Australian Shepherd Grooming

by Elene

Can an Aussie's fur be cut? I've been reading that it won't grow back nicely if it is.

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Aussie Grooming
by: Anonymous

Hi... I work in a groom shop and yours is a good question.

Yes, you can cut an Aussies fur, but there is the chance that the coat will be permanently changed. It will grow back...but perhaps not like it was before it was cut. (Probably most, but not all, will come back pretty much the same.) You can minimize the change by brushing your dog thoroughly and regularly at least twice each week after it's cut. This keeps the undercoat from sort of "overwhelming" the longer guard hairs as they grow back in.

Personally, I'm a more a purist and prefer a natural coat on an animal. I often don't "get" people who buy, for instance, a golden retriever then send it to be sheared down every 2 months to look like a lab. (I do understand it when it's an issue of allergies in the family.) But that's just my own aesthetic sense...everyone is different and those who choose to do such things take good care of their pets and me in business. ;-)

Any other questions, I'm happy to respond.

Boarding, Grooming, Gift Shoppe & Pet Boutique
North Huntingdon, PA

Dog Grooming...
by: Anonymous

I am a professional groomer, and MANY people have dogs with VERY nice coats 'shaved down' because they 'shed' (HELLO-thats what dogs do, especially a double coated breed). I do not agree with shaving down a dog that is not required to be clipped (breed standard), unless it is required due to a medical condition of the dog. I would NEVER shave down an Aussie. Yes, their hair will grow back, but often-times it does not ever come back in like it was originally. Also, for the folks that say their dogs 'get too hot' in summer, the double coat has insulating factors-actually cooling the dog. Often a shaved dog will overheat and can also suffer from sunburn.

Shaving your Aussie
by: Anonymous

I'm guilty of ruining my little girls coat. She had the most beautiful silky black coat, and last summer I tried to help her out with the heat by trimming it... (Texas summers are hot!) anyway, her hair has yet to grow back to what it was. I will never shave her again! Poor girl, she's still beautiful... just not quite what she was. So, be careful!

Never again
by: Anonymous

We had an extremely hot summer last year (triple digits almost all summer) so I thought I'd help my Aussie out by shaving his beautiful red coat without doing any research first and it still has yet to grow back as pretty as it was before I cut it. I will never cut his hair again, he looked awful and I really don't think it made any difference in keeping him cool.

Crazy fur!
by: Teresa

We have a 10 month old and he has crazy looking fur still. Especially long behind his ears and I am wanting to trim it a little there because its been getting mats. I just want to take off the scraggly ends; is this ok?

It also looks like his grown up coat is slowly coming in from the neck down but he's got the crazy fuzzies on his back and tail area - is this normal? We love his awkward teenage look but I'm wondering how old were your pups when the real coat came in?

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