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Australian Shepherd Pictures from Readers

Our Readers have sent in the best dog pictures of their Australian Shepherds from all over the world. Click Here to Share Your Best Dog PhotosToo!

Australian Shepherd Picture
Mont Caraway

Wrigley is a one year old (in this pic) red merle from St. Elmo, Illinois. He was hanging with the family during a bar-b-que here. He's a great, very smart and friendly dog.


Australian Shepherd Picture
Jeff & Lea Hatch

Here is our little girl Ruby. While still quite young, she is already showing off her extreme intelligence & desire to please!

Australian Shepherd Picture

"If my dog is barred
by the heavenly guard
We'll both of us brave the heat!"

- W. Dayton Wedgefarth

Photo used with permission

Zollie at 7 months.

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Australian Shepherd Picture
Dawn Slabodkin

Jack is 3 1/2 months old in this pic and he had just discovered the fun of sprinklers and mud.

Australian Shepherd Picture
Scott and Tera Womack

Here is Yukon. He is getting older and more color is showing up on his coat.


Australian Shepherd Picture
Sandy Tomlin

Rebel is a 8 yr old red merle Australian Shepherd and loves to be outside around my Koi pond. Here he's sitting on the bench near the pond.

Australian Shepherd Picture
Micheline Laforge-Lavoie

Abbey is as full of energy as any Aussie pup.

Australian Shepherd Picture  


David Richmond    

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