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Australian Shepherd With Collapsed Trachea

Does anyone have an Aussie diagnosed with a collapsed trachea? My Aussie is only 1 1/2 and was just diagnosed. If so, how old is your dog? How are you

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How Do You Become A Breeder?

I have 1 toy and 1 mini Aussie male puppies, they will be 1 year old in Feb, 2017. They are from the same litter. 1 parent a toy and 1 parent a mini. I

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Dog Will Not Stop Chewing!!

We have a 10 month Aussie named Luna. She is sweet, hyper, and loves cuddles. However, no matter how many toys and training she WILL NOT STOP CHEWING!!

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Looking For An Ausssie Mix

Hi, I'm looking for an Aussie mix pup, preferably Aussie/Retriever. Our 14 yr. old passed last year and we are ready for another. He was an awesome dog

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Is Bravecto (Fluralaner) Safe For Australian Shepherds?

Is Bravecto (Fluralaner) safe for Aussies?

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Identifying and Treating Dog Skin Allergy

Dog skin allergy is more common than you might think. Dogs can suffer from allergies just as humans do.

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Unsocialized Aussie

Hi all, I rescued an Aussie about a month ago. She's 9 months old now. When I got her I was the 3rd person she had ever met. She had never been off the

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Constipation In Dogs Can Be Deadly

Constipation in dogs can be life threatening. Learn what can cause dog constipation and keep your dog healthy.

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Diabetic Dog Food: Dealing With Canine Diabetes

Diabetic dog food is one of the tools for helping control diabetes in dogs, but which is best to manage symptoms?

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My Dog Won't Calm Down When Guests Come Over, What Can I Do?

Hello there, My Aussie was a rescue, I got him when he was about 8 months old. Now he is 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I can't get him to calm down when people

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Hair Loss In Dogs: A Guide

Hair loss in dogs, or alopecia, is a relatively common complaint and, unfortunately, is difficult to prevent.

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Is My Puppy Unusually Small?

My little girl is 15 weeks and just around 12 pounds. Her mom was 45 pounds and dad 55+. I always get asked if she's a toy, but she's not. Is she small

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Understanding Dog Bad Breath

Dog bad breath is something almost every dog owner has experienced but can be a symptom of other health issues.

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Satisfying The Herding Instinct

I am very excited to be bringing home my first Aussie in 2 days. I am not a first time dog mom but I've never had a herding breed. I would like to know

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I got Blue. Blue chose me 8 months ago. She was love at first hug. She's sweet, loves cuddles and she is a happy dog. Every morning she comes to work

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Unexpected Death Of Aussie

Just lost my 6 y/o Aussie. No warning. All seemed normal. Went into dog house, something he never did, went to sleep and did not wake up. I have two other

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Izzie just turned a year in October. I cannot believe how much I love her. I have had her for 4 months. She stays home during the day with my son and husband

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Need Australian Shepherd Puppy Buying Advice

I had two Australian Shepherds from a breeder who has since stopped breeding. I consulted with a breeder who has no puppies and she recommended another

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What To Do With Two Puppies

Well I didn't do the research beforehand but my two sons (7 years old) have asked for puppies for Christmas so I got them. One is 9 weeks and one is

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Arthritic Hands Causing Problem With Pup

I am a 75 year old man who is helping care for a 3-month old female Australian Shepherd. When I want to walk her, she struggles when I try to attach a

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How Long For Puppies To Sell?

I am getting a 4-year-old Mini Aussie and she is on her 6th litter (she will be spayed right away)! I am trying to get her out soon but the lady won't

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2.5 Year Old Australian Shepherd WONT EAT!

My 2.5 year old Australian Shepherd threw up last friday. He has done this type of throw up before (no food was in the throw up. Just mucus and little

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My Aussie Is Starving Himself

We just lost a puppy on thanksgiving and now my other dog, my Aussie, is starving himself and getting weaker. We've tried force-feeding him but he just

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Why Choose A Homemade Dog Treat?

A homemade dog treat may not seem necessary, but it is just better to make treats for your dog, for many reasons.

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Aussie Pup Owned By A Golf Course

We live in a golf community and the golf course management recently purchased an 8-week old female Aussie to ultimately be trained to keep away large numbers

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Cooper Our Australian Shepherd Has A Limp

Cooper and I were out for the usual hike of about 6 km, he asks me to throw sticks on occasion, so he went after one and came back with a limp. This has

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How To Make My Aussie Stay Home?

I have a 3 year old female Aussie. She is the smartest and sweetest dog I've ever had. The issue is her staying home. We live on a 500 acre farm next to

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My Maggie May

Maggie May is a beautiful red Merle and is a sweetheart. All she wants out of life is to be loved and play with her Frisbee toy. She's really good at it

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Our Beautiful Boy

2 years ago Jethro Tull came into our lives and I can not quite describe what a special dog he is. He makes me laugh, cry with joy, and smile all at once

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He's My Spoiled Baby

I got my Aussie this past February, he was just 7 weeks old. Bogan is my baby, as a mother I've got to baby something. Our youngest child was about to

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