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Dog Arthritis Medication

There is a range of dog arthritis medication and treatment available that can improve the quality of life for your dog.

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Questions about Trefexis, Nail Trimming, and Bathing

I just got a 3mo old female Aussie and named her Zappa. Overall, she's absolutely wonderful. But I have some questions. First, Zappa was purchased by

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Australian Shepherd Nipping

My Aussie will not stop nipping I've tried everything I've read online what else can I do? Aussie Behavior Problems? Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide

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Puppy Potty Training—Please Help!

Hi everyone! I just got an Australian Shepherd and I am looking for tips with potty training. Marley is already pretty good with most things but I cannot

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Pregnant Australian Shepherd?

My husband brought home an Australian Shepherd stray 56 days ago. She was on a job site for 6 months and nobody wanted her. On the last day she stayed

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Occasional Head Tremors

Our 9 month old male Mini Aussie has had 2 episodes of this. From what I can gather it is called idiopathic head tremors. It is not harmful to the dog

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1 Year Old Australian Shepherd Seems To Tire Easily

My pup Breeze is obsessed with balls! She loves to retrieve and then instead of giving me the ball, she prances around me, making sure I see the ball in

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Why Dog Dental Health Is Key

Dog Dental Health is essential to overall health and the sooner you make it part of your dog's overall health plan the better. Let's get started.

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Choose a Good Breeder

If You Choose a Good Breeder it can make all the difference when you are looking for the perfect pup. Tips for choosing the best Australian Shepherd Breeder.

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It This An Aussie Mix?

I wonder if my dog is an Australian Shepherd mix. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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Want A Career In Dog Training?

A Career In Dog Training Can Be Very Rewarding. If you are considering a dog training career this article will give you some things to consider before you get started.

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Was Given A Full Blooded Australian Shepherd

Was given a full blooded Australian Aussie pup. Neither one of his parents have papers. How do I get papers for him?

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Training On Leash for Deaf Australian Shepherd

Our Aussie, Azul, likes to jump when we are walking him. How can we get him to stop doing that? Also any training tips for him would be great as he is

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Is This An Australian Shepherd?

Someone gave us this puppy and told us she was a Aussie I'm not sure if she is or isn't, I've never had one before. I love her regardless, just not sure

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Pain Meds For Dogs

Pain Meds For Dogs Can Provide Relief But Should Never Be Taken Lightly. So what types of pain medications for dogs are there and what do you need to watch out for?

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Introducing Miss Hattie Mae

Dear Hattie Mae is the light of our lives. Our four year old red merle came from a litter of ten. She is smart and actually quite funny. Her passions,

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Suggestion For Walking Upset Dog

When walking our young one we used a regular collar and she wears a back pack with a few full 16 oz cans of tomato sauce in the pockets on each side. I

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When Walking Australian Shepherd Outside On Leash He Goes Crazy

I have a year old Australian Shepherd red tri named Korben. Very energetic of course and extremely curious. When he was smaller I'd take him on a leash

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What Size Collar For My Puppy?

Hi! I am getting a little red merle puppy the end of May. He was born 2 days ago! I've begun buying things for my puppy, but do I need to get 2 collars

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Training To Stop Barking And Charging At People And Animals When They Approach

How can my friend stop her Aussie from barking, lunging and charging at people, dogs and horses as they approach? Distracting with treats, sit / stay etc.

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Need Safe (Longer Lasting) Chew Treat Suggestions!

Hello, my husband and I have gotten our first larger-sized dog. Boomer is a 4 month old blue-merle Australian Shepherd and he LOVES food and treats. Because

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Dog Vaccination

Is Dog Vaccination Beneficial or Harmful? Let reason and evidence guide the administration of dog vaccine.

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Need Tips On Stopping Barking

My Australian Shepherd likes to bark a lot. More than other Aussies I meet. Do you have helpful tips on how to stop that?

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Smart Dog Gets Bored Resulting In Behavior Issues

Hi! I have an Aussie/Border Collie mix that is brilliant and gets bored very easy. She however has a few behavior issues. She listens to my husband but

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Titer Test For Dogs

What Is A Titer Test For Dogs And Should You Skip Dog Vaccinations Based On The Results?

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Fear Of Men, People, Other Dogs, And Multiple Allergies

I have a year old Mini Aussie that I purchased when he was 16 weeks. I did not know the breeders and I still don't feel as if I know them well. My dog,

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A friend at work had a Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix. She asked me to draw him. Knowing how both Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are

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Aussie and Cats

I'm very interested in getting a Miniature Australian Shepard. I have 3 cats and a little concerned on how the dog's natural herding instincts may cause

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Aussie Random Attacks

I have 4 dogs ages 9, 6, 1.9 & 1.7. They are Dachshund, Boxer, Aussie & Lab. The two youngers have been with us since they were 3 months. The Aussie has

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New Mini Having A Few Issues Adapting To New Home

Hi! I recently (one week) brought home a miniature Aussie named Red and I am now living with him in my parents house. Although he is very loyal to me and

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