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by Braelyn

My dog loves to jump really high and is really playful so I think she would be a good frisbee dog, but for some reason, she won't chase a ball! How do you get an easily distracted dog to play frisbee or ball? Thanks! P.S. Her name's Pepper and she's 7 months old.

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by: Nonnie

We have two Aussies. One LOVES to play frisbee or anything else that you will throw for her. She literally trembles all over when we get the frisbee out. We can't even say the word frisbee. And she knows where they are kept.

Our other Aussie, doesn't like to play any kind of fetch. She gets really excited when we get her frisbee out, and she will run after it, grab it and lay down and chew grass. She does it every time.

They are two years old now. We were told not to let them really jump until they were a year so that their bones would be finished growing and they would be strong enough.

by: Anne

Wait until she is a year old to really let her jump for the frisbee. Her bones are still developing and she could injure herself.
Make a game out of getting the ball. Cheer her on to get the ball. Everytime she gets it, even if she does not bring it back give her lots of praise and a treat.
Hope that helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

Neither of my Aussies (now 4+yrs & 2+ yrs) were the least bit interested in chasing/fetching anything until they were about 16 months old. Now they are both ball obsessed and regularly compete in flyball competitions! Give them time.

by: Anonymous


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