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Question About Aussie Training

So for a while now I have had my Aussie fetching, coming on command etc. However, when I am not at home I have to bring my dog inside due to the crowded

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First Time Australian Shepherd Pup

Hey, I'm thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd puppy but not sure if I should or not. I have a 7 year old Jack Russell cross who seems bored at

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6 Month Old Mini Aussie Biting!

Hi! We have a 6 month old, male mini Aussie. He's a very loving dog, very snugly and clingy but we've ran into some problems. He's been submissive since

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First Time Aussie Owner

We got a Mini Aussie puppy who is now 14 weeks old. We are crazy about her and she feels the same. Her name is Grace and she is cute as a button. I am

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherd Owner? There is no reason to let problem behaviors develop. Stop Stressful Problem Behaviors and Transform Your Australian Shepherd into a Model Aussie.

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Digging In The Yard

Does anyone have a suggestion for digging in the yard? Sunny, my 1 yr old Aussie, digs just the sod up and usually goes no farther. I have a bunch of

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Help for My Reactive Aussie

Greetings, I have a 4 year old male Aussie/Cattle dog cross named Sundance who has been with me since 8 weeks. He came from a backyard breeder and very

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Too Late For Taping And Gluing Ears?

Is it too late to tape or glue my 8 month old Aussies ears! The are prick now. Will they stay that way?

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Worried About Merle Puppy's Eyes

May I please get your thoughts / advice? We are set to be first time dog owners in a couple of weeks as we will be picking up the merle in the attached

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Aussie Size At 9 Months

My 9 month old male Aussie is 43 pounds. He is 20 and a half inches tall. Parents are 55 and 45. Will he get bigger?

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My 10 Week Mini Aussie Has Lice

I'm afraid to use anything because we don't have his MDR1 test results back yet - any recommendations? My vet wants to give him Revolution - I'm scared

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Hair Loss On Aussie Pup

I have an Aussie pup that is 5 months old and is losing his hair on his trunk. It started around his neck by where his collar would be then progressed

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How Old Does The Stud Have To Be In Order To Breed?

How old does the stud have to be in order to breed? Thanks!

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Help—My Aussie Never Seems To Get Enough Exercise

Hey Aussie land. I have a 3 year old red tri and she is, to say the least, the love of my life. She was sort of just left at my door step when she was

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Blue Eyed Red-Tri Puppy

She is a red-tri Australian Shepherd, and is currently 5 weeks old. Her mom is a red tri with amber eyes and the dad's a blue merle. Will her eyes stay

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Crate Training Australian Shepherd Puppy

So, my 9 week old Aussie puppy has been having trouble with going to the bathroom in her play pen. We started out by leaving her in her kennel for a couple

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Is My Aussie Mixed With Anything?

This is Rocco and we rescued him about 9 years ago. We of course knew that he is partly Australian Shepherd with his blue merle color but he is bigger

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Brewster and Grouch, Nevada, USA, Age 7

Meet Groucho! He is a ball-catching superstar who loves sports and spending time with friends of all ages, especially if they like to teach him new games.

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Aggression On Leash

Our 1-1/2 year-old male Aussie never exhibited any aggression toward other dogs until just recently and it only seems to occur when either he is on leash

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My grandpup of 8 1/2 years old was tragically killed by a truck on 3/6/2016. He was my daughters Bub and the best dog ever. He was so loyal and just

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Mini Aussie Puppy Growing Too Fast?

Hi, I like the web page and all the info. Question though if anybody can help. I have a mini Aussie puppy that's just over 16 weeks and is about 17 1/2

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Farewell to Walker

Big, bold and beautiful... You brought activity, fun, energy and boundless joy to our home and we miss you. The long walks just aren't the same without

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Aussie Puppy Eyes

Hi, I live in Ankara Turkiye (Turkey) and I am planning to get this puppy from a breeder. Her parents has been genetically tested and her health seems

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Aussie Reacts To Other Dogs

My Aussie is 16 months old. See go nuts when she sees another dog. She would also do this with joggers and bikers but the look command has helped with

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Aussie And Kids

We love our Milo to death but have a problem with him barking and growling at kids that he doesn't know. We have an 8 month old daughter who he is just

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Health Questions About Appetite, Gagging, Vomiting, and Breathing Issues

Well I have an 11 month old Aussie and she just came out of heat. In the last 3-4 days she has had a loss of appetite. She also has had other issues like

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New Australian Shepherd Articles

Here is a listing of new Australian Shepherd articles on

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Charlotte, NC, 22 Months, Sawyer

Sawyer is a sweet boy who LOVES people. He is an indoor dog but loves being out during the day. He has a lot of energy and spunk and does well with a medium

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DIY Dog Agility Equipment

Make your own dog agility equipment out of simple things you can find in and around your house.

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New Aussie Mom

I got an Aussie pup as a companion for my weiner dog because my other dog is old and has arthritis and doesn't play with him anymore, but my Aussie is

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