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Is Bravecto (Fluralaner) Safe For Australian Shepherds?

Is Bravecto (Fluralaner) safe for Aussies?

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Bravecto (Fluralaner) Appears Safe For Dogs With MDR1 Gene Mutation
by: Anton

(Bravecto (Fluralaner) is a long-acting oral flea and tick control drug.)

Generally, the concern is sensitivity to drugs due to the MDR1 gene mutation. According to this study... "No adverse events were observed subsequent to fluralaner treatment of MDR1(-/-) Collies at three times the highest expected clinical dose."
(Edited: Thanks to the commentor below that indicated that this study may be flawed due to its small sample size and that deaths have been reported among breeds with the MDR1 gene mutation.)

Read this article for more information about the MDR1 gene mutation which also affects Australian Shepherds.

That said, always consult with your vet before giving your dog medications as there may be other issues.

Bravecto Use
by: Stephanie

I gave it to my Jethro who is 5 years old and there were no adverse effects whatsoever and it worked. I have tried the collars and men's that you put on the fur but this worked like a charm!

Bravecto not tolerated
by: Anonymous

We have 2 Aussies, the one became very lethargic on Bravecto, and gained weight. This improved shortly after stopping it. I tried it a second time and the same thing happened. Too bad, because it was so convenient and effective!

No not safe!!
by: Anonymous

No it's not safe. The MDR1 gene test was very small, just 16 dogs in test & 8 got Bravecto & 8 a placebo.

There are a lot of MDR1 gene breeds listed in reported deaths.

by: Mike van de Sande

No Bravecto is definitely not a safe drug. My dog Rico died after administration, and my other dog had many issues for months, acting completely different, was lethargic and had a very bad appetite for 5 months. An insecticide does NOT belong in the body of our dogs. Coconut oil is a great natural repellant. Visit my website "IS BRAVECTO SAFE" for more info

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