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Metronidazole For Diarrhea

My 2.5 year old Aussie has diarrhea of unknown origin. A veterinarian wants to give her metronidazole. I have read about it online, and there are some possible side-effects that are not to be taken lightly. Have any of you had experience using this for diarrhea in your Aussies? Thanks!

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My dog was on metronidazole
by: Anonymous

My dog was on metronidazole off and on for a couple years until they figured out he had a food allergy to beef or chicken. So we put him on fish/salmon and sweet potato diet by Natural Balance, you can get it at Petco. In his later years he had a lot of pancreatic problems but he was on many different medications for neurological issues which resulted in what they thought to be a brain tumor. Just thought you might want to know the whole history. ?? I would definitely try the salmon sweet potato. I have my aussie and border collie pups on it and they love it! : )

by: Kareb

We used Imodium when our male aussie had diarrhea. It worked well and it's probably cheaper than what the vet would charge. It may be food allergies, try eliminating or changing the type of food. Our puppy cleared up when we switched to lamb and rice. Good luck.

metronidazole and MDR1
by: jcrply

I discovered that Metronidazole (FLAGYL) is on the list of drugs that should never be given to a dog with the MDR1 gene. Unfortunately I do not know if my Aussie has the gene. I am kicking myself because I have one of the kits and just haven't sent it off yet. I am trying to control the diarrhea with diet but not doing so well.
I thought it was just ivermectin that we needed to avoid, but there are quite a few meds to avoid.
Here are links to two sites that have the list:

and here is a comment from a post to an Aussie Rescue:

Anyone have any suggestions regarding treating the diarrhea with or without other drugs?? Thanks.

Metronidazole for Diarrhea
by: Anonymous

I agree with the person who said to change her diet and that dog food that she recommended is very good. Change diet and then see about the medication.

Imodium Should Not Be Given To Dogs With MDR1 Mutation
by: Anton

"Loperamide (ImodiumTM; antidiarrheal agent). At doses used to treat diarrhea, this drug will cause neurological toxicity in dogs with the MDR1 mutation. This drug should be avoided in all dogs with the MDR1 mutation."

Here is another link with info about other drugs that can seriously (even fatally) affect dogs with the MDR1 mutation.

Problem drugs for dogs with MDR1 mutation.

by: gayle--big run aussies

Please don't ever give your dog any kind of medication without consulting your vet. Thanks, Anton, for your educated comments. All Aussies should be tested for the MDR1 gene, unless they have been cleared by parentage. It can save their lives and a heartache for you. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth the price. A shocking 50% of Aussies carry this gene, so the chance of your dog carrying it is quite high.
Pumpkin is good for diarrhea, rice and chicken are easy on digestion. Acidophilus-- like Culturelle-- is natural and can help as can fiber like pumpkin, squash and Benefiber. But, again, please contact your vet about over the counter meds that we might think are harmless.

Sudden death after taking flagyl
by: Anonymous

My loving companion, Shelby, just died yesterday after a sudden seizure of 'unknown origin'. After my research this evening I think I have found out what happened. She wasn't feeling well last week (diarrhea and vomiting) so I took her to the vet. They gave her an injection to control the nausea and gave her flagyl for the diarrhea. I suspect she had the MDR1 gene and should have never been given flagyl. My heart is broken....please don't give your Australian Shepherd flagyl or Immodium ever!

Metronidazole is not on the MDR1 list
by: Anonymous

This is the website for Washington State CVM, they do our MDR1 testing for suspect dogs. Please use this list rather than listening to anecdotal stories from others about how to or not medicate your pets.

Always adhere to veterinary advice rather than Dr. Google...

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