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Is It Ok To Leave An Aussie Alone At Home?

by Wilda

My boys

My boys

I have a boy Aussie, he is about an year and a half. We have another dog, my daughter's Chi, he's almost 4. They sort of get along, although they do have their moments, because the Chi is very territorial, and dominant. Still, my daughter, who is away at college, wants to take her Chi with her next semester when she moves into a rental house with some friends.

I'm not sure that's a good idea, for many reasons, but aside from that, I can't help wonder if my boy Aussie will be ok. Will I need to get him a companion? Will he become destructive? He tends to chew stuff now, when we go out for long periods, so I'm a bit concerned that it will get worse, because he'll really be bored alone.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & CareGuide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
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