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Australian Shepherd Photo of the Week

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Day

Sue and Roger Meulemeester

This is Riley our Aussie from Simcoe, Ontario Canada. The wind is blowing his ear up in this picture! He was 13 years old when it was taken.

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Training and Care — Tip Of The Week

Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
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Excerpt from Our New Ebook
Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Excerpt #7

10 Principles of Aussie Training Cont'd

6. Make training fun for both of you.

Treating training like a chore is a big mistake. The whole process should be enjoyable for both you and your dog. If you stress yourself out with training, you'll get frustrated and give up. Likewise, if you push your dog too hard she'll get worn out and try to avoid training sessions because they're unpleasant. Remember – it's not a race. Training is a continual growth process. If either you or your dog gets stressed or bored or distracted, take a break or stop training for the day. Pushing yourself too far too fast usually leads to failure.

7. Respect your dog and she will respect you.

This point relates closely to being the pack leader, but it deserves special mention. Successfully training an Aussie is largely about building mutual respect between the two of you. A dog won't trust an owner it doesn't respect. The best way to build this mutual respect is to act in a way that demonstrates you have respect for your dog already.

8. Don't treat your dog like a human.

This is such a common mistake these days. I know it's tempting to think of your dog as some kind of "fur baby," but this mindset is not useful for training. It will lead to you spoiling your dog and ruining your position as the pack leader. Once you understand more about how your dog thinks and feels, you'll be less tempted to slip into this mindset.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


Cartoon of the Week

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Dog Quote of the Week

If my dog is barred by the heavenly guard
We'll both of us brave the heat!

~ W. Dayton Wedgefarth




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