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Me And My Dog Named Boo

I got Boo September 28th of 2012 at 8 weeks old. He is my second Aussie I have had, my first one LunchBox was my best friend. When he passed I didn't

Continue reading "Me And My Dog Named Boo"

USA, Tn, 8 Months, Boo

Boo is a loving great dog, he has really became my husbands shadow. We would like for him to go to a good home that has had a Aussie before, hopefully

Continue reading "USA, Tn, 8 Months, Boo"

How Old Is Too Old To Breed?

How old is too old to breed?

Continue reading "How Old Is Too Old To Breed?"

15 Months Old Australian Shepherd Nipping

Our 15 months old Australian shepherd nipped our favorite waiter in our down the street restaurant, why? We go there regularly, he knows the staff and

Continue reading "15 Months Old Australian Shepherd Nipping "

USA, Raleigh, NC, 8 Years Old, Patches

Hi, I am desperately seeking a place that will take my Australian Shepherd. I have until the end of the month to try place him. I am moving, and the place

Continue reading " USA, Raleigh, NC, 8 Years Old, Patches"

Should I Neuter My Male Aussie?

I have a 17 month old male Aussie and have continuously asked for advice from training classes, vets, breeders, the lot! But no one seems to give a straight

Continue reading "Should I Neuter My Male Aussie?"

Herding vs. Attacking Cats

I recently moved where there are several cats. My 10 year old neutered male has started being aggressive to a particular older cat. Since the cats owner

Continue reading "Herding vs. Attacking Cats"

Australian Shepherd Information, Resources and Community

The Australian Shepherd is the star of this website. Lots of information, great resources and friendly community for Aussie owners.

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Information, Resources and Community"

Child Dog Bite Prevention

Protect Your Children From Dog Bites. Your children may feel safe around your dogs, but do they know what to do around strange dogs?

Continue reading "Child Dog Bite Prevention"

Need Advice About 10 Week Old Deaf Puppy

I have a 10 week old puppy who is deaf. He is a great addition to the family but I am looking for any advice.

Continue reading "Need Advice About 10 Week Old Deaf Puppy"

History of the Australian Shepherd

It is believed by some that the breed has Basque origins in Spain and was used there by shepherds. Those shepherds might, then, have emigrated to the West

Continue reading "History of the Australian Shepherd"

Pink, On 5 Year Old Tri Mini Lower Lips, Nose And Eye Rims

Roxy is 5 years old and always has had black nose, eye rims and lower jaw lips. In the last six months her black line around her lower lips has turned

Continue reading "Pink, On 5 Year Old Tri Mini Lower Lips, Nose And Eye Rims"

Split Face Aussie

Hello, I am getting my first Aussie puppy in two days! She had split face (brown markings around one eye and white around other). She also had one brown

Continue reading "Split Face Aussie"

Puppy Getting Under Your Feet

How do I keep the puppy from getting under my feet and possibly causing me to fall?

Continue reading "Puppy Getting Under Your Feet"

White Aussie Question

So we are thinking about adding onto our family with a second dog. We have one now and two cats, we want a bigger dog since the one we have is small. Our

Continue reading "White Aussie Question"

Is This An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

I want to know if this puppy in this picture is an Australian Shepherd or a mix between a Husky and a Golden Retriever?!

Continue reading "Is This An Australian Shepherd Puppy?"

Aggressive Behavior Toward Dogs

My 6 year old Aussie girl has been getting increasingly aggressive toward dogs we meet on our walks. She's fine at first, nose touching, stump wagging

Continue reading "Aggressive Behavior Toward Dogs"

Benji, Our Happy Farm Dog

My parents have had our Aussie Benji for almost 11 years, and he is the best dog and friend we've ever had. He is incredibly intelligent and affectionate

Continue reading "Benji, Our Happy Farm Dog"

My Funky Beauty Maddie (Madeline)

I knew nothing about the breed and did not plan to get a dog and then Maddie happened! I suffer from depression and anxiety and she has helped me so much!

Continue reading "My Funky Beauty Maddie (Madeline)"

Biting Not Nipping

My 4 1/2 month old Aussie bit my step-daughters face. She should have had stitches but they are concerned about infection so they just taped it shut. She

Continue reading "Biting Not Nipping"

Dog Carts

Does anyone know where to get not-too-expensive carts and harnesses for dogs to pull? I had my 2 Aussies pulling sleds this winter, and they loved it.

Continue reading "Dog Carts"

FOUND!! Red Merle Aussie Male, Berea, KY

I would really love to reunite him w/his family. I've found a lot of rescue sites but none that allow me to post a found pet.

Continue reading "FOUND!! Red Merle Aussie Male, Berea, KY"

Roland Pel'e

Roland is going to be three April 1. I never had an Aussie before, but I was lucky to adopt him at 6 weeks old from SPCA. He was my 40th bday gift to myself!

Continue reading "Roland Pel'e"

Miss Gabby

This is my female Mini Aussie Gabby, she is a darling. She will let me know when it is time to eat or time to have her treat. When she wants to go out,

Continue reading "Miss Gabby"

Aggressive Play

Remy is a 13 month old, neutered male Aussie. We brought Remy into our house to be a playmate for our 12 month old, neutered, female Sheltie. They bonded

Continue reading "Aggressive Play"

12 Week Old Aussie And Cats

I have a 12 weeks old Aussie and two 8 month old cats. He has taken to chasing, jumping and even snipping at them and their tails whenever they are in

Continue reading "12 Week Old Aussie And Cats"

Toy, Mini Or Full

I have a Australian Shepherd and was told it was regular size. I love her no matter what size but I am questionable about her size. At 8 weeks she is only

Continue reading "Toy, Mini Or Full"

Why Do Small Aussie Dogs Female Or Male Scoot On Their Seats?

My female Miniature Toy Aussie now and then scoots on her seat, does anyone know why?

Continue reading "Why Do Small Aussie Dogs Female Or Male Scoot On Their Seats?"

Leash Aggression

My Australian Shepherd Mocha has some leash aggression how do I stop it and help her be nice to other dogs?

Continue reading "Leash Aggression"

Do Red Merles Have A Different Temperament?

A fellow breeder claims that red merles are more snippy or aggressive / sassy than other colors. Has anyone noticed different attitude tendencies between

Continue reading "Do Red Merles Have A Different Temperament?"

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