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Australian Shepherd Photo of the Week

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Day

Michele Dorais

Cody Bear is a male Aussie and a big love! He's truly amazing! He's trained in sheep herding and advanced agility and competes in frisbee and dock diving competitions. He's also been seen on dog events on Animal Planet and ESPN. He's an all around athlete but most of all he's a one of a kind loving companion with a big heart!

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Training and Care — Tip Of The Week

Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
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Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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Basic Training Commands –
Teaching Stay

The key with teaching this command is to keep the "Stay" time period very short at first, so you make it easy for your dog to succeed. Then you gradually extend the time period your dog has to Stay for before he gets a treat.

  1. Get some treats ready and tell your dog to Sit.

  2. For this command we're going to introduce a hand gesture first. Hold your hand up with the palm facing towards your dog. Imagine you're a police officer directing traffic and you want to make a "stop" signal with your hand.

  3. As you hold your hand up in this "stop" gesture, say the word "Stay" in a firm, clear tone.

  4. Slowly take a step or two back from your dog, and as long as he hasn't moved use the marker word "Good dog," then call him to you by saying your release word followed by the Come command – "OK – Come."

  5. When he comes to you, give him a treat and reward him with praise.

Extra Tips for Teaching the Stay Command

If you have problems with this, it's probably because you're expecting too much from your dog up front. Because Aussies are so loyal and like to stick with their owners, it can be hard to teach this command. That's why you have to start with only a very short time period and a few small steps. Reduce it to 2 seconds and one backwards step at first – whatever it takes to capture the "staying" behavior and reward for it. Increase the time and distance in very small increments. Eventually, you should be able to walk around a corner out of sight while your dog stays in the same place.

Also, don't forget to use random rewards and jackpots when you're training this command. It's one you want your dog to obey every time when you're out in public, so you can't have her compliance being dependent on your having a treat in your hand.

Next time: Basic Training Commands – Teaching Wait

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


Cartoon of the Week

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Dog Quote of the Week

Both humans and dogs love to play well into adulthood, and individuals from both species occasionally display evidence of having a conscience.

~ Jon Winokur




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