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Stubborn Australian Shepherd Pup

For the most part he is good about outside potty but every now and then he will disappoint us. I have done all the tips. Aussie is 6+ months. Third Aussie

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Extreme Protectiveness

My almost 3 yr old female Aussie, began showing signs of over protectiveness around 18 month and it has gotten worse from there. We worked with a trainer

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Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

It's Easy to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats, but not all ingredients are safe. Learn more and create your own healthy dog treat recipes.

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Sheila, Our Rescued Mini Aussie

This is our beautiful mini girl. We rescued her and are so happy we did. We have always had Springers. She is so smart and we were able to train her using

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Nosey Aussie

Does anyone know why my Aussie seems to nudge everything with her nose?

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Will My Puppy Have Blue Eyes Or Will They Change?

I am getting to bring home my red tri puppy June 30, when he will be 8 weeks old. These are his eyes now. Will they stay blue or is this the normal puppy

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Maggie Can't Jump

We got Maggie at the age of 2 months from a backyard breeder. She immediately bonded with our P.M rescue Sunny (Keeshond). We placed steps so she could

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Australian Shepherd Got Aggressive As Person Was Leaving

A friend of ours visited while I was playing with our Australian Shepherd in the back yard. She is a dog person. She had never seen our Aussie. Our Aussie

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Potty Training Australian Shepherd

I have 10 weeks old Australian Shepherd puppy and she is peeing all over my house! We are doing crate training and it worked for couple of days but now

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My Australian Shepherd Is So Aggressive

I got my Australian Shepherd at two months old, I think (or ten weeks? I can't remember). He is almost 8 months old now and neutered only a week ago, but

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Need Help Naming My 'To-Be' Female Australian Shepherd Puppy!

I'm going to be getting my blue merle female Aussie on July 5th. She was born June 3rd. Gorgeous puppy!! BUT, I am frustrated because I can't decide on

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How Much Should My Australian Shepherd Pup (11 Weeks Old) Eat?

How much should my Aussie pup (11 weeks old) eat?

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What Is The Best, Quietiest Clippers To Use On An Australian Shepherd?

What is the best, quietest clippers to use on a Aussie dog who can't sit still and does a proper job of clipping thick hair? Tessie is a *wiggler* when

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First Time Aussie Owner

I'm getting my first Aussie. She's a red merle with blue eyes. Parents are registered with ASDR and the male is 15.5 female 15. Her name is Skylar. I'm

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Mavis Payne

My Aussies are like my best friends always there for me. They give me the undying affection I need, the companionship I desire. And they keep me amused

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Cozy Nest For Bindy

This is our new little girl Bindy. We brought her home just two weeks ago. (10 weeks old). She loves her new home here in Nevada with us and her very own

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Shiloh & Lyric Enjoying The Snow

This is an action shot of Shiloh, 7 year old red merle and Lyric our 18 month old blue merle taken during Lyric’s first big snow of 2015. They are smart,

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Nervous About Post-Spaying Care

Hi there! My Australian Shepherd, Zona (named after my home state Arizona!), is getting spayed this week. We love our vet and have had nothing but great

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Aussie Afraid To Go Out In Our Yard

A few weeks ago, our Aussie suddenly became frightened of our backyard; we don't know what scared her. We started taking her to the front yard, but now

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Sheep Herding And Behavior Changes?

Has anyone experienced behavior changes in their Aussie after it has taken herding classes - positive or negative? I have a four-year-old who seems to

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Sheep Farm For Aussie To Try Work

Where in Florida can I take my Aussie to run with sheep on a farm? Someone told me there is a place in North Florida. Thanks.

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Taste Of The Wild

I've been feeding our 15 week old Aussie Taste Of The Wild puppy formula, both bison and salmon, and up until about 10 days ago he was the most low energy

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Sapphire is my first Aussie ever. She is the reason I love this breed! Hands down the most personality of any dog I've ever had or been around. She's

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Halter Or Leash?

We are moving from five acres to a city lot and my two Aussies will be needing leash or halter walks a couple times a day. What kind of halter or leash

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Australian Shepherd Lifespan

We lost our beautiful red dog, Abigail, a couple of days ago. She was thirteen years, eight months, and ten days old. She was the runt of the litter, and

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Aggression In Adopted Australian Shepherd

Why would my 4 year old adopted Australian Shepherd get aggressive over baby talk? Please help. Thanks.

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Is An Australian Shepherd Right For Us?

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place. If not, I'm looking for advice from Aussie parents. My eldest daughter (16) lost her best friend (a 14 year old small

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Lyme Disease In Dogs

Why Lyme Disease In Dogs Is Something You Need To Stay Vigilant About. What should you do if you find a tick on your dog or tick bite site?

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9 Month Old Australian Shepherd Nipping Other Dogs At The Park, Playing Too Rough

I have a 9 month old male Australian Shepherd. He has always been well socialized, but he has developed a habit of grabbing other dogs when herding them

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White Face Puppy, But Not Bred With Two Merles. Should I Be Worried?

I'm picking up this little guy in 2 weeks. I am worried about the lack of color around his eyes/ears. His Dad is a Red tri. Should I be worried about deaf/blindness

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care