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When Should I Expect My Aussie To Go Into Heat?

by Shannon Goodwin
(St. Martinville, La.. )

I have an 11 month old female Aussie, and the vet said she should enter heat cycles between 8 months to a year, she's not shown any signs of starting a heat cycle. Could there be something wrong with her?

Thanks in advance.

Comments for When Should I Expect My Aussie To Go Into Heat?

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RE: aussie heat
by: kym

Dont be alarmed. Dogs are like humans and all mature at different times. I have had aussies *forever* and they have varied coming into heat from 6 months to 13 months. No need to be alarmed or concerned UNLESS you feel there is reason to be. Things such as not acting right,going off food,lethargic etc. However, these symptoms too can be signs of coming into heat. You may want to keep in mind that sometimes its easy to miss the first heat cycle as it can be very mild and short. Im sure everything is fine with your girl and nature will be sure to take its course in due time.Good luck!

Expecting aussie to go into heat
by: Anonymous

I hate to be blunt, but if you don't even know when she's likely to go into heat, I sure hope you're not planning on breeding her. Ignorance costs lives and not being expert in your breed and doing everything possible to insure her health and quality before breeding is ignorant.

A) Good breeders NEVER make a profit on their dogs. Good breeders spend too much on vet bills--certifying eyes and joints--and also on showing their dogs to prove they meet the necessary standards of the breed. Then there's the expenses related to caring for a pregnant bitch, the possibility of complications during whelping and then the intense care and costs of raising quality bred puppies.

B) We destroy hundreds of thousands of dogs and pups (mixed and purebred) in our nation each year because there are not enough homes for them all.
Even if you find excellent homes for all the puppies your bitch pumps out, that means that YOU are responsible for that same number of pups that will die in a shelter for lack of the same great homes yours took up.

Please enjoy your baby girl and don't breed her unless you're willing to go the distance, invest thousands of dollars and she's out of proven, show stock and has also proven herself in the rings of conformation and obedience/agility /herding as well.

To Anonymous
by: Darlyene

Ok Anonymous, so I'm guessing you were born knowing all about Aussies. Correct? Apparently so or else you would not have given Shannon such an ugly response to his/her question. I think it was a very legitimate question. People like you are the ones who just can't wait to jump on someone else because of their lack of knowledge on a particular subject matter. People like you just need to shutup and go boss your own dogs around since you're such an expert!

by: Anonymous

I agree that she was quite nasty about the question. She never said she was going to breed her dog or even suggested it. This site is supposed to be for aussie people to post stories,pictures,etc and ask questions and get honest, non-judgmental answers, sometimes second and third opinions or find those of us who just care and enjoy other aussie people.
However, maybe her vet should have been more clear so that she understood the 'goings on' of her dog. I respect her just knowing that maybe she was a little unclear, or nieve to understand. Maybe he just didn't answer in a way she understood. Some some of us need more 'laymens' terms for us to understand.
I hope you have a more understanding of your dog, Shannon. I also hope you stay with 'Aussie Lovers'.
P.S. It's people like that that made me quit showing Aussies. Very smug,'better than thou' attitude.You should be helping people. You should be ashamed of yourself. Be a help not a hinderance.

Female Aussie
by: Anonymous

I also was wondering the same thing about the heat cycle. I have 4 aussies all male of which as my children grew up and left home they each took a dog with them. This is my first female. I dont intend to breed her I would just like the information so that I can read and learn about it.

Re: heat info.
by: Kym

Please keep in mind above all else, that if your female is not spayed, she runs the risk of getting a pyometra. This is a uterine infection that can be FATAL!!The bacteria/mucus can close off the cervix (closed pyo) The saying in a veterinary hospital is 'Never let the sun set on a pyo' meaning, this can kill your dog within hours!!! The older she gets the higher the risk. Please keep this in mind, regardless of breeding plans or just a family member.:) Hope this helps too!

Thank you
by: Shannon

Thank you to all those that responded with HELPFUL and kind responses. To the ignorant jerk that was rude. I've never owned an Aussie before this, and was merely curious about something. 1.I am highly intelligent, and will make my own decisions about my dogs. Does this mean I'm breeding, no, I was asking so that I would know that was all.

Kim, thank you, I never knew that, we're planning on spaying her very soon. :)

RE: Heat
by: Kym

You are very welcome Shannon.This website should be a place for ALL aussie owners to come to share our stories,learn from others,help others,and to express our love for our dogs.
I am very sorry for the negative response you recieved, and I hope that it will not discourage you in the future.
For the most part, I have found, that the majority of people on this site ARE very helpful to our 'fellow' aussie owners,and others for that matter.
Regardless of your choice, I commend you for trying to learn about the things you may not know, for the well being of your dog.
Take care and give your girl LOTS OF LOVINS!!!

The heat cycle
by: Anonymous

I too have been wondering when my girl Lilly would go into heat. I have two other female dogs (not Aussies) and they did around the first year. I have not noticed this with my Aussie and she is now 16 months with no sign. I am curious because I would like to prevent her from having an unwanted pregnancy. We also plan to get her spayed this fall. Puppies are to much work and costly. We did that once. Not interested in doing it again.

by: Mimzy822

Commenting on "RUDE ANONYMOUS"
does it mean if I don't spend thousands showing my Aussies to prove to others that my Aussies are worthy of walking the earth that I don't love them as much as you? Are you kidding me? People like you make me so mad and another reason I don't show my Aussies. You should be ashamed of yourself for judging anyone in that manner...Shame on you!

low $ Aussies are just as good
by: LoveMyAussie

I have owned Aussies for 25 yrs. I know quite a bit but far from an expert. I've owned high dollar high quality show dogs which I could have papered but never did. This last time I opt for a pure bred but no papers & not from show stock. The lady is a horse breeder not an Aussie breeder. She absolutely made mistakes. But none the less even though my Annie Oakley doesn't have a docked tail or papers. I will tell you she has the same intuition as my others. My two best Aussies are Annie Oakley & my other one I had Miss Behavin. She was about to be culled out because her nose didn't turn all the way black. So a high breeder that dumps thousands in to her dogs doesn't always mean they're the best. So for the smug lady Im very disappointed & actually quite ashamed of your attitude. I've had people look down their noses @ Annie because of her tail. But if you could watch her with her chicks as their hatching all the way through for many years you would be amazed at her dedication

by: Anonymous

I googled this subject, I grew up with labs (breeding and training) my entire life and my fiancé introduced me to this breed. Aussies are very loving. We take ours to the vet routinely and the vet did tell us somewhere between 8-12 months old. I googled this subject to see what others whom have owned this breed would say. I was shocked to read the extremely rude and asinine comment. I plan on breeding our girl and having pups because she has such wonderful genes and markings. To the rude person, your the reason I will do a background check on people interested in adopting so the pups will go to a loving and caring family not a conceited ignoramus. Thank you to the helpful answers and to the person who asked the question I searched for.

To Anonymous
by: Edmundson- Holt Alpaca Ranch

No wonder you remain unnamed with the accusations of ignorance at such a natural and sporadic subject. ... Shannon, our pup started today out of the blue and she is six months... she did begin acting a bit different and was very swollen in the genatalia area. She also took off out of our 5 acre ranch and we had to chase her down for about 30 minutes while she was sniffing every other ranch around us. So behavior changed drastically and she had been very pouty...kind of like us women. By the way we had no idea it was coming either...I guess we are ignorant. NOT! GOOD LUCK!

Not Everyone Breeds for "Show Quality"
by: ReynoldsN

I just wanted to say to some out there talking about responsible breeding, and show quality/agility when breeding. NOT everyone breeds for that. Some people have lives that require a working dog to do just that--work! We who have Aussies, know how amazing the breed is and either want another with the same genes as our "babies" or to share the offspring with family and friend's so they dont pay as much as we did. So as one of those Aussie owners that actually require a working dog and want to share that dogs amazing-ness with loved ones, but have never bred a dog before; we are just looking for quick answers. Its nice to have a place like this to seek advice from experienced individuals. Thanks for that!

What a Helpful Thread
by: John from UK

So, Bella is my 7 month old gorgeous Aussie who is flat out asleep after chasing around with next door's dog (as in male) in the garden. It got me thinking about 'heat' and spaying etc. So this thread has been really helpful and thanks so much.

by: debsv

Hi there folk, just reading all your comments, its nice to know there are other people out there just as smitten with aussi's as I am! And I'm a newby!
I was given my little girl as a puppy, and have been enarmored with her since! She's only 5 months old and already has me and my husband wrapped aroundher little paw!
I have had nnumerous different breads of dogs over the years and all were special but Aussies are in a class of there own.
Unfortunately we believe she's got hip problems but we'll see one day at a time..

RE: Rude Comment
by: Mike

Legitimate question Shannon. My Aussie is about to turn 8 months and she just started spotting. Through a little research and asking my veterinarian I pretty much know all I need to know about my baby Aussie. She comes from a great bloodline and she would make an excellent breeding candidate. I know the last thing we need is more dogs but I am going to breed her one time then have her fixed.

To the one that made the rude comment. It is my opinion that you should probably go get spayed yourself so we have less rude morons walking around.

by: Amorea

My baby Sydney is in heat for the first time. She will be a year old in a month. We want to spay her, but it makes me nervous. We spayed a boxer when she was only 4 months. afterward, she had accidents everytime someone came to our house, or when she was really happy or scared. (she hated thunder!) I heard to wait til about a year old to have the surgery, but have second thoughts because I dont want it to change her personality or her to start having accidents. She stays in the house with our male boxer who has been neutered. She is such a happy and friendly baby! She loves frisbee and her toys. Wanna do what will be best for her though.

what is wrong with having a dog having puppiies
by: Anonymous

i have a aussie and love her very much, but i want to have the experience of holding puppies, i have not puppies since i was a child am i commiting something horrific , am i going against nature

Mini Aussie
by: Jeanine

I have a 6 1/2 month old Mini Aussie. All your comments have been very helpful. I am debating to wait till she goes through one cycle before spaying her due to all the research I have done. But, I am curious to know how it works when she would/could go in heat? It has not happened to her yet. How long do the cycles usually last? Do they usually have heavy bleeding or just more spotty and swollen down there?
Just curious because I am very new to this! Thanks for all the help!

Have a mix breed Aussie/lab
by: Anonymous

I don't know if I qualify to comment/question here because I have a mixbreed Aussie/Lab and don't know if this forum is strictly for Purebred dogs. I'm having the opposite issue and was actually wondering whether Aussies were prone to come into heat sooner and more often because my baby girl was barely 6 months when she came into heat and then has just come into heat again barely 4 months later now. She is happy, eating and drinking normally and is eliminating the same as before, just seems to be going through another cycle. For all those who have had Aussies before, are they prone to differences in their cycles, or is it just because she's a pup still at 10 months old? Also, not that this is the reason the author of the question gives to not spaying, but I have two daughters and have never considered removing their uterus to prevent them from becoming pregnant, so when I decided to find a pup, and ended up with a sweet little girl who hadn't yet been spayed by the man who had gotten her originally, I saw no reason to do so myself, when proper care and boundaries could prevent pregnancies. Now I do understand that other things can be occurring when there are different issues with cycles and the like and that is why I am on here looking for answers.

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