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Is An Australian Shepherd Good With Cats?

Is an Australian Shepherd good with cats?

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Thoughts On Shaving Or Trimming My Beautiful Dog

I have owned my Margo for several years. I use her as a support dog and we plan to do a lot of traveling this summer to warmer climates. She gets to hot

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Help! Unusal Red Merle Pattern On Face

Hello, I will be getting a new Mini Australian Shepherd puppy soon and fell in love with a red merle puppy at a breeders. However, in coming home and researching.

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Housebroken, Adopted Australian Shepherd Peeing In House

Sofie is 5. I adopted her about 3 months ago. She is the sweetest dog. Very loving and well behaved except for one issue. Sofie is housebroken but since

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Australian Shepherd Aggression At Fence

My normally very sweet and calm 8 year old Aussie has started nasty barking at the fence with our neighbor dogs. He was fine until we adopted a 5 year

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Bethel, MO, USA Rig Finn McCool (Finn) 7yrs

Finn is a registered tri-red male, will be 7 July 3rd of this year. In great health, very active & loving. We were doing agility training about 4 yrs ago,

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Australian Shepherd Suffering Epilepsy?

Have any of you Aussie owners out there been battling undiagnosed seizures? My Aussie Jackson is 1 year and 8 months old. He suffered his first wave

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Help! Mini Aussie Herding/Aggression Question

Hello, I have a Mini Aussie, Charlie, who is a little over 1 year old. We tried socializing him at a young age, bringing him to daycare starting at age

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9 Month Old Female In Heat?

I have seen a few spots of blood today so thought she was coming into heat but now she is peeing little drops everywhere. Now I'm afraid there is something

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11 Week Old Very Rambunctious Aussie

We got our male red tri mini Aussie at 8 weeks. Initially he was very well behaved. Now that he's come out of this shell I'm getting a little worried.

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No Health Guarantee a Bad Idea?

I'm looking at getting a pup and all the legit breeder sites say to make sure you get a health guarantee. The dog I want is from a couple who is raising

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Make Your Dog Training Commands Understood

Dog training commands should be clear, consistent, and concise. You and your dog need to be on the same page.

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Jumping And Excited Urination

Have a 5 month old Australian Shepherd which is really high strung. Jumps when she has been left alone or meets other people. Especially the kids. Verbal

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Health Concerns, New To Australian Shepherds

I'm caring for five Aussie puppies. One came out blue, another came out black and tan, but three came out mostly white except for a spot on the eye, or

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Feeding 9 Week Old Puppy

I have a mini female red merle that is 9 weeks old. We are feeding her 1 cup of food a day as recommended by the breeder. She always seems to be hungry.

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Different Kind Of Aggression

Our 14 month old Aussie (this is the 4th Aussie we've raised) has recently started showing aggression with dogs he's been playing with since he was 8 weeks

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Question About Aussie Training

So for a while now I have had my Aussie fetching, coming on command etc. However, when I am not at home I have to bring my dog inside due to the crowded

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First Time Australian Shepherd Pup

Hey, I'm thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd puppy but not sure if I should or not. I have a 7 year old Jack Russell cross who seems bored at

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6 Month Old Mini Aussie Biting!

Hi! We have a 6 month old, male mini Aussie. He's a very loving dog, very snugly and clingy but we've ran into some problems. He's been submissive since

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First Time Aussie Owner

We got a Mini Aussie puppy who is now 14 weeks old. We are crazy about her and she feels the same. Her name is Grace and she is cute as a button. I am

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherd Owner? There is no reason to let problem behaviors develop. Stop Stressful Problem Behaviors and Transform Your Australian Shepherd into a Model Aussie.

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Digging In The Yard

Does anyone have a suggestion for digging in the yard? Sunny, my 1 yr old Aussie, digs just the sod up and usually goes no farther. I have a bunch of

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Help for My Reactive Aussie

Greetings, I have a 4 year old male Aussie/Cattle dog cross named Sundance who has been with me since 8 weeks. He came from a backyard breeder and very

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Too Late For Taping And Gluing Ears?

Is it too late to tape or glue my 8 month old Aussies ears! The are prick now. Will they stay that way?

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Worried About Merle Puppy's Eyes

May I please get your thoughts / advice? We are set to be first time dog owners in a couple of weeks as we will be picking up the merle in the attached

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Aussie Size At 9 Months

My 9 month old male Aussie is 43 pounds. He is 20 and a half inches tall. Parents are 55 and 45. Will he get bigger?

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My 10 Week Mini Aussie Has Lice

I'm afraid to use anything because we don't have his MDR1 test results back yet - any recommendations? My vet wants to give him Revolution - I'm scared

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Hair Loss On Aussie Pup

I have an Aussie pup that is 5 months old and is losing his hair on his trunk. It started around his neck by where his collar would be then progressed

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How Old Does The Stud Have To Be In Order To Breed?

How old does the stud have to be in order to breed? Thanks!

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Help—My Aussie Never Seems To Get Enough Exercise

Hey Aussie land. I have a 3 year old red tri and she is, to say the least, the love of my life. She was sort of just left at my door step when she was

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