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Australian Shepherd Photo of the Week

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Day

Pam and Mark Atkins

This is Lexi, almost 2 years old now and she has brought joy to our lives since day one. We know for sure that her mom is an Australian Shepherd. Lexi's siblings all have the longer hair. The owner that we got her from said the father was his other Australian Shepherd but he couldn't be 100 percent sure, so Lexi may or may not be a mix.

She's not one to hang out in the backyard, not much to see back there, but she loves to lay out in the front yard, watch the kids and everything else thats going on in the neighborhood. When she's not on neighborhood watch or with us at the office, Lexi enjoys walks, running along side of the bike, hiking, swimming in the lake and going anywhere in the car. She's not much of a snuggler but she's a love, and given the opportunity she will say hi to just about everyone she comes across... it makes her sooo happy. She makes us happy!

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Training and Care — Tip Of The Week

Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
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Australian Shepherd Lover's Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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Extra Tips for Jumping Up

If your dog doesn’t get the message when you apply the process above, you’ll have to become more physical in enforcing the command.

Remember, part of being the pack leader means you have to make sure your dog obeys you – if you put up with disobedience, you’re just making life harder for yourself.

To enforce this command, simply say “Off” as you would in the scenario above, but this time physically keep the dog down by placing your hands on her shoulders. You won’t need a lot of pressure for this – the idea is just to get all her paws on the ground. Once all four paws are down, say your marker word and reward her.

Consistency is the Key

It’s important that everyone in your household applies this technique if you want to get rid of the behavior. If one person uses the technique above, but another family member encourages the dog to jump up by praising and talking excitedly, it’s not going to work. The same goes for visitors – let them know you’re trying to discourage the behavior and tell them what they should do if the dog jumps up.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


Cartoon of the Week

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Dog Quote of the Week

I would recommend to those persons who are inclined to stagnate, whose blood is beginning to thicken sluggishly in their veins, to try keeping four dogs, two of which are puppies.

~ Elizabeth von Arnum




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