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Average Age of Australian Shepherd Breed

by Gail

My Aussie is almost 12-1/2 years old and starting to show his age. He's still pretty happy, but has arthritis in his hind legs and now the vet wants to remove some of his teeth. I'm wondering what the average age is that this breed can live. I've heard between 11-13 years is about average. I want to prepare myself as much as possible for that day! Thanks.

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14 years old
by: Lisa

I have two friends that each had Aussies that lived to be 14. i have had othet Aussie owners tell me that was about the average age as well. I have two myself.

Average age of australian shepherd breed
by: Kathy

The average age for Australian Shepherds is 12-15 yrs old however some live shorter/longer lives. My female aussie is 13 yrs old and is pretty healthy and peppy for her age... she keeps up pretty good with my 8 yr old male aussie.

Life Expectancy
by: Harley's mom

We just lost our 10 year old male Aussie. Apparently he was suffering hymotoma from a tumor which caused his heart to fail.

We thought our wonderful dog had a few more years.

My best friend
by: Anonymous

My best friend Milo is an aussie, he is going to be 15 years old in June 2014. He is hard of hearing and cant see real well. The tragic thing with him is his hip displeasia. Its taking its toll. I go to the vets to get cordisone shots every other month, along with anti-inflammatory pills. Sad to say his quality of life is slipping. Am in a quandry as to what to do for him. I will miss him when he is gone. Greg.

15 1/2 years old and counting….
by: Anonymous

Our female Aussie will be 16 in summer 2014. Her mother lived to be a few months shy of 20 years. They both were standard AKC Aussies, but on the small side. We've been told larger sized Aussies don't tend to have the longevity of smaller ones. Our senior girl is hard of hearing and sleeps a lot, but she still enjoys walks. She was an avid frisbee catcher until she was 14+ years. Good luck to you with your senior dog!

15 and counting
by: Anonymous

My Aussie Bosco turned 15 on Sept 2nd, 2014. He was going strong until last yr. and could no longer hike with me or go on long walks. We still walk a slow mile everyday and everything else is o.k. He is also the smartest dog I have ever known.

Slowing down baby
by: Anonymous

We lost our first Aussie when 9, due to tumor. The blood line. Our current baby is 13.5 and seems to be slowing down. Much sleeping. Eating & pooping, stellar. loves to go out. BUT, is losing bladder control. Any thoughts?

My Baby
by: Anonymous

I am trying desperately not to cry while I write this. My baby girl was just shy of her 15th birthday and we put her down 3 days ago. Worst day of my life. For the person who posted about losing bladder control, she had that problem for years. Proin from the vet controlled it awesomely the entire time. The dosage is something we adjusted continually to fit the problem. Keep it in her system and she'll be fine. Our baby girl was getting too weak and in pain. We made the hard decision. She broke a leg when she was 8 and broke 2 teeth (loved to chew on ice!), but we overcame that with glucosamine chondroitin and fish oils. I swear that gave her all the more years that we had. For the last year or so she was either getting hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy, her back legs were almost useless, her front legs began giving out, we had to help her up stairs. She could no longer go on walks and she cried constantly. I am thankful for the 15 wonderful years she gave me and I will miss her for the rest of my life. But again, for those out there with Aussies, please remember not to keep them alive for you, when you know they are tired. They will stay here for you, they will fight through their ailments because of their sense of duty. It will be up to you to let them know it's okay to go, that they can rest until you meet again. Hug your Aussie tight- time goes by faster than you can imagine.

Dusty my 14 1/2 year old
by: Anonymous

I have a great Australia Shepard and he is almost 14&1/2 years old he has been the best dog ever but he has become a little slower with his age now but when it snows he still acts like a puppy. I have been a single mom all of his life and he is our protector and the man of our home losing him will kill me. I would recommend this breed to anyone!!! They are loving, caring, & loyal dogs with an awesome temperament with kids of all ages!!!

Happy Senior
by: Shell

My Aussie just turned 16. She has bad arthritis due to her younger years of playing frissbie and sleeps quite a bit. But I must say she is doing pretty good for her age and I am grateful for every day! She even underwent major surgery for a mass on her spleen at 14 yrs of age that was predicted might be cancerous, but it was benign. Sophie is my miracle baby and I'm so lucky to still have her!

Unusual eye problem in 13 yr old Aussie
by: Valerie

My dog, Skydog, is going to be 13 this month. He has blue eyes and has been pretty healthy, except for occasional limping and weakness in back legs. His blue iris on rt eye has turned outward and has adhered to itself. All you can see now is the black pupil. He does not seem to be in pain, yet has started to yelp on occasion. The eye specialist wants to remove his eye as there is nothing else to do to see what is causing the problem. They cannot see a tumor in the eye. Has anyone elses dogs had this type of problem? Has any one had to have their dogs eye removed? I am extremely reluctant to have this done.

11 yr old female
by: Anonymous

Our 11 yr old female started having issues a week ago and has quickly gone down hill. Started as loss of back limb control, so she would sit for a few mins and then be fine. That happened a couple of times, took to vet. Diagnosis of possible seizures. She has gotten weaker and was given heart meds for a faint murmur yesterday. Today she can not stand up, has voided on herself and is not eating or drinking. We have appt. In an hour. So heartbreaking.

Aussie three
by: Kim

Our Sadie will be 15 years old next month. She has been momma dog to all our kitten and puppy rescues. One of the best things we have done for her is add Dynovite to her meals and she gets 1,000mg of Glucosamine Sulfate. Her fur is beautiful again. She gets around good but we do help her get up do to her hips. She is a precious furry friend. We also have a six year old Aussie and knowing that our two older male guard dogs are slowing down, we added a young Aussie named "Chance" to the pack. Our two big boys and old Sadie are training him well. He is 64lbs of pure delight. This is a wonderful breed.

Our Zoe
by: tdl1501

She is 11.5 years now. Both hips taken out due to severe hip dysplasia as a pup, 6 and 9 months. She's 34 pounds, Aussie mix from a shelter in Texas. Probably some Border Collie and some happy Golden in her as she loves everyone.

I hope our herder lasts a few more years as she passed her ten year senior blood panel with honors, is on good food and sleeps well, at least 18 hours a day. She's always prettier than me, even wash and wear!

A wise Japanese woman petted her yesterday and said she was very soft, is old and treated well. Also that she is lucky. I consider that a sign for a long life with us.

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