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Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com Newsletter #013

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Keeping Your Australian Shepherd Healthy and Safe

In addition to providing lots of love, one of the main responsibilities we have as Aussie owners is to make sure they are healthy and safe. Since nutrition is one of the number one factors in determining the health of your Aussie it is important to provide the best possible quality of food. Good food may cost more than some of the junk that passes for dog food but your dog will be rewarded with a much healthier and higher quality of life and you will hopefully benefit from much lower vet bills. So buying cheap food is really a false economy that costs both you and your dog in the long run.

For example, although arthritis in dogs is influenced by many factors including genetics, nutrition plays an important role in how soon and how severe the impact of joint degeneration will be. That's why I've put together a feature article about arthritis in dogs and what you can do to help.

But there are other dangers that we have to keep our Aussies safe from. One danger that we may overlook is electricity and I've included information from Blair Sorrel of StreetZaps that may shock you.

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In This Issue:

- Do You Feel Special? You Should...

- Arthritis in Dogs

- Keep Your Dog from Getting Zapped

- Your Aussie Stories

- Photo of the Month

- Dog Quote for Today

Do You Feel Special? You Should...

Special Offer for Our Readers Only... If you read our last newsletter you may recall that there was a link to an article about a dog food manufacturer that takes quality seriously -- Wysong Dog Food. (Here's the link to the article again.)

But since then Wysong Dog Food has made a Special Coupon Code available only for Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com readers. To save 18% off your next Wysong order just enter the code AUSSIE18 when you checkout.

I'm really pleased that not only can I tell you about companies like Wysong but that our humble site is now even able to get special deals for our readers!! Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the site over the years and encouraged me to keep working to make it better and better. To the best of my knowledge we are now the #1 Australian Shepherd Resource on the web -- by far -- based on our latest Alexa rankings!!!

>> Now You Can Give Wysong a Try -- for 18% Less!

Arthritis in Dogs

If Your Dog is Suffering from Arthritis or Dog Joint Pain You Can Help Relieve Their Pain

Your dog can have joint pain and arthritis too and canine arthritis can be every bit as painful and debilitating as it is for people. But since they can't tell us we have to be alert to the signs.

That's why even if your dog doesn't have arthritis yet you should read this article. It discusses the signs of arthritis, some of which you might not associate with arthritis right away. I also talk about steps you can take to help your dog live a happier, more pain-free life. There are many things you can do to make a big difference, especially if you start as soon as you see the warning signs...

>> Arthritis in Dogs: Symptoms and Solutions

Keep Your Dog from Getting Zapped

Blair Sorrel of StreetZaps recently contacted me to let me know about a threat that most of us may not even realize is all around us. We take for granted the comforts that electricity provides us without giving much thought to how that electricity is delivered to every corner of our lives, how many miles of electrical cables surround us and how a deteriorating infrastructure can jeopardize our safety through "electrical leakage".

The following information has been provided by Blair in the hopes that raising awareness about this issue will help protect you, your family and your pets from suffering what could be a dangerous or even fatal electrical shock. You will also find a link to Blair's site where you can find maps showing the most dangerous locations and where you can report incidents too.

>> Protect Your Dog From Electrical Shocks

Your Aussie Stories

One of the best things about working on Australian-Shepherd-Lovers.com is getting to read the stories sent in by readers about their Aussies. For example, Punkin is an Australian Shepherd that was lost or abandoned and crossed paths with Jordan, a girl who was out enjoying the day riding her horse. It wasn't long before Punkin found her way into Jordan's heart (and Jordan into Punkin's).

>> Australian Shepherd Lost, Then Found

Photo of The Month

I've added a feature to the Home Page to showcase the amazing Australian Sheperd photos sent in by readers. To get the Photo of The Month started our first pic comes from Krystle Pickett of Kings Ferry Aussies. Dogs love water and that's especially true for Krystle's dog Copper. He looks like he has achieved an absolute state of bliss.

By the way, I want to thank everyone who has sent in photos. I really haven't forgotten about you but I must admit I have gotten behind in updating the Photo Gallery. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done that I want -- you know how that is. I do keep all the photos and will add them when I get the chance. I may not be able to use them all but I do appreciate every one and am looking for ways to add the best ones as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and keep those stories and pictures coming!

>> Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

Dog Quote for Today

"A cat, after being scolded, goes about its business. A dog slinks off into a corner and pretends to be doing a serious self-reappraisal."

- Robert Brault -- www.robertbrault.com

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Until Next Time...

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All the Best and Woof!

Anton and Levi


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