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Double Merle Australian Shepherd

by Alex Hodgkin
(Fishers, IN)

The other day I (although unknowingly) picked up an 8 week old double merle puppy. I had gone to get a completely different breed of dog but she chose us, as dog owners understand. We knew nothing of the breed and made a considerably ignorant decision, but it was mutual love at first sight. Only after bringing her home did I learn of the health issues of double merle Aussies. She can see, her eyes do not look too bad (see photo) and it is quite apparent that she can hear. Her first vet appointment is not yet for a few days and I am worried about her long term health. There is much informative material on double merles but none to answer the question I have, which is this. Will her eyes (appearance or vision ability) get progressively worse, or is she how she is? We love Sweet Dee to death and she will be here forever and we would just like to know what we have to look forward to in concern to her eyes. Thank you!

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by: Anonymous

I have a 11 yr old double merle his vision is still ok but has deteriorated over the years but keeping him out of direct bright sunlight is best. I let Tweak (my dog) outside mostly in the mornings and later in the afternoon. Hope this helps u

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