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Aussie Nipping/Jumping At My Roomate

I have a 10 year old female Aussie, named Star, who has always been an only child. Recently, I moved in with a roommate who has a 9 year old, male Dachshund.

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My Best Friend : (

My Mr. Boots 12/14/00 - 9/21/14 I lost my best friend to degenerative myelopathy. I truly loved him with all my heart and soul. We have alot of wonderful

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Do You Think This Is An Mini Aussie?

Do you think this is an Aussie or is he mixed with something? He is 8 weeks old.

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Outcome Of Tri To Tri Breeding

Is there any chance of getting a merle, out of a tri to tri breeding, when there is a parent to both sire and dam that are merle's?

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Aussie Reacts Spastic If Held

My 1 year old Australian Shepherd reacts violently if we have to hold her to remove a tick or look in her ear when she's been scratching. The breeder told

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Bear Dog

Bear is a rescue dog that has charmed every creature, including my cats. It took me only 6 years to figure out that attention does the trick for him.

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Marking Behavior + Asking For Door

My Australian Shepherd puppy is 5 months old, and he has been great so far. He is crate trained and when out of the crate he now asks for the door. He

Continue reading "Marking Behavior + Asking For Door"

Empty Water Bowl

Why does she empty out her water bowl (she uses front paws in digging motion to get all the water out of her bowl).

Continue reading "Empty Water Bowl"

Australian Shepherd Extremely Afraid of Humans

So I rescued this amazing Australian Shepherd. Love him. My buddy when we are alone at home. However, he was not well socialized, a skeleton and had mange

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USA, Florida, 3 Months Old, "Lady"

3 months old Austrailian Shepherd Black Cur mix. Shes adorable and almost fully potty trained. Goes to the front door to tell you. She likes lots of love

Continue reading "USA, Florida, 3 Months Old, "Lady""


Hi, I lost Bandit 2000 to 9-12-14. He was the best pet and family member I ever had. I will get another one sometime.

Continue reading "Bandit"


Curley was a stray dog in the neighborhood back in July 2011. He took a liking to my Dalmatian dog, Jewel and followed us during our daily walks. One day

Continue reading "Curley"

Aussie Mix Crazy On Walks (But Only When I Least Suspect It)

Hello! I recently adopted a 1 year old Aussie Mix from local rescue group. I live in an apartment and he is doing great; being a mix he's only around 35#

Continue reading "Aussie Mix Crazy On Walks (But Only When I Least Suspect It)"

Aikau, Aussie of the North!

We got our much loved Aussie just about 2 months ago and already can't imagine him ever not being here! We sorta stumbled into our Australian Sheppard

Continue reading "Aikau, Aussie of the North!"

Single Eye Dilation

Anyone ideas as to why my puppies eye will dilate like the picture shown? It doesn't seem to occur with any kind of regularity or cause. He's 18 weeks

Continue reading "Single Eye Dilation"

How To Handle Discovered Mom And Pups

I just found a Mother Aussie with her pups underneath a vacant building. She is aggressively protective as you can imagine. I left a dish close by with

Continue reading "How To Handle Discovered Mom And Pups"

Holy Wiggles! Penny, Fry, And Beck

Penny is a nearly 4 year-old red tri Aussie. She is the half sister of 3 1/2 year-old blue merle litter-mates, Fry and Beck. Technically, Beck belongs

Continue reading "Holy Wiggles! Penny, Fry, And Beck"

Whether Or Not To Adopt A Second Mini Aussie As A Friend For Our 1 Year Old Mini

We have a 1 year old Mini Aussie who is (of course) very active. We are looking into adopting another young adult Mini Aussie as a friend for our little

Continue reading "Whether Or Not To Adopt A Second Mini Aussie As A Friend For Our 1 Year Old Mini"

Fence Climbing

Our 18 month old Auusie is a wonderful family dog. Everyone, I repeat, everyone loves her with one exception: the neighbors previously abused, vicious

Continue reading "Fence Climbing"

Goodbye To Our Special Friend Jett 😢

Our wonderful 14 year old Aussie mix boy Jett passed away this morning, September 4, 2014. His previous owner left him at a Memphis, Tennessee kill shelter

Continue reading "Goodbye To Our Special Friend Jett 😢"

What's The Difference Between An Australian Shepherd And A "Texan Australian Shepherd"

We just got what we where told is a Texan Australian Shepherd. So can this also be called a Miniature Australian Shepherd or are they totally different.

Continue reading "What's The Difference Between An Australian Shepherd And A "Texan Australian Shepherd""

Coat Color Related Health Issues

I am thinking about adopting a dilute black or better known as slate colored male Australian Shepherd. He is 2 and has no apparent health issues. I was

Continue reading "Coat Color Related Health Issues"

Double Merle Australian Shepherd

The other day I (although unknowingly) picked up an 8 week old double merle puppy. I had gone to get a completely different breed of dog but she chose

Continue reading "Double Merle Australian Shepherd"

King Bacchus

Our Aussie Bacchus is the best dog I've ever had! We got him about 2.5 years ago for Christmas, and he is practically our child! He pretty much came potty

Continue reading "King Bacchus"

Laser Spay Surgery

I received my first female Aussie pup when she was 8 weeks old. She's now 5 1/2 months. This week she started acting weird, i.e.: barely eats, lays down

Continue reading "Laser Spay Surgery"

Body Slamming?

When my Aussie plays sometimes she slams her whole body into me, which hurts a lot! I grab her and tell her no firmly, but then she growls and tries to

Continue reading "Body Slamming?"

Australian Shepherd Paintings

Nadi Spencer is a full-time artist who paints every day of the year creating acrylic and watercolor art. See the links below for more information or to

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Paintings"

Dog Fall

My dog is named Boz. He was only 6 weeks old. One evening we were on the front porch. Boz was looking out. He stuck his two front paws out of the gate

Continue reading "Dog Fall"

Buying A Puppy From A Breeder

Getting an Australian Shepherd on Saturday from a breeder. I just checked her website and she posted pics of both the parents and they are both merle.

Continue reading "Buying A Puppy From A Breeder"

Anyone Found A Durable Frisbee?

Like a lemming, I keep making my weekly Frisbee order to Amazon. Not only can't I find one that will withstand my Aussie's teeth, actually fly, and not

Continue reading "Anyone Found A Durable Frisbee?"

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