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Puppy On Flight

So I just bought a handsome boy red merle puppy yesterday and I am planning on flying him home from school in three weeks. He is about 7 lbs and is roughly

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Aussies in Arizona

I grew up with LOTS of Aussies but lived in the country in the South. I now live in Arizona and while I would love to have one, I'm not sure it would

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Australian Shepherd Attacks Mini-Aussie

My question - Our 7 year old Australian Shepherd attacked our Mini Aussie (3 Yr) yesterday Quite severely, I had to yell her off of him, them move her

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My Australian Shepherd Is Very Aggressive And I Need Help

I adopted the most amazing dog about eight months ago and she has really made my house a home. I got her as a puppy and did my best to raise her right

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Barking At Animals On TV

Hello. Hope everyone is stayng warm! My 4 year old female is a sweetheart, and it is obvious the breeder from whom I purchased her knew what she was

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Re-Home Or Keep Aussie?

Looking for suggestions on my Aussie. We have had Boots since he was 10 weeks old, and he is currently 4.5. My husband and I love our Aussie so much; he

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How Much Should Our 6 Week Old Aussy Eat?

New Aussy owner,; she's 6 weeks old. How much should we feed her per day?

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Doggie Dementia?

My 13 year old red-tri Aussie seems to be confusing daytime and nighttime. At night she will pop up from her bed and wants pets, if I stop she pushes

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Excessive Growling

Our Australian Shepherd—Black Lab mix can be a very good and cute dog, but she has some strange behavior issues. Background: was sort of nippy as a puppy,

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Moving To Smaller Quarters

We have a large house and 1 and 1/4 acres of ground. Circumstances dictate we must move to an apartment complex where we must walk our 5 yr. old Jodi on

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My 1 Year Old Aussie Doesn't Tell Us When He Has To Go!

We rescued our beautiful Aussie, Sammy, about a month ago. He has been wonderful so far! He is very smart and picking up on training very quickly. We

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Why Does My Aussie Charge Me?

Hi there! We just rescued Sammy (M-N), our new Aussie, from a rescue here in Illinois. We've had him for about a month and so far he has been an amazing

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First Aid Dog Kit

Do you have a first aid dog kit ready? And what should you keep in a dog first aid kit? Would you know what to do when every second counts?

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Neutering Mini Aussie Pup

I have a Miniature Australian Shepherd who is now 5 months and 1 week old. When I first purchased him from the breeder she made me aware that the vet could

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A Bond Beyond Life

Bailey was a ball of fur I found one day on the side of the road. There was a man in a van chasing him, and I naturally thought I will stop my car to get

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Hi Guys, Just want to share how much we are loving our very first Aussie Shepherd. Had no idea what impact he would have on us and how truly smart they

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Questionable Breeding Policies?

Hi everyone. We've raised Aussies for 24 years but just now found this site. It's great. I already know the answers to these two questions but wanted more

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What Is The Right Age To Have A Male Aussie Neutered?

My Aussie, Akela, is now 8 months old. I have read many conflicting information regarding the ideal age to neuter male dogs. I read that apparently too

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Is This An Aussie?

I got this tiny little puppy at 8 weeks old off of an ad on Craigslist. She needed a home or was going to be taken to the shelter. She is now 8 months

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What's The Best Puppy Food For This Breed?

We just took this little bundle of joy on. He was born on Dec 10 and just after one day he has acclimated quite well. We have 2 other dogs and I believe

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Is Rimadyl For Dogs Safe?

Rimadyl For Dogs Is Used As a Painkiller and Anti-Inflamitory for Dogs With Arthritis, Joint Pain and Soft Tissue Pain. But Is Rymadyl (Carprofen) Safe For Your Dog?

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How Do I Tell My Neighbor That I Don't Think His Pup Should Be Outdoors In The Cold All Day?

This is a young beautiful 1.5 year old dog that is left outdoors for hours at a time in the cold weather in the upper Midwest. I feel so bad to see him

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Bringing On A New Puppy

We have a 2 year old Aussie mix. I am really wanting to get a male puppy this fall. Rudy is the light of our lives and is the best snugger and playmate.

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Just For Fun... Puppy Sail

Enjoy! If you've seen Cat Sail than you will love Puppy Sail - love my Aussies 😊

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Monty from Vermont

Our beloved fur baby was hit and killed in front of me on January 22, 2015. We got Monty July 2007 out in Montana. She would have been 8 this year. She

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Flea And Tick Chemical Products, Frontline, Fipronel—Do You Use It?

I really need your help with names of people who have used the preparation from Frontline, Fipronel. I have your article Flea and Tick Protection Severe

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Just Wondering About Different Fur

I have a tri-color and have always wondered why the hair/fur of her collar and chest are so much softer than her black body hair? Any theories?

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Painting Of Harris (A Red Merle)

This is Harris (Jotars Rum 'n' Raisin) - owned by Louise Simpson. This pic shows him on a favourite leather chair at his home near Birmingham UK. The

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Is She An Aussie?

Hi everyone! This is my precious baby girl Muffin! I rescued her in June 2014 and I believe she was about 6-8 weeks. She's the sweetest, friendliest, most

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Australian Shepherd Aggressive To Strangers

My 15 month red merle Sassy loves everyone she knew as a puppy, cuddly, gentle, loving. Anyone she didn't know she becomes crazy, barking, growling, hackles.

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