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Australian Shepherd Photo of the Week

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Day

Cheryl Myrick

My 5 year old Aussie star is named Peaches-n-Creme. For 5+ years Peaches has proven herself an eager and attentive companion and 'service dog' to my son, alerting us to the onset of seizures in plenty of time to prepare. She also assists him with tidying his room by placing his things in the appropriate tubs and removing laundry from the dryer to place it on the bed for folding. She never hesitates to answer the occasional call to fetch his oversized, underpowered, and stalled RC boat from the middle of a cold pond. She's never actually returned without a ball that's been thrown for her... Ever!

As if that weren't enough for one little dog... After recently joining the ranks of the disabled as a result of a botched knee surgery, she now accompanies me wherever I go helping me maintain a precarious balance while walking. She has prevented many of the frequent and painful falls that have become a regular occurrence in my life.

Peaches is so much more than a pet. She has improved my quality of life immensely while allowing me to maintain some semblance of dignity that I would have lost otherwise.

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