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Mom of Granite

by Jan

We have a beautiful Aussie named Granite purchased from JBK kennels in Texas. Unfortunately he is bilaterally cryptorchid and the breeder refuses to acknowledge the inappropriateness of selling a dog that has this problem, which makes the dog have a high risk of cancer. My caution to anyone buying a pure bred is to get in writing what the expectations are before purchasing an expensive dog from anyone.

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Re: crypt orchid
by: Anonymous

I don't think it was 'inappropriate' to sell the dog being a crypt orchid, however, they should have given you this information BEFORE selling you the dog. This includes: the explanation of a crypt orchid, the risks involved, and the possibility of passing it on to further generations (hence he be sold as a 'pet quality' with a 'neuter' contract).

there is hope
by: Anonymous

one of our dogs had the same problem. We asked our holistic vet if we stiill needed to get him neutered, and she said it was best, this way, they would go in, and find the testical, and bring it dow, as oppose to allowing it to stay inside the dog, thus possibly causing cancer. so we did, and they were able to.
hope this brings you some hope

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