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Aussie Adoption

Greetings, my name is Russ Peters. My wife and I have been trying to adopt a purebred Aussie since September of last year. We have experience raising Aussies

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Best Medications For Little Aussies

What is the best medication for flea & tick control and also heartworm control?

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What Tests Are Required To Register An Aussie?

I am looking to get into breeding Aussies, and I want to be sure in my full knowledge of the breed. I know that to register under ASCA you have to have

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Excited Barking In The Car

My three-year-old Mini Aussie barks in the car out of sheer joy and excitement on the way to meet her fur-buddies most mornings. She usually waits a few

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Unusual Merling

Hi, I recently found a breeder who breeds Minis in my state and have made the decision to purchase from her. I waited on her litter, and she had two males

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14 Week Puppy Barks in Defiance

Our little guy is 14 weeks old, his name is Auggie, and he is an angel one minute and the devil the next. We're noticing a few issues with him - specifically

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Sweet Lucy

I adopted Lucy in March 2014. Her previous owner had raised her since birth, but he is married and has toddlers now and he said they were making her

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Mini Aussie Aggression

I love my Mini Aussie, but I now have to take her out of my neighborhood to walk. Otherwise she will bark and act aggressive to the kids in the area. Any

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My Aussie Just Doesn't Want To Eat In The Afternoons!

I have a nervous rescued Aussie who eats in the AM, albeit with concern... I cannot change the routine! In the afternoons I have to feed him with my hand

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My 7 Month Male Aussie, Keeps Getting On My Bed Messing It Up And Then Peeing On It. Why?

HELP... My 7 month male Aussie, keeps getting on my bed messing it up and then peeing on it. WHY?

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The Best Dogs In The World!

My husband and I got married and relocated to California about 2 years ago, since he is military and gone a lot I pestered him for a dog. I have always

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What Is A Good Flea Treatment To Use?

I'm looking for a flea treatment that isn't harmful or as harmful as most. I live in Washington State and it has stayed warmer this year longer than usual.

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My 6 Month Old Female's Naughty Behavior Has Returned : (

I worked hard to eliminate my girl's bad behavior, but after almost 3 months she's jumping on me and nipping again. I've tried using the same training

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Aussie Nipping/Jumping At My Roomate

I have a 10 year old female Aussie, named Star, who has always been an only child. Recently, I moved in with a roommate who has a 9 year old, male Dachshund.

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My Best Friend : (

My Mr. Boots 12/14/00 - 9/21/14 I lost my best friend to degenerative myelopathy. I truly loved him with all my heart and soul. We have alot of wonderful

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Do You Think This Is An Mini Aussie?

Do you think this is an Aussie or is he mixed with something? He is 8 weeks old.

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Outcome Of Tri To Tri Breeding

Is there any chance of getting a merle, out of a tri to tri breeding, when there is a parent to both sire and dam that are merle's?

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Aussie Reacts Spastic If Held

My 1 year old Australian Shepherd reacts violently if we have to hold her to remove a tick or look in her ear when she's been scratching. The breeder told

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Bear Dog

Bear is a rescue dog that has charmed every creature, including my cats. It took me only 6 years to figure out that attention does the trick for him.

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Marking Behavior + Asking For Door

My Australian Shepherd puppy is 5 months old, and he has been great so far. He is crate trained and when out of the crate he now asks for the door. He

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Empty Water Bowl

Why does she empty out her water bowl (she uses front paws in digging motion to get all the water out of her bowl).

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Australian Shepherd Extremely Afraid of Humans

So I rescued this amazing Australian Shepherd. Love him. My buddy when we are alone at home. However, he was not well socialized, a skeleton and had mange

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USA, Florida, 3 Months Old, "Lady"

3 months old Austrailian Shepherd Black Cur mix. Shes adorable and almost fully potty trained. Goes to the front door to tell you. She likes lots of love

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Hi, I lost Bandit 2000 to 9-12-14. He was the best pet and family member I ever had. I will get another one sometime.

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Curley was a stray dog in the neighborhood back in July 2011. He took a liking to my Dalmatian dog, Jewel and followed us during our daily walks. One day

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Aussie Mix Crazy On Walks (But Only When I Least Suspect It)

Hello! I recently adopted a 1 year old Aussie Mix from local rescue group. I live in an apartment and he is doing great; being a mix he's only around 35#

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Aikau, Aussie of the North!

We got our much loved Aussie just about 2 months ago and already can't imagine him ever not being here! We sorta stumbled into our Australian Sheppard

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Single Eye Dilation

Anyone ideas as to why my puppies eye will dilate like the picture shown? It doesn't seem to occur with any kind of regularity or cause. He's 18 weeks

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How To Handle Discovered Mom And Pups

I just found a Mother Aussie with her pups underneath a vacant building. She is aggressively protective as you can imagine. I left a dish close by with

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Holy Wiggles! Penny, Fry, And Beck

Penny is a nearly 4 year-old red tri Aussie. She is the half sister of 3 1/2 year-old blue merle litter-mates, Fry and Beck. Technically, Beck belongs

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