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Breaker Comes Home

by Andy Polizzi
(Monrovia, CA)

We adopted Breaker from, of all things, a small dog rescue in Anaheim. His beautiful blue merle looks and gentlemanly conduct won our hearts immediately. He came home with us that day and underwent a name change from Jackson to Breaker. The name just jumped out at me from my memory of an Australian movie called "Breaker Morant." His first night home we had a tremendous thunderstorm and we wound up at the emergency vet. Breaker was terrified of storms! He still is --along with other unusual noises like ice cubes dropping from the icemaker into the tray. But he loves the noise of the vacuum cleaner and sleeps through the smoke alarm going off in the middle of the night. Go figure.

Breaker is my forever dog and my constant walking companion. He loves everyone and is so gentle and sweet that everyone loves him back. Luckily we don't have a lot of thunderstorms here and 4th of July comes only once a year. Now if we can just silence that icemaker...

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Come Home Breaker
by: Anonymous

please see

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