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Breeding Merle Australian Shepherds

by Stephanie

We have a male brown and white and a female black red and white. Both dogs had merle mother's. Is it possible to have merle puppies from these two?

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Merle/Merle Breeding Can Result In Deaf and/or Blind Puppies
by: Anton

Breeding merle with merle is not recommended as some of the puppies can inherit the merle pattern from both parents and will become a "double merle" or "homozygous merle" (aka "lethal white"). You can find more information here about breeding merle to merle Australian Shepherds and why it's a problem.

by: Anonymous

Yes. Neither of your dogs are merles, so there is no danger of a double merle. The merle gene is dominant, so in fact none of the offspring will be a merle.

Merle worries
by: Anonymous

But question is...they both have a merle mother, non merle father. One is tan/white, the other tri, black, white...neither has blue or green eyes, both brown. Is the merle gene there and possible because both have merle mother's? I love these dogs and would never want to risk a problem or danger for them.

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