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I Have A Female Black Tri That I Bred With A Male Red-tri And She Had 8 Blue Merles. How Could This Happen?

I have a female Black Tri that I bred with a male Red-Tri and she had 8 Blue Merles, 5 females and 3 males. She also had one black-tri that died at birth. How could this happen getting all blue merles?

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Does the milkman have blond hair?
by: jcrply

That's a lot of puppies! Hope they are all doing well and that you are enjoying them. Either your female or the male carries the blue merle gene. I'm betting that your female had a blue merle parent. To produce red puppies, either red tri or red merle, BOTH parents must be red factored, not red in color, but they must carry a red gene. In a breeding where one parent is NOT red factored, the litter will only produce blue merle & black tri. So your female may not have a red gene, but even if both parents are red factored, you can still have a litter with no reds. Any puppy that has a red parent IS red factored as a red gene is all a red parent has to offer so even in litters where there are no red puppies, if one parent is red in color, ALL the puppies in your litter are red factored meaning they can produce red puppies when bred to a red or red factored mate.

Blue Merle puppies
by: Nonnie / Dee Cutshall

Arent you the lucky one ?!?!?! Blue merle's are so pretty. I love the blue merle's and the black tri's!!

I'm sure there is someone in this community that can answer your question.

Breeding 2 tris together
by: Anne

One of your Tris is genetically a merle. I have one of those. It is called a "Phantom" merle or "Cryptic" merle. They look like a tri, but are genetically a merle. I think this happens more often than we think. Does either one of you tris have a blue eye?
Here is some more information on "Phantom" merles for you
Please if you need more information or have any questions, please e-mail me.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Just curious...
by: Anonymous

I would like to know too. Hope someone can explain...

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Apparently one of the dogs that were bred is a merle, or some other merle dog got in with your female. You can check the DNA parentage with testing. Look up genetics on the ASHGI website.

Blue Merles
by: Anonymous

Don't know but I love my blue merles!! I personally think they are the most sought after aussies. You will have no trouble selling them.

phantom merle
by: jcrply

Although there were no blue merle areas visible on our black-tri pup when we got her, she gradually started showing small areas of blue merle. At a small distance they are not visible unless you ruffle back the hair in those areas. She has blue merle areas on both shoulders (withers) and just in front of both hips... fairly symmetrical side-to-side. I have read that if you want to breed a black-tri who turns out to be a phantom merle (cryptic merle) that you should have her/his registration changed to merle... and also should not breed that dog to a merle.

Your Merle pups
by: Anonymous

Could one of the dogs have a blue eye if so then it is considered to be bred as a Merle although it has a solid coat. That is why u got some Merle puppies but be careful because this is when u get the lethal merle

Color Genetics
by: Anonymous

Blue eyes
by: Aussie Ollie

Wow...very interesting...i would agree that one of the dogs is a cryptic Merle. Sometimes it is only visible on the tail, which is docked soon after birth. But even with a tri/Merle breeding, 75% Merle is the most Merles one will get...100% is amazing!

Curious about a blue eyed tri being a Merle...???

by: Anonymous

I was always told that if you breed a tri with a tri or a murle with a murle that the puppies would be deformed. But I guess they were wrong! You won't have trouble selling them😀

Blue Merle puppies
by: Anonymous

If one of your dogs has a blue eye they breed as Merle's even though they r solid color.... They would still be consider solid except when it comes to breeding then they will breed as Merle's..

by: Anonymous

Merle gene is not a color it is a pattern that affects the dogs genetic color and dilutes it were it is showing through. There is a thing called "Cryptic Merle" it is when a dog that carries the Merle gene has either such a small spot of Merle it is hard to see or it produces a strange pattern that does not look like Merle and sometimes these Merle spots are on the tail and get removed when the tail is docked. Either way the dog is mistaken as a solid or tri dog and not a Merle. These dogs should be tested for the Merle gene and carefully bred to prevent being accidentally bred to a Merle or another "Cryptic Merle". These dogs can only be identified with a DNA test. So it is suggested in breeds that carry Merle that all dogs be tested to prevent double Merle crosses and the health problems that can accompany them.

Blue merles
by: Anonymous

If any ones of those two dogs have a blue eye they breed as a Merle...Although they r a solid color they breed as merles.

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