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Can You Shave Your Australian Sheperd

Can you shave your Australian Sheperd? I hope so because I did and I don't want anything to happen to him.

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Shaving your Aussie
by: Anne

There is controversy about it but I do. A lot of Aussie owners do, especially in this heat.
Don't worry you did not hurt him.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

We shave our Aussie. Well, not "shave" but use clippers on her. She has so much hair and sheds so bad in the house. Plus, we are in the south and it has been really hot this summer. Her coat grows back fairly quickly. She has had 3 "haircuts" this summer. I have read not to do this, but we are all happier with a short haircut! :)

I woudn't
by: Anonymous

I understand that some people do, but I wouldn't "shave" him/her. I would trim, and maybe get rid of the undercoat (which is actually what sheds) but to shave, especially in this heat, is really not recommended, because their coat protects them, and now they will be more susceptible to skin issues, and bug bites, and sun damage.

Try deshedding instead
by: Kathy

I recommend a good quality deshedding tool, like the Furminator. It will reduce shedding by about 90 percent, thinning the coat and making your Aussie look smooth and sleek while keeping the coat length. I wouldn't have believed it possible with my dog's thick fur, but she looked like she'd lost about 5 lbs after a single treatment!


Cutting their hair is ok
by: CookieFLL

I have clipped my dog's hair since she was 2 years old. We do it at least 4 times a year (South Florida is TOO hot!). The hair growth back normally all the time. We do it to control the shedding as well. We have tried Furminator and it does helps a little. The clipping down is the best solution. Just make sure it is done by someone that has experience. Using a HOT clipper over an area repeatedly may induce skin/hair damage.

The "Puppy Cut"
by: Anonymous

We have the groomers give our Aussie a "puppy cut" this is sheared short, but still enough length to provide a protective coat. They did take her down a little too short last time and she got a little razor rash. I would recommend being specific about the clipper guard to be used and going for a #7 or longer.

No shave....puppy cut
by: Anbacc

I agree that a puppy cut is appropriate. I think others misuse the word shave when describing cutting their Aussie short. Definitely do not shave your Aussie. They need some of that undercoat. I give my Aussie a puppy cut and he retains his undercoat. We are both happier. Some of that weight is taken off of him, so more mats and I'm happier that I don't have to clean up as much hair. His grows his coat back just fine. He is beautiful with a full coat but adorable with a short. We like both, just different times of the year. Do what is good for you and don't worry about what others say. :)

by: Worried

I feel sooo bad for even having this problem. I should have researched before I started. I have an Australian shepherd and have shaved her once maybe twice a year for at least 4 yrs. the last shave was in March and the poor thing looks horrible. It looks and feels like peach fuzz with a few sprigs of regular length hair thrown in. What have I done to her beautiful coat? Are there any products to help it grow back correctly? Or have I doomed her as an outcast?

Haircuts don't affect hair follicles and regrowth
by: Skysky

I have two Aussies that are house dogs so I prefer to keep their hair short. There was also a period of time where my blue Merle had an illness affecting his subcutaneous skin and large areas were shaved by the vet. Hair is dead once it leaves the follicle and cutting it does not affect the follicle or regrowth. I cut my dogs hair several times a year and it always grows back thick and full. I think (hope) that people are using the term "shave" incorrectly and are referring to a short summer or puppy cut as you should never "shave" any dog for other than medical reasons as they need some fur to protect their skin from the sun and from scrapes and abrasions while running around outside.
There are numerous breeds that have long hair if left to grow but many owners prefer short for low maintenance as well as for style just like humans. As long as you don't shave the dog and damage the skin, there's no reason the dog's coat would not grow back, although it might take longer than you expected. Health issues can contribute to a poor coat as well as poor diet. I found that diet was affecting my blue Merle's' coat given his illness and it's now it's smooth and silky again.

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