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How Common Is Aggression In Australian Shepherds?

After looking through the questions in this forum I am feeling a bit nervous about getting my Aussie this weekend. I have seen many comments about aggression.

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Dog Urinary Tract Infection

A Dog Urinary Tract Infection can be Life Threatening. Do not underestimate the seriousness of a UTI in your dog. Learn what to watch for and what to do.

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Australian Shepherds And Tails

Traditionally, breeders of Australian Shepherds have docked the tails of infant puppies for a variety of reasons established largely by society. Breeders

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How To Stop Counter Surfing | Part 2

You Can Stop Counter Surfing by using a combination of approaches including elements of operant conditioning.

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How To Stop Counter Surfing | Part 1

Counter Surfing and Food Stealing can be very frustrating. Find out the best way to stop your dog from taking food off the counter or table.

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We Lost Our Blue 11-20-14, Miss Him So!

What can I say about Blue... he was the best dog a family could have wanted. He was 11 years with us and always wanting to please us even at the end when

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Need Boarding—Any Aussie Lovers Living In Austin, Tx Area?

Need boarding of my daughter's beautiful mini blue merle Aussie. Temporary board for 3-4 months, till she can find a new home. She doesn't have much money,

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USA, NY/NJ, 5 Years Old, Ozzie

Ozzie needs a new home. He is a beautiful purebred Australian Shepherd. He is full of energy, playful, well trained, housebroken, really smart. He has

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How To Test If Australian Shepherd Is A Red Carrier?

I have a black tri female who is out of a black tri dam and blue sire. What testing can I do to see if she could possibly be a red carrier?

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Mini Aussies And Rabbit

Hi all, I am considering adopting a one-year-old Mini Aussie mix. I have never wanted a dog but fell in love with her at the pound. We currently have a

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15 Year Old Female Aussie Gagging?

I have a 15 year old blue merle Beatrice who is a rescue dog that has been the light of my life since she was 6. At 15 now she is getting a little slower,

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How To Stop Dog Chewing | Part 2

Explore practical ways to stop dog chewing. Chewing inappropriate things is expensive for you and potentially dangerous for your dog.

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How To Stop Dog Chewing | Part 1

The first step to stop dog chewing is to find out why. There can be very serious reasons that you need to know about.

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Over-Protective Female Australian Shepherd?

Hi - recently I have noticed that our female Aussie, 20 months old, has been showing some signs of aggression. We recently moved from a busy neighborhood

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Can Black Tris Have Blue Eyes?

I thought only merle Aussies had blue eyes, I was always told the merle gene also was responsible for the blue eye. Now I see black tris advertised as

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8 Month Old Aussie Chewing On The House!

Hello... my beautiful Aussie puppy, Olivia, is eating me literally out of my home! I have found the 7th chew spot today - ANOTHER windowsill. I keep her

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Scared 6 Month Old Mini Aussie

My 6 month old male Mini Aussie, MO. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is so skiddish, even with me and my son who are his main caretakers if you

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Safe Chew Toys For Heavy Chewer

My 2 year-old mini Aussie is a gnashing/gnawing chewer and loves Nylabones and will literally scrape through the Nyla. I'm concerned about him swallowing

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Nexgard Flea And Tick Control?

I am thinking of changing flea and tick control measures from Parastar Plus to NexGard chewables. Parastar Plus has seemed to work well and seems to cause

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About the Australian Shepherd

Learn About the Australian Shepherd and Miniature Australian Shepherd breeds. Breed standards, colors and markings, as well as personality and temperament.

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Problem With House Training

We have a 16 week old Mini Aussie and are having problems house training. The problem he will not tell us when he has to go and if we don't watch him

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Need Advise About Puppy Teething 🐶

This is my son Aaron and his girlfriend Sarah's first puppy. Ava is a mini and all Aussie! Ava's teething and they could use some advice. My son says Ava

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Australian Shepard vs Mini Aussie

I post this question not looking for negative comments about either breed just looking to understand why Mini Aussies are not accepted in the Aussie community.

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Keeping My Aussie Busy?

My Aussie is 8 months old and I could really use some (lots) of advice on keeping her occupied. 😧 She and I spend at least an hour a day at the park, where

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Occasionally Aggressive Puppy

I have a 5 month old Aussie and a 2 year old Husky. They're great buddies and the Husky is extremely gentle with Sadie, the puppy. Sadie is clearly the

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Serious Behavioral Problems

My puppy, Indy, is a sweet and loving loyal dog. Sometimes, but lately I cannot get him to listen to a single thing I say. He WILL NOT listen, and I'm

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My Aussies

The newest addition is a blue merle and has blue eyes, her name is Noelle, she is a quick learner even at 9 weeks she was bred by an Aussie breeder. Her

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Metacam Pain Medication For Dogs

Is Metacam ok for Australian Shepherds after a surgical procedure? Thank You, Pam, Fred, Buddie & Bandit

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Nipping When Pet

Hi! I have a nine month old Aussie, Duke. He is a great puppy but we have had some issues with aggression and biting. His aggressiveness is getting better

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How Much Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

Do Australian Shepherds shed? If so how much?

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