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How To Tape Aussie Ears

by Jan Mhoon
(Hemet, Ca, USA)

HELP! HOW do I tape my Aussie's ears so they stay button ears for showing. I can't find any info on the other Aussie sites. Found info on boxer and mastiff ears, but not Australian Shepherd. I don't want to tape them wrong as she is such a gorgeous puppy with button ears. PLEASE can someone help me? Thanks Jan

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How to tape Aussie Ears
by: Anonymous

If you puppy is teething his ears will change. I suggest that you wait until he is a little older. If you don?t want to wait, take him to his vet, there is a special glue that they can put.

Taping Ears
by: Anonymous

I used a product called Tear Mender on a pup. The ears came out great.
I have since purchased another mini aussie. This breeder did not believe in gluing. Her belief is that if the ears are not correct naturally, the dog shouldn't be bred. After much thought, I am not gluing the new puppy's ears. This way, I will be sure not to breed a dog that might have a prick ear.

Minnie Aussie ears
by: Anonymous

You're taking advice from someone who breeds Minnie Aussies? Good luck with that. Minnies should not be breg. Period. The ears are the least of your worries.

by: Anonymous

Don't pick on the little guys. If your the bully your the inferior one.

by: Rebecca

"You're taking advice from someone who breeds Minnie Aussies? Good luck with that. Minnies should not be breg. Period. The ears are the least of your worries."

I researched the Aussie quite extensively prior to getting one. Apperently, the breed always varied in size depending upon the required job. For sheep, they were small (our minis) and for cattle, they were bred bigger. Much the same has happened to the German Shepherd. They are much larger here in American. Please do research prior to stating your own opinions. Thank you.

Mini Aussie Ears
by: Anonymous

But Mini Aussies DO have more health problems as a general rule... I have the most gorgeous blue merle Aussie in the world and I'm just waiting for her ears to go forward. No taping, thank you! It's just not natural. Have good luck!!!!

Health problems???
by: Anonymous

Mini Aussies do not have many health problems at all. How do you get that they have tons of health problems. To the person who said good luck with advice with someone who breeds them... Why shouldn't they be bred. They are one of the most wonderful dogs out there. Do you even own one?

Mini Aussies
by: Anonymous

If you don't know... Mini aussies are officially a breed now. SOOOOOO take the mini aussie breeders advice, they happen to know what they are doing.

Other breeds have MAJOR health issues, doesn't make the owner a bad advice giver.

mini aussies vs standards
by: Anonymous

They are one in the same. Mini's have no more or less health issues than the standards. The difference is the "quality" mini breeders are DNA testing for known issues in the breed and taking those dogs out of their program.
Just like the standard breeders there are good and unfortunately bad breeders. The breeders of the mini's have just concentrated on selective breeding to bring the size down. It started with two breeders in California.
Mini Aussie breeders are responsible caring breeders, with the betterment of the dogs in their best interest.
But like any other breed you need to be careful who you purchase from. Do your homework!
Yes some of the mini's ears tend to stand, but some of the standards have a tendency to as well if not bred properly. If you have a nice dog otherwise, there is no harm in gluing or taping, but I would seriously consider whether to use that line in my program.

by: Anonymous

Minis are a separate breed as different breeds of dogs including the Australian shepherd were used to crate the minis. With that being cleared up. The breed is very nice, and cute, but not an Australian Shepherd, same as a collie is an Australian shepherd, and a German shepherd is not an Australian Shepherd.

Tape and glue ears holds the ears in place while the puppy is teething. If a dog is going to have prick ears, taping and gluing may not have any affect, as you Shelty breeders, they'll tell you.

Educate yourself
by: Sarah

To the person above this comment, mini aussies are not a separate breed. If you knew anything about the breed, you would have a little more knowledge toward that statement. Mini aussies ARE australian shepherds. For those who have a problem with that, don't buy a smaller aussie. Simple as that. I have owned and bred australian shepherds for YEARS and over those years some of my females produced smaller pups. It's normal. When a slightly smaller aussie is bred to a larger aussie, the size of the pups is not guaranteed. I do not call my smaller aussies "mini aussies" because they are pure aussie, just grew up to be smaller than the AKC's breed standard. And also, if you search online for aussie breeders you will find that many of them say they breed "standard australian shepherds". So why the distinction if there is only one type of Australian Shepherd? Why do people feel the need to announce that they have a standard size aussie? Do your research before making assumptions and accusations.

And pricked ears does not always mean bad breeding. All of the dogs I have used for breeding have button ears, and there would always be that one (or two) pup who would end up with pricked ears as they grew. I have traced back as far as 12 generations of dogs within my breeding program and still do genetic testing. I've been doing this for over 20 years. Took over for my parents when my dad got sick. Aussies are an amazing breed and I wish people wouldn't discriminate based on size.

Mini vs Standard Aussie
by: Anonymous

Yes, there SHOULD have to be no distinction, because the Australian Shepherd is the only recognized breed by the AKC; and yes, they vary in size, but it is a very specific variation in size. You can check the breed standard. Which is why people who sell 'Mini Aussies' are selling a dog which is outside of the breed standard and therefore should not be bred. There are a few random, less respected registries which recognize a smaller than the AKC and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America - Anyone?) standard 18 - 21in. at the shoulder, and these registries call them 'Mini Aussies'. Personally I think it is a dis-service to the breed to specifically breed together 2 who were the smallest in their litters. Typically that means they got fewer nutrients in the womb and might even die pretty quickly were they born without human influence. Then to breed these 2 creates even smaller, naturally weaker puppies. This is why by the time they get to 'toy' size they look dumber, and act dumber. (Which there are Toy Aussie breeders out there as well, google it.) And just because they may not be 'dumb' dogs, does not mean that they are even close to as intelligent as the gorgeous AKC 'Standard' Australian Shepherd. Who is supposed to be a very specific size, for a reason.

How can ALL of you not know this? Especially if you're breeders.. wow.

ear tape
by: Anonymous

How did you get so far off topic? Go back to the question about tape. I'm looking for advice. Unbunch your knickers.

by: Anonymous

"This is why by the time they get to 'toy' size they look dumber, and act dumber....And just because they may not be 'dumb' dogs, does not mean that they are even close to as intelligent as the gorgeous AKC 'Standard' Australian Shepherd."

To the person that made the above comment, you are full of it. Such an ignorant comment! Have you ever spent time with a toy? They are as intelligent and gorgeous as the "standard" Aussie. If seen on a picture with no size comparison you would not be able to tell it's a toy vs a standard!

Shame on you for saying such an ignorant, distasteful and hateful comment.

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