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Dry, Sun Damaged Coat

by Nicci

Hello, my red tri is going through her first summer right now, and her coat on the very top of her back is not doing too well. It's been looking really dry, and light colored, almost like it's sun damaged.

I haven't been bathing her too often this summer, and when I have I have been using an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. I've been giving her fish oil for about 2 weeks now, but was looking for other options as well to give her a shiny coat, and to fix the dryness.

We feed her a grain free, low ingredient diet and I brush her at least every other day with a rake. I used to use a furminator, but since she has been dry I haven't because it seemed to just break off her hair.

Any advice helps! Thank you!

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Coat condition
by: Anonymous

My 15 month old is the same colouring and I have noticed some fading of his coat as well this summer, I think it is natural. I don't bathe mine often either, although they do love to roll in stuff! The fish oil will help, give it time. But I only really brush the coat regularly when he is shedding. Be careful with Furminator type products because they can damage the coat, strip out the undercoat and break the outer guard hairs if overused. Again use only to get out the shedding - I use only a regular tipped human hairbrush for that! My guy has a tail and the hair on that is coarse and not attractive, but full of personality lol!

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