Timid or Cautious?

by Bonny
(Petersburg, PA)

My husband worries that my 2-year-old Aussie is too fearful around strangers. Where his Gordon Setter is delighted to see every visitor, Rose stays back out of reach, sometimes for the entire visit. She's friendly enough with people she knows but very reserved with strangers. I feel that any dog brave enough to get between me and a visiting black bear is not "timid" but exhibiting proper watchdog caution. Any thoughts?

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Timid or Cautious
by: Anonymous

Your Aussie being reserved with strangers is a born trait in Aussies. Just acting his breed.

Who wants a dog that gives away his affection?
by: Anonymous

My BF has only had golden retrievers and when we got our Aussie, my BF HATED our dog because he was so timid.

I hear it takes about a month to three for them to fully come around. But when they do come around your husband is going to be wishing for the quiet scared dog. But he'll like it any way.

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