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Need Help Evaluating Aussie Pup With Half White Face

by Virginia Hoffman
(Sarasota , Fl)

White face pup.

White face pup.

Hello, I have a new Aussie pup coming to me. I put in a reservation for a female merle. The attached photo is of a pup being offered to me.

She is very cute but after reading about the health problems with overly white merles I am getting concerned about the lack of pigmentation in her face & nose.

Her father is a black tri and the mother is a merle.

I am not interested in showing the dog, so the white is fine with me, but do not wish to start off with a dog that will have built in health issues.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Do I have anything to be concerned about with this pup.

Virginia Hoffman

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Merle Pup
by: Nonnie

Google Southern Star Aussies. The breeder there has some good experience with blue merles. I have one of her female blue-eyed blue merles. Her name is Bailee Joy and she is the joy of our life.

Double merle
by: AlinIA

The problem usually occurs when two merle's are bred together. This can produce puppies that are born permanently deaf or blind. Your puppy should be alright, she doesn't have a disproportional amount of white.

White Merle
by: Sheryl Wiser

Hi - I have what's known as a White Australian Shepherd or "Lethal White" - for the past 7 years. He is about 85% white - I've had him since he was 3 months old and he has multiple ocular abnormalities and is deaf in one ear. He's an amazing dog, I have no regrets about him in my life - if there was a way to have the pup evaluated by an animal eye doctor, that would be good. As far as "additional health issues" - Blue is really healthy; active, smart and funny. But there are some subtle things I need to do to work with him - being an Aussie, I never quite know if he can't really hear me (and he does hear a lot of things quite well) or ignoring me. But I would talk with your vet and also an animal eye doctor.

Happy ending to my story.
by: Virginia Hoffman

Good news I took the puppy her name is Bindi , she is a wonderful pet , no health problems, She is magnificent, healthy and a bundle of joyful energy. I am very pleased with her and she is also extremely cute.

Not Lethal White
by: Anonymous

Lethal white is a term used for horses and not correctly used when talking about dogs. Double Merle can cause deafness and/or blindness when two merles are bred together, no reputable breeder will breed two merles.

Merle puppy
by: Anonymous

My friend bought my dog s sister , a blue Merle with totally blue eyes and a completely pink nose. She has no issue whatsoever. I see your puppy has a bit of black in her nose, like mine had, at 7 months his nose is almost black except for a little pink corner. Enjoy your puppy!!

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