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My Aussie Does Not Sleep Through The Night

We have a 6 month old male Aussie (mini) who is 25lbs - so he is going to be a big mini! Behaviorally, he is awesome. We play with him quite a bit when

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Curious How Big My Aussie Will Be

My 5 1/2 month old black tri Australian Shepherd is 34 pounds right now and I am curious how big he will be. Thank you for any help.

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2 Year Old Nipping Only Some People

Our Aussie is 2 years old. He has an issue with nipping or snapping at only some people. For instance, a person gave our dog a treat. He then petted our

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Proud Of My Therapy Dog!

My now 3-1/2 year old, Lexi, has been in obedience training since puppyhood; my goal being of one day having her become a therapy dog. She earned her CGC

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Questions About Having An Australian Shepherd By Myself

Hello, I've been thinking about getting a dog for a few years now, and after doing the research, I've found that the Aussie fits my personality and activity-level

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Cancer in Dogs: Know The Symptoms And Treatment Options

Cancer in dogs is very real and all too common. Nearly half of deaths in dogs over age 10 are caused by cancer.

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USA, Washington, 2 Year Old, Odin

Odin is a smart, loving dog with anxiety issues that make it impossible to keep him in our home, despite our most fervent attempts to help him adapt to

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Dog Skin Disease Is Extremely Common

Dog skin disease is an extremely common occurrence given that there are over 160 skin disorders that affect dogs.

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Gurgling From Our Mini Aussie's Throat When Sleeeping

We have a four month old Mini Aussie and we have recently noticed that she is making a gurgling sound from her throat when she sleeps. I'm not sure if

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Australian Shepherd Always Seems Hot

My boy Jax always seems hot. Even after he's been inside for a while, he sometimes pants heavy, like he's just come in from running. Just curious if this

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Breaker Goes Home

In 2005 we adopted a beautiful blue merle Australian shepherd. Jackson was a beautiful boy who won our hearts on first sight. We changed his name to

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All About The ThunderShirt For Dogs

The ThunderShirt has become a very popular option in the treatment of anxiety in dogs since it came on the market.

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Dog Treat Recipe Ingredients To Avoid

Is your dog treat recipe safe? Remember to use caution when including certain ingredients to avoid any problems.

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Chewing / Destructive Behavior

We've had our Mini Australian Shepherd Maggie for for almost 5 months, she is 6 and 1/2 months old. She's wonderful, housebroken, listens to basic commands

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Help Training Scared Mini Aussie

10 month female spayed. Unsocialized rescue pup from a backyard breeder. I know she has potential, I see it, and then she goes backwards. She is well exercised.

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Are These Australian Shepherd Puppies Normal?

Hello, everyone! I am interested in buying an Aussie pup and I found a breeder that has a litter ready to go to their new homes. The mom is a blue merle

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3 Month Puppy Growling

Is it normal for my 3 month year old to start growling if I pick him up during a play session?

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Jumping And Nipping

My husband and I are first time Aussie owners. Our 4.5 month old Aussie has about half of his permanent teeth. Recently he's started herding by jumping

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Adopted Aussie Lola

We adopted our Australian Shepherd over 2 years ago, changed her name to Lola and she is just adorable. She's a sweetie who loves meeting new dog friends,

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Please Help, Australian Shepherd Is Growling And Nipping At Me

So I live with my boyfriend and his dad, and they have had this Aussie for at least two or three years. Apparently they've told me she was professionally

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Full Blooded Aussie? Constant "Dribbling"

My 8 month old male Aussie constantly dribbles everywhere and he pees on himself while sleeping. He goes outside to pee regularly but seems to take forever

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I'm Think About Getting An Australian Shepherd

I have a couple questions about Australian Shepherds. 1 Are they a good guard dog ex. if someone attacks me will they attack them 2 Do they have a high

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Do Puppy Vitamins Cause More Harm Than Good?

Puppy vitamins are a subject of much controversy, but are vitamins for puppies likely to do more harm than good?

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Help! Aggressive 10 Year Old Australian Shepherd

My girl will be 11 years old in November. For the past year she has been getting very angry and trying to bite my husband and I. This behavior does not

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Food Focussed Australian Shepherd

My six month old boy is extremely food focussed. He acts like he is starving all the time, always eager for a treat - or any crumb. Don't recall this with

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Canine Genetic Analysis / Wisdom Panel Accuracy

I purchased my mini (Belo) from a breeder earlier this year after we lost our 6 year old mixed rescue to hemangiosarcoma. The parents are both registered

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Considering an Australian Shepherd

I'm the previous owner of an Australian Kelpie. We loved her to pieces, and she loved us to pieces, too. Sadly, we lost her to lymphoma over four years

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Breeding Merle Australian Shepherds

We have a male brown and white and a female black red and white. Both dogs had merle mother's. Is it possible to have merle puppies from these two?

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Trying To Breed My Aussie

First, yes, I am a 1st time backyard breeder, I have a wonderful Aussie (she is 3) that we want to breed to a Border Collie. But she wants nothing to do

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Switching From Puppy Food To Adult Food, Any Tips?

We are about to switch our Aussie from puppy to adult food. She is currently eating blue buffalo puppy. Any tips on choosing a brand of dog food?

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