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Aussie Dog Breed Pictures

Australian Shepherd Pictures from Readers

Our Readers have sent in some wonderful Australian Shepherd dog breed pictures, from all over the world. Click Here to Share Your Australian Sheperd Dog Breed Pictures Too!

Jim and Sun Norrell

Southfork Ruby: 10 Week Old Female Black Tri. Learning the job.


Australian Shepherd Picture
Janice E. Gueren

Here is Chance at six weeks old, owned by Janice Gueren in NJ, bred by Desert Willow Aussies in NM.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

~ Josh Billings

Valerie Yates - Ninebark Australian Shepherds  

Australian Shepherd Picture
Richard & Elizabeth Lisk

This is Red Ryder (Ryder) at 8 weeks. A wonderfully intelligent and playful puppy that is just learning “the rules” and doing a great job.


Australian Shepherd Picture

Fenton's Rocky Mountie
Rocky is just a great dog.
He loves everyone also competes in the agilty ring. This pic was taken after a long day of chasing cows and playing in the ponds.

Serafin Labrador

Brandy on a boat trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. He is a male and at picture time he was 12 months, he is an excellent swimmer and does his own jump water entry from boat platform. He is owned by Teresita Pagan and myself and comes from the Katahdin Australian Shepherds. He was born in Puerto Rico from a litter of 9 puppies. ~ Serafin Labrador


This photo is of my Aussie, River. He's such a sweet boy. This picture was taken out in the pasture after a lot of running and playing. He's a great boy. We love our Aussies!!

~ Amy Wood

Amy Wood - Wood's Aussies    

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