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Red Tri With Dual Blue Eyes

by Cindy Thompson
(Fairfield, Texas)

picture at 3 weeks.

picture at 3 weeks.

Hi, I have a medium red tri puppy that is 5 weeks. At this time both of his eyes are blue. Is this unusual? I have raised Aussies for several years and this is the first red tri with blue eyes I have had. His mom is a black tri and his dad is a blue merle with one blue eye and one brown. This is the second litter out of these two dogs and we have had 8 merles and 5 tri's. 7 of the merles have both blue eyes and the other merle has real light hazel eyes. I am trying to find out if the blue eyes make this puppy something special or if this is an ordinary occurrence. My Aussies are standard size and AKC registered.

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blue eyes
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

At 5 weeks it is difficult to say if the eyes will stay blue. Sometimes reds have very light eyes that are blue at an early age and then turn light green and then usually a light amber yellow. Time will tell if the eyes are truly blue. Any solid color with blue eyes is pretty rare. After 18 years of breeding I have never had a solid with blue eyes.

Red tri w blue eyes
by: Anne

Hi, Wait a couple of more weeks and see what color they are, I have a good feeling they will change color to amber. If they don't please e-mail me because if they are truly blue than there is something you need to check for.
If you have any more questions please contact me

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

Dual Blue Eyes
by: Nonnie

We got our Aussies from a breeder in Winona, Texas, close to
Tyler. She is listed on this site in the Mini Aussie directory. Her name is Leslie Packham under Southern Star Mini Aussies. She could probably answer your question or know someone who can.

Your baby is beautiful - good luck!

Blue eyed red tri.
by: Anonymous

Hi I am interested him. Can you please email me at Thank you!

Tri with Blue Eyes
by: Anonymous

Please call me regarding the red tri with blue eyes
I am interesting in possibly purchasing him.
Thanks so much!

There are two blue eyed genes in that goes with the merle and a different one that goes with the tri's and bi's

Have your dogs had their HSF4 testing?



Yes a red tri can have 2 blue eyes-RARE
by: Penny

If you have a red tri pup with 2 blue eyes then you are in luck as it is fairly rare. If you look at their iris's at this age & they are a muddy brown then they will turn turquoise then end up amber/whiskey colored. If the pupil is black then their is a very good chance that they will stay blue. I know that their are quite a few standard aussie breeders who believe that the mini is not an aussie, but if you go to my website- - I have 2 double blue eyed red tri males on my male page & both have the ice blue ghost eye.

Blue Eyed Red Tri
by: Roo Milburn

My red tri had the bluest of blue eyes as a pup. by the time he was 4 months old they were the most beautiful sea aqua colour. Now at 5.5 months they are a soft creamy green and becoming more pale amber every day. My vet who has bred Aussies says that his eyes will remain pale, but will be a greeny amber colour when he matures, which seems right considering the changes we have seen already.

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