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Australian Shepherds Need Jobs Right?

by Veronica

I've heard that Aussies need jobs, or purposes to be happy. Can you give me some ideas for 'jobs' you could give an Aussie? Thanks for any help!

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Re: Aussie jobs
by: Kym c

Aussies LOVE to have jobs to do,but it doesn't have to be a JOB. They are extremly intellegent,and active so therefore,they CAN get destructive if not given a chance to express that energy. But, keep in mind they are happiest when given a job,and might I say,less destructive! Although it is nice to let your aussie let off steam, they also need to be mentally stimulated. Agility,herding trials(if not on ranch,or in open spaces)therapy dog,even obedience.Teaching your aussie tricks even makes them happy. They need a chance to 'work their mind' to think especially for you! Aussies are a thinking breed and happiest when they are allowed and encouraged to do so. Hope this helps!

australian shepherds
by: Anonymous

With my aussie shep i am training her to pick up her toys,go through obstacle courses,play fetch, tracking down treats, new words vocabulary words like i teach her what certain words mean other than sit, or on obedience and BE CONSISTANT or they will think they are top dog and will gain hbad habits like trying to herd you and eliminating wherever/whenever they want. Im working on teachimg therapy skills as well as H&R skills(help and rescue) skills.just take time to teach them and challenge their brain and physical ability.make sure they get alot of excercise they love to be brought everywhere with you usually so just bring them for a car-ride.3mile jogs 40-45 min of hard playing and mind games along with love annd bonding should be suffient to keep your dog happy and non if they get too bored and frustrated they will lose their spark and curiosity to try new things and be their normal energy filled selves. if left alone to much or not enough attention they can quite easily get doggie depression. ;'(

exercise and training
by: Anonymous

I use exercise 45 minutes of biking, walks, and fetching to tire out their physical body and then lots of obedience and trick training to stimulate the mind. When trick training be sure to watch out for frustration if the dog gets something wrong multiple times their likely to get frustrated and bored, always end on a high note.

by: Anonymous

Our Australian Shepherd actually found his own job without any help from us. We had a 8 year old Lab mix when Roscoe was born. From the time he was a puppy he bonded with our Lab mix and has made it his job to take care of him. Our lab is now 11 and has trouble letting us know when he needs to go outside and Roscoe actually comes to get us to let us know our Lab needs to go out. He then takes him all the way around our yard then brings him back inside. I've even seen him go as far as to pull a blanket over him when it's cold in the house. It's absolutely wonderful. Although the fits Roscoe throws when we accidentally separate the two of them is awful. Haha. My only worry is what might happen when our lab passes away.

Aussie Job
by: Anonymous

To keep my aussie stimilated I had my him study accounting at UMD and he now has a full time position at H&R. It keeps him focused but the monotony can sometimes drain him as he often comes home in a bad mood. In this case it's best to avoid him until he's had some rest. Before he got his degree in accounting he worked construction for a few years but found that working for the city was unrewarding and inefficient. He plans to open his own small accounting firm sometime next year once he attains his CPA.

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