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My Aussie Does Not Sleep Through The Night

by Scott
(E. Texas)

We have a 6 month old male Aussie (mini) who is 25lbs - so he is going to be a big mini!

Behaviorally, he is awesome. We play with him quite a bit when I and my wife get home from work and also take him for walks. He plays very well with us and our youngest son (14) who is still at home and when we are busy is quite content to play ball by himself (batting ball and tossing it with his mouth).

Completely house trained and other then jumping on new people when they visit is a complete jewel of a dog.

Our issue is he does not sleep through the night and it is killing my wife and I (especially my wife).

When we go to work/school - we put him in a hallway with a few toys. I come home most every day for lunch and let him outside and then leave him in the backyard for the rest of the afternoon.

We go to bed at night around 10-11 and he is always awake around 3-4 am to go outside. He comes back to bed but then wants to wake up and eat around 5am and usually is pretty restless between them. He sleeps in our bed so that is killing my wife. I just need him to sleep until 530ish and we are golden. Have not neutered him yet - going to in a few more weeks.

I'm thinking of leaving him in the yard all day when we are at work - maybe he will be more tired when we get home. Any other ideas??


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