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United States, KS, 4.5 Years Old, Daisy

by Connie L.
(Wichita, KS, United States)



Very Affectionate Dog
Daisy will be 5 years old in Nov. She weighs 35 pounds and is in great health. She is an excellent running or walking companion. Daisy loves children of all ages and enjoys meeting new people and new dogs. True to her breed she may herd some dogs and children when playing. Daisy is microchipped and spayed and has had her dew claws removed.

We adopted her almost 2 years ago. We recently moved and our new house does not have a fenced in yard. Daisy can no longer run the yard like she used to. She loved running the fence and jumping at birds in our trees. The birds played games with Daisy for hours keeping her challenged and entertained when she was outside. She now has to stay indoors with us most of the day. With the recent move I have not taken her running in months due to lack of time. This past 4th of July was terrifying for Daisy. She has never been frightened like this before. We had severe thunderstorms during that same week and she is now very nervous. I think with the recent move and the change in her activity level may have contributed to her new fears.

We were told that she does not do well with chickens and we had a hard time introducing her to an old cat that belonged to some friends.

Daisy is a velcro dog and will literally follow you everywhere. She loves to go for car rides. She enjoys trail running. She loves to be petted and if you are not petting her she will move your arm until your hand is on her. :) She loves to get ice cream at the drive thru. She enjoys giving kisses. She is treat motivated. She knows the commands "sit" and "stay". Even without a fence she has not run off but if another dog is around she will run toward it to play. She will stray if she wants to get to something, specifically a potential friend. ;) She takes treats very gentle. She loves pepperoni!

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Nov 02, 2016
Daisy response
by: Anonymous

Daisy is gentle but she does get excited when she sees a leash. She loves outings which explain her excitement. However, she will sit when commanded to do so while you put it on. She loves to run around in fast circles outside to show off. She does very well in the house. She will stay near you know matter what you are doing. She lays on the floor right near me. She will also lay on the floor next to your bed if you prefer not to crate her at night. She rarely roams, preferring to stay where you are.

Nov 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Looking for a gentle house broken mature dog for an elderly aunt , must be gentle

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