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Veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM has just released A NEW Special Report on Dog Food.

In it he is revealing everything that you need to know NOW about feeding your dog and how you can prevent disease and help extend your dog's life through correct nutrition.

Here is just a sample of what's in the Report:

Why Dog Food Matters... you'll be surprised at what food heals. Your dog should be eating this to Avoid the Vet.

The Health Problems of Dog Food... Learn Which Ingredients to Avoid so your dog doesn't get serious diseases, such as Cancer.

The Pet Food Recall... Here's What really happened and How you can Prevent this from affecting your dog.

Home Dog Recipes.... step by step Balanced Recipes that you can make at home now.

Is your Dog's Food Safe?... Here is my list of SAFE and ADVISED Dog Food.

Foods to AVOID... The complete list of common Human foods that are TOXIC to your dog - the list will surprise you!

Dog Supplements... How to know if they are SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and if they are REALLY needed.

Get 2 chapters, completely FR*EE - NO sign-up required!

Go here now for your 2 FR*EE chapters:


To your dog's good health,

All the Best and Woof!

Scott and Levi

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