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Grooming For Warm Weather

by Holly

What is the best way to thin my dog's hair to prepare him for 90 degree weather?

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by: Nonnie / Dee Cutshall

You probably already know that Aussies are double-coated. You will need to brush your Aussie with a FURminator and also use an under-coat rake. A lot of groomers say you will "ruin" their coat if you shave them. While I am not sure that is completely true, I do know that their double coat keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I hope this helps!!

by: Anonymous

They say that you should never shave/thin an aussie's coat, that they stay cool in the summer. By the looks of my aussie in 90 degree weather - she is not cool. She pants very hard. I feel bad for her. I use a FURminator and a rake brush and get lots of hair off her.

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by: Anonymous

Our 15 year old Aussie was panting constantly, and we decided to get her shaved to help cool her off. As soon as we did, she stopped panting. We've done this once before and her coat grew back beautifully for the winter.

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