa. She's a year old and does not know how to jump on couch, jump

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Invisible Fence For Our Aussie

We adopted a male Aussie 6 weeks ago, he is almost 2 yrs old. We live in the country on almost 3 acres and don't have a fence yet and are wondering if

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Australian Shepherd Starting to Show Aggression Toward People

Hello, I am in desperate need for help. I have an Aussie (he's almost 2) and he has been the best dog in the world, though he is protective of me which

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My Beautiful Cocoa! July 6th 2004 to June 26th 2015

I got Cocoa from at 10 weeks old from Koyne's Australian Shepherds. It was their first litter and she was my first Aussie. I have and still do thank them,

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USA, Houston Texas, 5-6 Years Old, "Red Dog" Loves Belly Rubs!

My husband and I just transported 26 dogs up to a rescue in New York from Houston Texas. Red Dog was suppose to go on that transport, but our trailer broke

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Weight Gain Of Mini Aussie Puppy

My 3 month old Mini Aussie gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Is that normal? I do not want to over feed him but after reading a forum on this site it sounds

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Naming My New Puppy

I have a 9 week old black tri female Aussie who I've been calling Arya. Today I received the puppy registration application form and now I'm stumped on

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Picking The Right Breeder

My husband recently lost our beloved Koda Bear who was a mix of what we think to be Australian Shepherd/Lab. We are beginning our search for a new pup

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Confused About My New Australian Shepherd Puppy

I got my beautiful 6 week old blue merle female Australian Shepherd, Zayleigh about one week ago. I have saved up for a while to buy her. I was so exited

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Isn't It Typical For An Aussie To Nip?

Isn't a nip considered a bite? If so, isn't the Aussie a liability? If this is true, how can an owner trust taking this kind of dog to dog parks or other

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Enough Exercise for Australian Shepherd?

We have a six month old Aussie and we exercise her in the morning prior to her breakfast (typically a jog around the neighbourhood or tossing the ball

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Rushing, Barking, And Occasional Nipping

We recently adopted a 4-year old Miniature Aussie from a shelter. She was initially with a breeder and we are her third owners. Something has been missed

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Maggie Magnolia the Awesome Aussie

Maggie is a six year old tri colored Aussie. She is a Velcro dog and that is a good thing. She is proficient in tennis ball, Frisbee and agility. Maggie

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Should I Ask My Neighbor To Keep Their Dogs Away From The Fence Because They Frustrate My Dog?

My Aussie is a natural protector/guard dog and very territorial of his home turf. When he senses a threat or a tease, he barks with fury just like a guard

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Male Australian Shepherd Aggressive Towards Strangers

I have a 16 month male Aussie. Since he was about 9 months he has became aggressive towards strangers. Either coming into my home or in public. Is there

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Demo Squad

So our 8 month old Aussie is an indoor family member. We go to the dog park daily and do good puzzles as well as work on obedience. She is housebroken

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Timmy the Terrible

Timmy is full of energy, loves frisbee, can sit, shake, down, and speak. Found him at the flea market. He was the only Aussie Shepherd. We were happy

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Finnegan Meek

My little Aussie has a definite character of a kissing pup. He has bonded to myself, my partner and Nana in his pack. He is quite timid and we are working

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She is 11 months old and we love her to death. She gets along great with other dogs and cats. She is still very skittish getting in to a car. She does

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Crate Training

I have a 16 week old Mini Aussie named Finn and he is having a hard time adjusting to his crate. I picked him up when he was 10 weeks old and he has spent

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New to Aussies

We are new to owning an Aussie... And we love her to pieces. She is a very loveable and hyper. She stays close to me and is protective. My issue is...

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How Can I Control My Aussie's Fence Fighting?

I adopted a brilliant, male Australian Shepherd at eight weeks. He is now 14 months and neutered. He’s been very socialized since puppyhood, and gets

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Salt Water And Australian Shepherds

After walking in the Bay, my Aussie seems to have problems or an irritation somewhere on his paws. I can see nothing at all. Could it be the salt water

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Aussie Won't Leave My Side

Hey everyone. I just got an 8 month old Aussie and I did a lot of research before choosing her as to activities and stimulation to help her stay stimulated.

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What Do Australian Shepherds Like To Do?

Hi, everyone. My wife and I just got our first dog, a 14-month-old mini Aussie named Chili. For the first year of his life, he lived outside with probably

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Stubborn Australian Shepherd Pup

For the most part he is good about outside potty but every now and then he will disappoint us. I have done all the tips. Aussie is 6+ months. Third Aussie

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Extreme Protectiveness

My almost 3 yr old female Aussie, began showing signs of over protectiveness around 18 month and it has gotten worse from there. We worked with a trainer

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Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

It's Easy to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats, but not all ingredients are safe. Learn more and create your own healthy dog treat recipes.

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Sheila, Our Rescued Mini Aussie

This is our beautiful mini girl. We rescued her and are so happy we did. We have always had Springers. She is so smart and we were able to train her using

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Nosey Aussie

Does anyone know why my Aussie seems to nudge everything with her nose?

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