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"Thanks for your wonderful book.  It's been invaluable as we teach Jasper the ropes.  He's come a long way, thanks in large part to your book and methods."

~ Todd Wynia

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Australian Shepherd Lovers Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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Is your Australian Shepherd biting, jumping up, chewing or digging? Or are you dealing with houstraining issues, leash pulling or working on basic dog training commands? It's all covered in the ebook... and more...

This ebook is a resource for Australian Shepherd owners who want to know how to deal with problem behaviors, train their Aussies before problems develop and learn more about how to care for the most aussome dog in the world!

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Hi, I'm Anton Hout.

Australian Shepherd Photo
Melissa Kopp

Over the years of working on I've been so fortunate to have met Aussie owners from around the world and together we have built a wonderful community dedicated to Aussies. I want to thank everyone who has contributed their feedback and encouragement, not to mention all the great photos and stories about your Aussies.

Australian Shepherds are a special breed – full of energy and life, incredibly intelligent and loving, loyal companions. They can certainly be a handful and need (and thrive on) ongoing training. Like any breed they can also have behavior problems that must be addressed to make sure they are good canine citizens. Of course, responsible Aussie owners also have many questions about providing the best care for their Aussies as well. So I decided to put together the Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care to provide a great resource to make sure our Aussies are happy, healthy and well behaved.

Benefits This Ebook Holds For
Australian Shepherd Owners...

  • A complete guide for Australian Shepherds of all ages from new puppies to elderly companions.

  • Aussie Psychology 101 – Understanding Your Dog’s Natural Behavior

  • 10 Principles of Aussie Training

  • The Cause of and Solution to (Most of) Your Problems

  • Understanding Your Dog’s Personality, Your Leadership Role and Building a Bond with Your Dog

  • What You MUST Know Before Starting Training

  • Jump Starting Your Training Regime: Covers all the basic training commands, Sit, Come and Down. The difference between Wait and Stay, Creating No-Go Zones, Walking on a Leash and when to use Leave It, Drop It and Give

  • Australian Shepherd Photo
    Ann Cyran

    Eliminate problem behaviours like jumping up, herding and nipping, aggressive biting, digging, chewing, leash pulling, eating poop and chasing cars

  • Housetraining Problems: How to stop submissive urination, excitement urination, separation anxiety urination and territory marking problems

  • Excessive Barking: Understand the many different kinds of barking and what they mean – and the Quiet command

  • Dealing with Aggression: This is a big one that every Aussie owner needs to understand. Learn about fear aggression, frustration aggression, dominance aggression and guarding

  • Crash Course for Puppy Raising and Training

  • Advanced Training and Tricks: Including sections on clicker training and teaching tricks like Roll Over, Spin, Beg, Dance, Speak/Quiet, Play Dead, Shake Hands, High Five, The Wave and The Commando Crawl

  • Exercise, sports for Aussies and games around the home

  • A special chapter about Retraining Older Dogs and Rescue Dogs

  • Tips for Training Aussie Mix Breeds

  • Behavior Around Other Dogs and Pets: Keeping Multiple Aussies in One House, How to Deal with Fights, Introducing Your Aussie to Other Breeds, Introducing Your Aussie to Other Pets and Animals

  • Keeping Up Appearances – Grooming Your Australian Shepherd

  • Guide to Aussie Health, Genetics and Breeding

Above are some of the main areas covered but
there are even more topics in the ebook.

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Australian Shepherd Photo
David Richmond


220+ Photos
One of the most wonderful features included in this ebook is the addition of over 220 photos of Australian Shepherds contributed by our readers. You won't find this in any other Aussie ebook available and makes it truly special and unique.

All Future Updates!
You are also entitled to all future updates. It doesn't matter if we raise the price and release a new version in the future. I want this information to get into the hands of Aussie owners who need it today. When you order just enter your email address so I can let you know about any updates.

30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee
Fair's fair. If you don't feel the ebook was for you I will honor a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No hassles. Just email me within 30 days at You can even keep the ebook with my compliments.

Here's What People Are Saying

"This is our first experience with an Aussie. We decided the breed was right for us after being exposed to several Aussies that my Aunt and Uncle own. I love it that your book is breed specific and not a canned synopsis that is typical of dog books. It’s thorough, informative, entertaining, and the pictures are beautiful. I particularly like the suggested games and activities. We are always looking for something new to keep our 4.5 month old girl busy."

~ Tanya

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"I bought your ebook and think it's great, it contains so many useful tips and information about the Australian Shepherd."

~ Michael

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"Just purchased your ebook, it's great! Just full of so much helpful information and wonderful Aussie pics! Fantastic and well done!"

~ Aj

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"I have started reading your book and appreciate your detailed and simple instructions on how to train my puppy. You and your family express such love and understanding of this breed of dog. Even though I have had a dog most of my life, each are one of a kind , and each have to be loved and trained with patience and respect. Thank you for the insight on how they think."

~ Gwen

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"Bought the book. Just wanted to tell u it was very informative and helped with some problems I was having with my 8 month old Lucy!! I highly recommend it."

~ Suzanne

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* Bolding in testimonials added for emphasis.

Get Your Copy Now For Only $17

Australian Shepherd Lovers Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care  

If you are an Australian Shepherd puppy owner there is no reason to let problem behaviors develop.

If you have an older Aussie that is behaving in ways that are stressing you out, causing embarrassment or might even be dangerous (as in the case of aggression and biting) it is time to take action.

You can still get the ebook now for only $17 and you are entitled to all future updates. There is also a Money-Back Guarantee so there is no risk to ordering and starting to apply the information with your Aussie today.

There are no shipping costs and no waiting. The ebook is in PDF format and after ordering you will be taken to a download page where you get instant access to download the ebook to your computer. You will also receive an email with the download link.

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Australian Shepherd Photo
Shirley Swindell

If you have any questions or problems with your download just email me and I will do everything I can to help. I'm really excited about this ebook and I hope you like it. I would love to hear your feedback too. Send me your testimonials and stories of how you used the information in the ebook to help transform your Australian Shepherd – I would love to share them with other readers.

All the Best,


Special Thanks to All Our Photo Contributors (so far)
and to the many others who have also contributed over the years whose photos
are yet to be included on the website, in the Aussie Weekly Special Feature
or future editions of the Guide to Australian Shepherd Training & Care.

Alexandra Haverdink
Alexis Southward
Alicia Ramirez
Alison Kern
Amanda Farnsworth
Amelie Johnson
Andrew Butterfield
Andrew Pampallis
Angela Morawe
Ann Cyran
Anne Calmes
Anne Zononi
Ashley Eller
Ashley Pierzynski
Ashlie Davis
Austin and Lesleh Sprecker
Barbara Klausz
Becky and Harve Titterington
Becky Yocom
Beth Fuller
Brandi Sawicki
Brenda Lehman
Britt and Melissa Farr
Brittney Miller
Bruce and Lynda Chansky
Carol Fulton
Carol Killgore
Caroline Buser
Casey and Theresa Rhoades
Cassandra Hanson
Cat Clark
Catherine O'Briant
Cathy Forsea
Chelsea Wright
Cheri Krueger
Cheryl Meyers
Chiara Za
Christa Dey-Girard
Christi Ford
CJ Kelly
Corine Graham
Corinne Tate
Courtney Marks
Craig Foley
Daniel Packard
Daniel Partridge
Darren Hoppert
Dave Jolley
Dave Rhode Jr.
David and Brandi Sawicki

David Richmond
David Winters
Dawn Slabodkin
Dean Garrison
Dean Wold
Debra Boehmer
Delene Johnson
Denise Robbins
Derek Hung
Diane Arata
Diane Burnett
Diane Delbrook
Diane Grindol
Don Palmer
Donna Grant
Donna J. Smiedt
Dorothy Ritenour
Evelyn Vinogradov
Faith B.
Gaby Clayton
Garry Smith
Gerry Welzig
Gini Shilt
H. Wayne McMullen
Hanny Greenfeld
Hayden Powers
Heidi Kizina
Heike and Tommy Johnson
Helena Calado
Holly Orzol
Jake Malloy
James Lego
James Mobley
Jan Hughes
Jan Kennah
Jan Linhart
Janette Stephenson
Jeff and Lea Hatch
Jenna Beck
Jennefer Mobach
Jennifer Root
Jennifer Sterling
Jessica Hitchcock
Jessica Vannasdall
Jessie McCandless
Jim and Sun Norrell
Jimmy Archer
Jimmy Wicker
Joanne Briggs
Jody and Jean Lee
John White
Jon and Gabi Ragsdale
Judy Olsen
Julia A. Mays
Julia S.
Kaley DellaSala
Karen Baumgartner
Karen Cook
Karyn Tincher
Kate and Tessa Davies
Katherine Kirsch
Kathleen and Thomas Pelletier
Kathy Scali
Katie Yost and Nick Bailey
Kelly Peterson
Kelsey Terryah
Kim Bailey
Kim Ford
Kimberly Hoke
Kimberly Seymour
Krystle Pickett
Landi Groenewald
Laura Lofgren
Laura Matson
Laurel Mather
Laurie L. Ford
Leah Springer
Lee Tully
Lindsay and Peggy Murray
Lisa Billings
Lisa Tomaszewski
Lynne Baker
Marc Robinson
Mark Crooker
Mary Del Monte
Mary Hibbs
Mary King
Maureen Kavanagh
Meagan Maue
Megan Dye
Melanie de Klerk
Melissa Kopp
Melyssa Knight
Michael Twesten
Michele Dorais
Michelle Hatton
Michelle Kreell
Mike Metott
Molly Apperley
Mont Caraway
Natalie Guerrero

Nick Lein
Nicole Raber
Pam Flynn
Pam Martin
Pamela Breit and Tom Stoehr
Patricia Costa
Patricia Randall
Paul Marotta
Pete and Felicia McKenney
Peter Vallandingham
Andi Brick
Phyllis Dobrick
Rachael Taylor
Rachel Eastough
Randy Mower Heaps
Randy Rees
Renee and Jerry Armstrong
Rhonda Fulmer
Richard and Elizabeth Lisk
Richard and Meghan Drozdyk
Richard and Susan Francis
Rick and Debbie Edlund
Robert Keeler
Rudy Lurding
Samantha Kubista
Sandra Murphy
Sandy Tomlin
Scott Mayes
Serafin Labrador
Sharon Cummins
Shelly Graziano
Sheree Larigan
Shirley Swindell
Stacia Wilkins
Stacie and Scott Shelton
Stacie Strauss
Stephen and Sheila Shull
Steven, Andrew and Chris Herborn
Sue and Roger Meulemeester
Sue Chesnut
Sue Jackson
Susan Thompson
Suzanne Baldwin
Tammie Dye
Tanya Hughes
Tera Womack
Tom and Lisa Dean
Vicki Greymont
Zaro Weil
ZoAnne Boyd
Australian Shepherd Lovers Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care  

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Stacia Wilkins



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