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How Much Pumpkin, How Often, For Diarrhea?


Ok, my pup had the runs for a week, off and on. I called my holistic vet, she said to give him Pumpkin. I noticed alot of people here also recommend that, along with boiled white rice, and hamburger meat. I tried it, and it helped, but his stool is still on the soft side, and what I want to know, is how much pumpkin; and for how long? Everyday? Once, twice a day? With every meal? And for how long? Will he turn orange if I give it to him continually? (I ask this because my oldest daughter did with sweet potatoe as a baby; the Dr. said it was common with sweet potatoe. Once I stopped feeding it to her, it went away; to this day, she now hates it). Anyway, I called my vet's office and she is out of town for the next week. Any idea, suggestions, would be appreciated.

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how much pumpkin for diarrhea?
by: marilyn

About a tablespoon with meals for a weight of 50lbs. Adjust it accordingly. eg: 1/2 tablespoon for 25lbs. Make sure it is 100% pure canned pumpkin. It does help, I've usd both this along with plain boiled rice with hamburger. He was good after 4 days & has been good ever since. I have also kept him on a grain free diet.
Good luck!

by: Debbie

I give me a teaspoon of kaopectate. every time she has the runs and it fixes it quickly.

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