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Short Hair

by Hannah
(Ontario, Canada)

Bella, 7 weeks old

Bella, 7 weeks old

My Australian Shepherd; Bella, is 7 weeks old, 8 this Thursday. She has rather short hair. I was wondering if it will grow out at a certain week, or is this not common?

I've seen both her parents, they both have the typical Australian Shepherd coat. Any information or answers would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

- Hannah Sotornik

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Australian Shepherd Short Hair
by: B.J.Tyrrell

I also have an Australian Shepherd short hair. Frankie is his name. He's four years old. I had a discussion with a show dog owner of this breed just this morning and she was very reluctant to accept Frankie as a pure bred. Funny he has all the markings and traits wigglebutt and all. I don't think she was familiar with the difference between the working and show class of this particular breed. I've met a few other Australian Shepherds. It's quite a variety. I am very happy with his unique qualities. Enjoy your puppy. Frankie is the best companion I could ask for. B.J Tyrrell.

by: Anonymous

Our Australian shepherd is also short haired. He looks just like yours!!

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