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Dry Skin Problem

Hi, my new Aussi puppy has been scratching and biting herself a lot and also seems to have a bit of dandruff. I was just wondering if she might be allergic

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Question About Blue Eyes On A Red Tri

So I know the BET gene is rare. I also know that eyes can change over the first few months of a pups life. So, with that said, how do breeders selling

Continue reading "Question About Blue Eyes On A Red Tri"

To Crate? Or Not To Crate?

I am going to be a first time Aussie owner in 2 weeks! We are a family of 4 (children ages 6, and 15), we live on 4 acres, and I work from home. I have

Continue reading "To Crate? Or Not To Crate?"

My Beautiful Lacy-Loo

My beautiful girl Lacy was my rescue girl when she was 5 1/2 yrs old in 2005 After 6-7 months some major aggression issues reared their ugly head and I

Continue reading "My Beautiful Lacy-Loo"

Ty the Amazing

Ty Denver is an amazing pup that has integrated into our family perfectly. We hope to breed him when he is old enough. But for now we are enjoying his

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Jazzie and Jet

They are the sweetest dogs ever! We are very blessed, just love Aussies. :)

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Nipping At People's Feet Or Edge Of Their Pants Legs

Our female black-tri Aussie nips at people's feet or edge of their pants legs until they bend down and pet her. If it's a loud and hyper (jumping around

Continue reading "Nipping At People's Feet Or Edge Of Their Pants Legs"

Australian Shepherd Hearing

Curious if Shepherd owners find that this breed has a higher hearing frequency?

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Hearing"

Australian Shepherd Breeders Directory

Australian Shepherd Breeders Directory

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Breeders Directory"

Red Merle To A Red Tri Makes All Red?

I have a red merle Australian shepherd female and red tri male that I plan to breed when they are both old enough. I have talked to several breeders and

Continue reading "Red Merle To A Red Tri Makes All Red?"


For my birthday, my girlfriends set up a time to paint our pets. They know that Quincy is a wonderful therapy dog for me during my chemotherapy sessions

Continue reading "Quincy"

US, Georgia, 1.5 Years, Blue

I rescued Blue from a local shelter about three months ago. She exhibits fear based dog aggression and is not friendly with all people and will sometimes

Continue reading "US, Georgia, 1.5 Years, Blue"

Feeding A Rescue Dog

We just rescued an Aussie and now she is hardly eating at all (not a bite today). She did have some diarrhea when we first got her back. I would appreciate

Continue reading "Feeding A Rescue Dog"

Excessive Barking; What Can I Do To Stop It?

We have a fenced yard for the dogs to play etc. But new puppy when left in there with other dogs, which he gets along with, will stand at the back and

Continue reading "Excessive Barking; What Can I Do To Stop It?"

Lets Help Sugar and Spice Win!

Sugar and Spice came to work with me on the annual Take your Dog to Work Day!! Please vote for Sugar and Spice to win the Take Your Dog to Work Day contest!!

Continue reading "Lets Help Sugar and Spice Win!"

Aussie Barks At Strangers

My 4 month old Aussie is hard to take on walks and go outside with because she always barks at people in a defensive way, and it sometimes scares them,

Continue reading "Aussie Barks At Strangers"

Full Blood Australian Shepherd?

I have never had an Aussie before, but I may be adopting one. He is 8 months old. The vet wasn't very clear when I asked if he was full blooded Aussie.

Continue reading "Full Blood Australian Shepherd?"

Fear And Spay

My new Aussie is almost 6 months old. We've had her for 3 months now and although she has been continuously positively exposed to life, she still seems

Continue reading "Fear And Spay"

Australian Shepherd Lovers Store

Spoil Your Australian Shepherd at the Aussie Store! From dog toys, dog treats and dog beds to dog food for your Aussie. We also have Australian Shepherd books, calendars and gifts as well as accessories for you.

Continue reading "Australian Shepherd Lovers Store"

Getting Dragged To Australia

Our Aussie, Oliver, is simply wonderful... in the house, playing frisbee, at the end of a walk, and if the Site published our picture of him with a baby

Continue reading "Getting Dragged To Australia"

Patella Luxation (Knee Bone Dislocation)

My 9 month old Miniature Aussie has been diagnosed with patella luxation. It means keeping her quiet for a month after surgery. Has anyone had experience

Continue reading "Patella Luxation (Knee Bone Dislocation)"

Ozzie, Toy Australian Shepherd

This is my FurBaby, Ozzie at roughly 10 months old. He is a toy red merle. Acrylic on Canvas Board, 9x12 I draw/paint custom portraits from your photos,

Continue reading "Ozzie, Toy Australian Shepherd"

9 Month Old Neutered Male Plays Really Rough With Puppies

I have a nine month old neutered male Aussie and when we frequent the dog park he tends to play (what I think is) a little too rough with puppies. He'll

Continue reading "9 Month Old Neutered Male Plays Really Rough With Puppies"

How Can I Help My Aussie Be Less Afraid Of Everything?

I have a mini Aussie who is 9 months old, and he is sweet playful, and has such a kind heart. He was very well socialized and loved people, abandoned my

Continue reading "How Can I Help My Aussie Be Less Afraid Of Everything?"

Biting Aussie

I have a male English/Australian Shepherd. He is under two years old and fixed. He is very well behaved and knows his role with small children in our household.

Continue reading "Biting Aussie"

Aussie Has Cracks In Paws

I have a 1 and half year old Auss. Her paw pads seem really cracked. Like dry skin. Some on the largest pads and some cracks are on the side of the pads.

Continue reading "Aussie Has Cracks In Paws"

Standard Size And Crystals In Urine

I have a 5 month old blue merle male. I am concerned he is not the standard size I was told I would get through a breeder. He is now roughly 30lbs. Additionally,

Continue reading "Standard Size And Crystals In Urine"

Pepper the Wonder Pup

Being in graduate school, we knew we couldn't get a dog and provide the love and attention that it needed. But that didn't stop us from looking and thinking

Continue reading "Pepper the Wonder Pup"

Aussie Tails

I noticed that European Aussies have their tails, are there breeders in the US that have puppies with tails?

Continue reading "Aussie Tails"

Grooming An Aussie

Twice now (two different groomers) I have asked for Diesel my 6 year old male aussie to be shaved down for the summer. Both groomers complied without

Continue reading "Grooming An Aussie"

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