Is This "Too Much White"?

by Kota
(New Jersey)

Hi guys! We're getting this beautiful Miniature American Shepherd from a lovely breeder. He is a blue-merle, with his mom being a blue-merle and his dad being a black-tri. I am just a little bit worried about the lack of color around his eyes (more of a pink look, rather than a darker "eyeliner" that most Aussies have). I've asked the breeder if she is worried about loss of vision, and she said no, but reassured us of the 2-year genetic coverage guarantee she'll provide just in case.

Does anyone here have any concerns, or have you seen mostly white faces before be fine?

Thank you!

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Too much white
by: Anonymous

I wouldn’t worry, unless you intend to show the dog, the white is not an issue. There is actually a bit of tan around the right eye that I can see, and that will probably develop more as the dog gets older. Fine sturdy looking little guy!

"Too Much White"
by: Anonymous

To me this is to much white on the head. I've passed up pups with less white than that. I would be concerned about vision and hearing problems.

by: Anonymous

I assume Minis have the same standards as real Aussies. If that is the case then yes, that’s too much white. Read "excess white" in the ASCA literature. White around eyes and ears, while not a guarantee of poor health, definitely increases the risk. You should tell your joke of a breeder to give you back your deposit.

Not a joke of a breeder
by: Anonymous

To the two comments saying it’s too much white - she isn’t a ‘joke of a breeder’, she’s on AKC -/ well as all of her parent pups and has only had one health issue with a puppy in all of her years being a breeder of this specific breed (who ended up being a healthy dog). I appreciate the concern though, just want to explain the full picture.

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