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I am worried about the size of my Australian Shepherd Puppy. She is 3 months old, and around 12-13 pounds. She is about 13 inches tall. I am concerned that she may be a Miniature Aussie. Has anyone had an Aussie of this size grow into a 40 pound dog? Thanks, Kevin Gray.

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Why concerned?
by: Viv

Why are you concerned it might be a minnie aussie?! I own a mini aussie and he is the sweetest boy! They are just as wonderful as a full size only in a more compact package. I hope you enjoy your puppy no matter what size he is.

Mini Aussie?!
by: Taryn

I have a 5 month, male, mini aussie. He's around 14 lbs now and is expected to grow to 25lbs. Both parents were on site at the breeder - mom was 20 lbs, dad was 25. We didn't weigh them, this is waht the breeder told us.
Meant another 1 1/2 year mini aussie owner the other day. His aussie was a lb lighter than ours at the same age and hit 30 lbs. Stopped growing around 1 year of age. A well-bred mini is no different than the full-size other than just that - the size. I am enjoying my aussie, Wally, relaxing comfortably on my lap while he can still keep up with and even outrun some of the adult dogs already. Best doggy EVER!

aussie size
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 4 years old and weighs about 40lbs. She was a rescue and I got her when she was 9 months old so I don't know how big she was as a young puppy. I was able to track some info on her and I know she is not a mini, just a smaller Aussie. Maybe that is what you have too. Did you see the parents?

Aussie Size
by: Samantha

Hi! I have a 3 month old Aussie who is NOT a miniature and she just got weighed at 14 pounds.

Aussie size
by: Anonymous

I have the same worry. My aussie is not a mini (I saw both her parents and they were of normal size). Yet, she is 10 weeks today and only weighs 7 lbs. I still have no idea how big she will get but I would love someone to comment if they have had experience with this!

I have the same Question!!
by: Nicole

I have a 5-month old male aussie that is only 20lbs. I have seen his parents and they were both around 50lbs. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my little boy, and I don't really care if he ever gets bigger, I'm just a little concerned there may be something wrong with him. I have had 2 other aussies in the past that were close to 40lbs by the 5-month mark. Is my puppy a late bloomer, and may still grow to the size of his parents, or do you think he is just way smaller than the rest of his litter? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

3 mth old
by: Anonymous

i have a 3 mth old merle and he is currently 20 lbs..and not over fed hes perfect since i got him hes been gaining average 2 lbs a week

same here
by: Anonymous

i have the same concerns... Mine is 9 weeks and just weighed in at 5.6. i too saw both parents, dad 65lbs mom 55lbs. Yes, i already love her no matter what size she ends up but i for sure wanted a standard.

7 month old blue merle
by: Anonymous

My 7 month old pure aussie is 29lbs.

weight n height
by: danimal

My Aussie Riley is a black tri colored..he seems to average about a pound or two a week..he is 4months old and weighs 23lbs...he is about 10in give or take an inch or two at the shoulders when standing..he was the runt and I know its hard to tell how big they get but im curious as to height weight and fur length.whether his coat is a working coat or show have other questions to ask but doubt ill find this thread again.if anyone wants to email me at id appreciate well I will show pics of my monster known as Riley lynox this breed is energetic smart and love to bite chew ect...pkz feel free to email wife isnt to thrilled about him and id love to show her one day he will be a great dog and not the hyperactive chewing peeing on floor mess that he loves to be...thx.have a great day

mini aussie size
by: Anonymous

My mini blue merle male is 21lb @ 5 months... he was at the vet 2 days ago.

by: Anonymous

i was worried riley the tri colored was a little small..he is 5 months old an is 23 inches long and 33lbs atm...and if it takes a year for them to be there full size well i will have my hands /or a wheel barrel full....

Mini aussie female
by: Anonymous

my mini aussie is 10 weeks old now and she weights around 6 lbs. She is adorable and I love her no matter what size she gets!!

Puppy size
by: Michael

My 4 month old black-tri color is 23.5 pounds I'm just curious about how big he is going to get?

Aussie Growth
by: Anonymous

At 3 months, my Aussie was 21 lbs. He is now 55 lbs at 14 months.

by: Bonnie

I have a Mini black and white aussie, He is 10 wks old and I am assuming he weights right about 10 lbs. I last took him to the vet at 7 wks old and was weighing at 6 1/2 lbs. I hope this is normal for a "Mini". I met the parents and the female was a full sized Aussie and the male was a Mini aussie, so to be honest I'm sure it can go either way... I bought him because I fell in love with him, not because of size :)

by: Anonymous

5 1/2 months... 2-3 wks ago, 25 lbs. He's getting long! Blue merle and can now jump up on everything! His mom, 45 lbs... dad BIG. Everyone who sees him looks at his BIG paws and smile... "He's going to be big." So, we wait.

Show vs. Herd
by: Anonymous

I had two Aussies. My first came from working lines and was very large. She was large the entire time, and there was no question she would be a big dog. Our second dog came from show lines. Her parents were smaller than my first Aussie but still a nice sized. My little girl never got over 35 pounds. Everyone asked if she was a mini. Mini Aussies are not the same breed according to ASCA. It is possible to have a small ASCA Aussie. I think the show dogs tend to be smaller because they aren't breed to herd.

Back to riley
by: Riley bear

Well Riley beat isn't a mini that's for sure. I was worried a few months ago he was. Now at 7 almost 8 months he is way too much. About foot and a half tall give or take and not fat or over feed but deff 49 lbs. oh goodness lol. The runt of the litter is now became the monster and I'm almost wishing he was a mini he doesn't understand how big and strong he is and almost takes me for a walk I'm a 28 yr old man that is 215 lbs. he is all solid muscle in the jaws and back legs and drags both 6 and seven year olds around the house at the same time with ease. Lol.

by: Riley bear

That comment I just added made me type in the word rabies before sending my message can that be changed for the future he hasn't had his rabies shots until the 26 of this month is when it was scheduled two months ago now that's a bad sign of things to come lol...oh now it's fiesta so a rabies party at my house not funny website I love trust not funny lol

Note from Anton: Haha, the word you have to type in when submitting is random (I don't have control over it). But hopefully "rabies" doesn't show up too often. :)

My Mini named Kiwi
by: Anonymous

my 9 week mini aussie is 5 lbs so far! i think if your puppy is double that weight (or more) at the same age, i dont think he/she is going to be a mini....

Not so "mini" ?
by: Anonymous

My 4 month "mini Aussie" is 23 pounds, I'm thinking maybe not so mini?

Aussie tricolor
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is 5 months old and weighs 32 lbs, and she is not fat, thin and fit, very solid. Parents were 50 and 55 lbs.

my mini
by: Anonymous

She's 4 1/2 months old and 22 lbs now. Her mom was 19 and dad was 35. Originally breeder thought she'd be around her moms size but that's obviosly not going to happen. Anyone have any idea on size full grown? only reason I care is because landlord thought she was going to be around 20.

Mini Aussie
by: Lori

I have a blk TRI mini Aussie. At 10 wks she was at 6lbs, 14 wks at 7lbs 12oz, 16 wks 9lbs 3 oz

regular or mini
by: Samantha

I have a 6 month old female aussie. She's about 23-25 pounds. When I got her I was told she was a regular aussie and not a mini. I've asked my vet and she said she thinks she's a full sized aussie but i'm not so sure about that. Can anyone who has a full sized aussie remember how big she was at around 6 months?

red-tri mini aussie pup
by: nevada

I took my mini aussie to the vet yesterday and she is 3 months old and she weighs 4.3 lbs I like the fact that she is going to be a small dog

Anton this time no rabies parties showed lol thx random words
by: Riley bear

Be happy whether your pup is a mini or not. I got the runt and was told he is a mini and I kinda thought he was after he kept getting older and stayed tiny and petite. But it seems now that he is one his back half is so skinny lol and his chest and front legs are enormous. Almost pitbull like. He is a super smart dog but he is at the age where he has to wrestle and try and say hey I'm the man either with his wrestling or the Aussie vocals they are known for. (Riley is mouthy as the wife says). But now at one he is sixty two pounds and a handful. I've learned to love his size though the wife doesn't and I've learned that small mini large medium they are still super loyal and like Velcro to their owners. I wouldn't trade my pup for the world or a smaller dog. Even though his size strength power and stamina can be a bit too much at times. It's not the size that counts (another wife saying) lol but the gift that's in the package and my gift is a wonderful handful.

Height not weight
by: Rose

Most herding dogs are measured in height not weight. Remember that their exact lineage and history is controversial. I have seen some very fine boned standard Aussies, bred particularly in the South East, that are of normal height but 1/2 the weight. I've seen mini Aussies that are 1/2 the height and regular weight as well. I would only focus on weight if you believe your dog is over or under nourished. I have a purebred mini currently with both parents at the top of the height chart. At 10 weeks she was 7lbs 4oz but she is quite short and hasn't grown much since then and now at 13 weeks. Minis tend to grow slower and mature faster. Both the mini and the standard versions are AKC height specified not weight. This isn't a Bulldog or Mastif where weight denotes size. Consider build and coat and watch the height.

by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 5 months old and only weighs ten pounds. I have a male and didn't know if they sprout at some point. I got him from a rescue site but the vet says he looks like pure breed Aussie but he's extremely small for his age. Anyone else had a tiny puppy that grew into his breed?

by: Anonymous

I got an Australian/German Shepard yesterday, and ive looked up the sizes for both dogs for his age and he is very under weight, he is roughly about 6 weeks and only weighs about 5 pounds. Im not sure if the woman before me was feeding her correctly or not, is this normal?

8 month old blue merle male
by: Anonymous

My Australian Shepherd puppy is almost 8 months old and weighed 49 lbs when he was at the vets last week. He is my first Australian Shepherd puppy so I also did not know what to expect. His father and mother were on site when I picked him up, the father was 65 lbs and the mother was 45 lbs. My friend has a year old Mini Aussie who is around 25 lbs and he is absolutely stunning and such a great dog as well. I am curious and excited to see just how big my puppy gets once he is fully grown. Enjoy your Aussie!

Aussie Pup
by: Taylor

I have a aussie puppy 3 1/2 months and he just got weighed at 15 lbs. He is not a mini and the vet thinks he will be around 60 lbs fully grown.

Aussie Size
by: Keith

Not sure how old this thread is but I have a UK bred female standard Aussie. She is just over 5 months and 20" to the withers and 44lbs. I think she will be 55 to 60lbs when full grown as her mum was quite big. Whatever size she ends up she is a lovely dog and is fitting into our family really well. She loves the kids and they love her!

Riley bear
by: Riley bear

This thread is old but we all still comment and post. I wished my Aussie was female but still as wild and big as my Riley is I won't trade him for a million dollars. Well maybe a million and one lol

Mini Australian Shepherd
by: Anonymous

I have a 40 pound 4 year old Mini Australian Shepherd, I saw what I was told was her mother, she was only about 13 pounds. So I now not sure if I got the correct information. She doesn't appear to be over weight.

Mini aussie
by: Anonymous

My blue merle mini aussie weighs 7.3 pounds at 16 weeks.. Anyone have an idea of how big he will get? They say he'll be around 18 pounds but he's so little I'm thinking he might not even get to that! It doesn't matter i'd just like to know

Aussie size
by: Julie

My Aussie was the same way. For the longest time I thought she was a mini because of how petite she was. She is now 10 months old and weighs 30 lbs. She's still petite, but I know she is a standard sized Aussie.

Mini Aussie Bruno
by: Anonymous

I have a tri red mini aussie just over 4 months old and he weighed 24 lbs at the vet last week. He isn't overweight as he has gotten pretty tall. They say the mini aussies can be from 25 to 40 lbs.

Black Tri-Colored Aussie
by: Anonymous

I have a Black Tri-Colored female Aussie and at 13 weeks she was 12lbs. She is a little ball of FIRE! :)

Disease of aussies
by: Vet

Some of your aussies may just be small for their age, or miniature Aussies, however there is a disease that Australian Shepherds are prone to. It is called cobalamin malasborption. Their bodies do not absorb enough vitamin B12 so they don't gain weight, vomit, no appetite, become anemic (low red blood cells) and some other things. This can be a fatal condition. The good thing is certain labs around the country can test the DNA for this, and also the treatment is simple and cheap (injections of vitamin B12 every few weeks for life). This probably doesn't apply to most of your dogs, but if any of the dogs are truly small, not gaining weight and sick - look into this disorder!

aussie size
by: Anonymous

My female aussie is 5 months and 38 lbs. The vet says that she is at a healthy weight for her frame. She measures about 18 or 19 inches at the shoulder. Her mom is around 50 lbs and her dad is about 60 lbs.

by: BJ

Bruno is a 10 month told tri red mini aussie weighing approximately 42 lbs. However, I do think he might be a few lbs overweight, not sure. He is a wild child and a half. Has been going to training since April. Does great on the leash but not so great at home where he has the run of back yard. His mom weighs about 24 lbs and his dad 30 but he is already 42. It seems these dogs can weigh just about anything. He is loveable but chews up everything he gets his mouth on. We adore him but he is like having a 2 year old in our house.

Aussie puppy weight?
by: Taya

Hi everyone,
I will be getting my Aussie next weekend (at 8 weeks). I need to fly with her when she will be 13 weeks (in the cabin). I am looking online for a Thundershirt and was wondering if anyone has an estimate of how much she might weight at 13 weeks? Her parents are 40 and 45lbs and she (at 7 weeks) is 9lbs. Please let me know, any advice would be super well appreciated as she is my first Aussie!

Mini Aussie
by: BJ

My mini aussie Bruno was a year old on 11/7 and weights 45 lbs at the least. He is still a wild child and I am afraid he isn't going to settle down. When anyone goes or comes to the house (including us) he barks loudly, runs to the window, wants outside to run into the yard so he can see and then back inside jumping on the chair to watch whomever go down the driveway. He has changed some in the last 2 or 3 months but is still one busy dog, chewing up every toy we get him plus anything else he can get hold off. Love him dearly but boy he never stops.

my dog
by: Anonymous

I have a toy aussie and its great. Your dog is most likely a full size because mine is 3 months to and it is 4 pounds.

male standard aussie
by: Anonymous

My red merle Male Aussie is only 10 weeks old and already weighs 20 lbs

My mini aussie
by: BJ

I have a 14 month old mini aussie. He is approximately 20 or 21 inches tall and weighs about 48 lbs. I will say I think he is a little over weight. I saw his parents and the mother was 24 lbs and the father 30. They say there is no guarantee of what size they will be. I guess it is like us, it can go back into the genes and pull up the bigger dog.

puppy's size mini or not
by: Las

My male 10-week old weighs 10.2 lbs today. He was sold as a mini but may be a standard size Aussie. My standard Aussies ranged from 45 to 60 lbs. Mini Aussies are just smaller Aussies. They take the smaller dogs and breed them so sometimes what is supposed to be a mini will be a standard size dog or standard may be a smaller dog. That's just the way they are. Either way they are the best dog you can have.

assuie standard
by: Mike

Its not weight that ditermans if your Aussie is standard or not its the height I believe its 21 inches from the paw to the withers look into it more if your curious. I was worried to because my Aussie only ways 40 lbs and a male give or take but then I did some digging.

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