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Stick Tights And Cuckleburs

by Randy

My Aussie loves to run through the weeds but I am about ready to change her name from Roxy to Stick Tight as soon as I get her combed out she goes right back. Is there an easy way to get them out? Thinking about shaving her also since it is so HOT outside.

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by: Anonymous

Just don't shave her! She needs to coat to keep cool.

Stick Tights
by: Anonymous

Please don't shave your Aussie!!!

They are double-coated dogs. The undercoat keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer. Shaving her may affect her coat growth for the rest of her life. Go to your local pet store and get an undercoat rake. The employees there will know what you are looking for. I can't say that an undercoat rake will help get the stickers out, but it might. Again, the employees at your local pet store should be able to suggest some possible solutions for that also.

Just please don't shave your Aussie.

Re: weeds
by: Anonymous

I use 2 products for this purpose. The first is called 'Showsheen' it is primarily used for horses and makes the coat soft. It repels dirt and makes the coat easy to clean and prevents tangles. The other is called "Cowboy Magic' it is THE most fabulous product ever for tangles! It just takes a VERY small amount and well worth the price. You can find either of these products at any feed store or store which sells horse supplies or order on-line. It is well worth it!! Good luck!

Not a good idea
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend shaving her. she needs her fur/hair to protect her from the sun,and you don't want those sticks and burs to stick to her skin as well. I don't know what the answer is, except take her to run some place else.

by: Anonymous

There is this wonderful product called a burrpaw it removes burrs and stick tights from clothing and pets!! It works great!

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