Know Of Any Breeders In Massachusetts?

by Patricia A MacLeod
(Taunton, Mass)

Hi! I would like to know if any of you could tell me if you know of any breeders in Massachusetts, preferably near Boston? I had an Aussie Mix. We got him from the Shelter at age 10 and buried him at 19 years. He was the best dog we ever had. I won him over quickly, the very first day. My hubby was on dialysis and I took him for a very long walk and from then on, he was mine!

He got me through some of the worst days of my life. One of the saddest days of my life was when I had to put him down. I miss him every day. Even on the worst day of my life (husband of 39 years passed away). I didn't think I could get through it, Benny won the month! He took good care of me, and when it was his turn, I took good care of him.

I would love another Aussie. I've been looking for almost 5 years and I would love another Aussie. Could any of you please help me? I'm looking for a dog of about 5 to 10 years old and if possible a male would be great... I live alone, my kids and families live close by. I own my home and it would be 1 on 1 me and a great dog that would be great family who would be with me (except) Dr's appointments and church or to the store, it would be him and I.

Thanx so much.

Patricia MacLeod

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Finding an older Aussie
by: Anonymous

Look for Auusie breeders in your area on the internet and contact one or two, tell them you are looking for an older dog. Breeders sometimes retire their dogs after their breeding time is over, or have a dog returned to them for some reason. They will put the word out for you.

Breeder in mass
by: Kaitlyn

My bf and I just put a deposit on an Aussie pup last week. It took me weeks to find a breeder but I stumbled upon a lady named Jackie Milka on Facebook, she owns 3 aussies and a mini Aussie as week. She trains horses on her land in Rochester, MA. If you have Facebook definitely look her up. Maybe she has some pups left from the two litters she just had!

Breeders in MA
by: Anonymous

Hi! I’m in MA, and we got our puppy in Connecticut - but there is Headstrong aussies out western ma

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