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Puppy Aggression

Hey there. I rescued my sweet female Australian Shepherd, Annie, a little over 3 months ago (as of right now she is 5 1/2 months old) and I have noticed

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Mudd Madness

My five month Aussie has never been away from me, he was found in a trash bag and I have to bottle feed him, so our bond it tight. We live with my four

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Does My Aussie Look Like It's Mixed?

I purchased a puppy off of my local Craigslist. They showed me pictures of his 'parents', and told me he was pure bred with no papers. Initially we were

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Is My Aussie Growing?

Hi! I was wondering if my 5 and half month old Aussie is growing at the right rate. At 17 weeks, he weighed in at 27.9 pounds. And he's definitely grown

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Aggressive Aussie

We have an 11 month old blue Merle and 4 children ages 12 to 4. We raised him from 8 weeks thinking he would do better with our children if he grew up

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How Much Dog Food?

My adorable 2-1/2 yr old Mini Aussie had a hair cut only to find she is overweight. Now 30lbs. I thought it was her long coat. She has no waist! I have

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4 Month Old Australian Shepherd Bites And Whines Constantly!

I have a 4 month old Australian Shepherd mix. I know he is a very smart boy because he has already caught on to many things! However; he is constantly

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Body Language And Controlling Space When Dog Training

What does your body language tell your dog? How to use body language and controlling space when dog training.

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Is Your Dog Afraid or Aggressive When Meeting Strangers?

What to do if your dog has become afraid or aggressive with strangers or suddenly behaves oddly when greeting you.

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Misunderstandings When Communicating With Your Dog

When communicating with your dog there are lots of opportunities for misunderstandings. Are you confusing your dog?

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Little Zoey

Zoey is my Mini Aussie, she is so full of spunk and love. She always walks right at my feet (or between them) to make sure that I am walking in the corrected,

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Desensitized to TV?

Hurley just turned 2, he's a 40lb mini. He reacts to about anything on TV now. It used to be just dogs. It's progressed to animals, movement, suspenseful

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My Tiny Sierra

Hi, my 7 week old Aussie weighs only 2.06 pounds but the rest of the litter is around 4.5 pounds. The dad is 54 pounds and the mom is 35 pounds. I was

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How Long Can I Keep My Australian Shepherd Outside?

It is in the dead of winter, Southwestern Mich and when I leave my Aussie out all year round on my farm, I do not have to put her on a run. Now my swans

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Interpretting Sounds of Aussies

I asked some questions about my Aussie, Zappa, a while back in this forum and got some great advice. Zappa just turned 1 yr old and I have some questions

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What Breeds Are My Puppy?

I’m adopting a puppy from a farm and they were stated to be Border Collie/ Blue Heeler mixes. They were ALL born with bob tails, as the mom had one herself.

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Aussie In Heat At Only 4 Months?

Hello, I recently just got my first Aussie puppy and we are living in the same house as my brother, who has a Rottie puppy (9 mos). They are best friends

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Australian Shepherd Images

Australian Shepherd Images. Check out our gallery of Aussie images and submit your own photos.

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Any Recommendations For Reputable Australian Shepherd Breeders In The UK?

Hi can anyone tell me of a reputable Australian Shepherd dog breeder in the UK? Near or in Kent would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

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Australian Shepherds And Kids

Hi everyone! I am getting a female Aussie/Mini American Shepherd mix. I have done some temperament tests with her and she is super sweet. I haven't had

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Aussies In The Heat

Hi all! What is your experience with aussies in a hot environment? We live in South Africa with nice winters, but summer-season go up to 35 celcius easy...

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My Aussie Has A Thin Coat

Hello! I have a 4 year old red tri Australian Shepherd. She was spayed at about 7 months old, before first heat. She was very fluffy and Aussie looking

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Australian Shepherd In The Heat

Hi there :) What can you guys tell me about Australian Shepherds in a hot environment? We live in the South African bushveld where summers are hot. I have

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How To Stop Jumping?

Diesel just won't stop jumping, I've tried every tip I've read. Any suggestions?

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Lifespan of Large Australian Shepherds

Do large Australian Shepherds have a shorter life-span?

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Excessive Licking Of Paws

Hi. My Australian Shepard constantly licks her paws. Is this a trait common to this breed? I am not sure how to treat this. I tried Dinovite at one

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Daredevil Bella

Bella is 4 months and 2 weeks old blue Merle Aussie. Where to start... she is energetic, emotional, extremely social, extremely stubborn, very strong

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First Visit to the Snow!

Hello, we are taking our Aussie to the snow for the first time and were wondering if she needs a jacket, shoes, etc?

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My Bud, Mr. William

Howdy. I'm Jay in Noblesville, IN, and this is William the RADDEST dog ever. I'm a Leo and have always had cats. Mr. William is my first dog, (outside

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Should I give my Aussie a Shed-X treatment? I don't want to hurt his coat. He is 10 months old. I'm a first time owner. Thank you.

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