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What puppy food would be best for my 9 mo old female Aussie? She has diarrhea or very soft yellow stool off and on. We are feeding her Innova puppy. We had her checked at the vet. No worms and only mild bacteria. She was treated with antibiotics anti-acid and we put her on I/D rx food for several days. She was ok for 1 week and then off and on again. We even added a probiotic to her food, with no help. Is it common to have a sensitive tummy? Suggestions??

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Had same problem...
by: Marilyn

I had the same problem with my 2 yr old Aussie. He had runny bowel movements almost from the first day I got him until he was six mths old. Vet checked OK. Had him wormed, etc. no change. We tried several types of food & remedies with no luck. I was lucky enough to meet a woman in the pet shop who said it sounded like he was grain intolerant, and all puppy food contains grain. We put him on nothing but hamburger boiled in rice for about 5 days, then on a grain free adult dog kibble (Wellness Core) and very few treats. Problem solved! Also, a tablespoon of canned pumpkin twice a day is supposed to help firm them up.

Good Luck!

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