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  Australian Shepherd - Pleeeease
Photo of Ruby taken by
Anchorage Dog Walkers.

Other Dog Breeds
Information on training your Alaskan Husky to be a pet dog. This can be a rewarding, but sometimes frustrating adventure. Find in-depth articles as well as forum and community sections to ask questions and share your stories and pictures of your Alaskan Husky.
Where it's all about the Boston! A Boston Terrier owner shares first hand knowledge and practical information about the breed, including standards, history, selection, care, naming and common health problems. Includes photo gallery where visitors can add their pet's photos.

Sovrana Cane Corso
Sovrana Cane Corso is a top quality,
ethical Cane Corso breeder located outside of Atlanta, Georgia. All of our
puppies come from champion lines and have 2 year health gaurantees, vaccinations, registration, and lifetime support. Check out our website for puppy availability, photos, videos, information, and more.

This is a complete resource guide for Chihuahua lovers. From choosing, raising and training your Chihuahua to healthcare, breeding and whelping, this informative site contains everything you’ll ever need.

Dachshund Owner Guide
Dachshund dog resource with information about the breed, giving advice on health, training and general dog care, links to breeders and more.

Everything About Dachshunds
Dachshund dogs are very lovable. These playful weiner dogs can be a great addition to your family. Learn proper Dachshund training and care.

Dog Breeds Explained
This site provides an overview of guard dogs, gun dogs, herding dogs, scent hounds, sight hounds, spitz and terrier dog breeds. Dog Breeds Explained also offers information on the care and training of your dog.

English Bulldog Nation
A comprehensive website devoted to the English Bulldog. Information on Bulldog breeders, puppies, diet, health, training and much more.
German Shepherd Dog Information. The ultimate resource for information concerning all things German Shepherd. GSD Breed information, training tips, pictures, GSD health and nutrition articles, a German Shepherd Dog breed newsletter and blog, dog trivia, German Shepherd facts and much more.

German Shepherd Lore
A comprehensive guide to the German Shepherd dog. Learn all about this truly amazing companion and servant of mankind. Including breed information and history, behavior, training, common dog health problems, nutrition, rescue resources and much more.

All About Goldens
This is an informative guide for Golden Retriever lovers. Covering all aspects of the breed including raising and training Golden puppies, health care, and everyday issues of living with this beautiful breed of dog.

Golden Retriever Magic
Welcome to our in-depth site about Golden Retrievers and the magic they bring to our lives. Here you will find info on history, facts, training, pictures, videos, puppies, breeders, grooming, health, naming, and much more. Don't forget to take the celebrity quiz and check out the slide show.

Jack Russell Lover
The one-stop information centre for Jack Russell owners, including information on Jack Russell training, puppies, breeders, healthcare, history and more, as well as plenty of pictures.

All About Labradors
In this site you will be able to find a considerable amount of information on labradors. Anything from eating habits to training and grooming. There is so much to learn about your Labrador why not do it here?
The ultimate Rottweiler owners resource. This user friendly guide to the wonderful Rottweiler dog has lots of free information, tips and advice for new owners and dog lovers. Rottweiler facts, breed history, Rottweiler behavior, canine health issues, feeding puppies, dog training and much more.
Purebred dogs, pedigreed puppies - dog breeders, canine information, dog classified ads, dog toys and gifts, purebred dog blog and newsletter, and lots more.
THE place for, and about, Pomeranians and Pom lovers! Our site
is all about Pomeranians, including standards, history, selection, care,
grooming, and common health problems. Add your Pom's picture to the online photo gallery.

Sheltie Planet - The Complete Pet Owner's Guide to Shetland Sheepdogs

Sheltie Planet
A place for adoring fans of this beautiful and loyal dog breed. If you own a Shetland Sheepdog, you'll enjoy the articles on obedience training, health and grooming, cool games to play with your wee Sheltie plus fun photo galleries.

Small Dog Breeds
All about small dog breeds with information on thier different charactertices and temperament, choosing vets and breeders. Also, on dogs best with children and the most popular dogs.

Max the Schnauzer
This is the only international online resource providing information on all three types of Schnauzer. Written by journalists and professionals. We aim to provide ethical, factual and independent information on Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers in an easy-to-read and entertaining manner.

Standard Poodles USA
Information on the care, health, nutrition, grooming and everything else you need and want to know about Standard Poodles!

Little Deb's Toy/Mini Australian Shepherd's
Dedicated to the breed Toy/Mini Australian Shepherds. Bred for sound structure, great temperaments and true Aussie Type. Penn Hip Evaluation, and CERF clearance in our breeding dogs. Great for agility, show, herding and top quality companion pets.

All About Yorkshire Terriers
The Most Complete Guide For Yorkshire Terriers - Displaying our love for Yorkshire Terriers we are confident that we can provide you with all the information you will need to be a successful owner!

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Information
Pet site that has information, advice, resources, and much more for the Yorkshire Terrier Dog Owner.



The Puppy Dog Place
Puppycare 101 - A complete, user-friendly guide for puppy parents everywhere. Tons of FREE information, tips and advice to help you raise a happy, healthy puppy. Topics include choosing a puppy, naming your puppy, housebreaking, basic training, crate training, grooming, products, puppy kibble, organic dog food, useful products, health issues, vaccinations and much more! Puppies are our passion - and it shows!

Suitable Puppies
Finding cute puppies to suit your lifestyle is very important. Each puppy is different and requires suitable care, training and a name that fits their unique personality.


  Australian Shepherd - Tetherball
  Patricia Randall
Chewbaka enjoys a
game of tetherball

Dog Health

Dog First Aid 101
Provides the information for you to save your dog's life. Learn dog first aid so you know how to prevent injuries, illnesses and poisonings, and how to prepare for any that do occur.

The Dog Health Guide
The dog health guide offers simple and practical advice for many common canine symptoms and illnesses. It is written by dog lovers who understand that while there is no substitute for a Veterinarian, there are often simple things that can be done to help.

Dogs Health Naturally
Choose nutrition and herbal therapies for your dogs health ... prevention is the answer to all dog illness or dog sickness. Offers true insight to dog diseases and how unsafe vaccinations really are.

Natural Dog Health Remedies
No harmful chemicals that pollute our environment. No poisons that weaken our dog's body. No frequent trips to the vet! Sounds too good to be true? Actually, it is possible. This website will show you how natural, safe, and environmentally friendly remedies can be used to maintain your dog's health.


Dog Names

Dog Names And
Looking for Cool, Funny or Unique Dog Names to give your new puppy? We have hundreds of naming suggestions, as well as other helpful dog related categories.


Dog Nutrition

Best Dog Food Guide
This is a comprehensive site about dog food. Good food is the foundation for good health. Learn to choose the best dog food for your canine companion. Educate yourself from dog food ingredients to food related health issues in our furry friends.

Just Dog Treats
Shop for all your dog treat needs. Offering a wide selection of all natural dog treats, do biscuits & cookies, gourmet dog treats, real meat treats, puppy treats, rawhide dog treats and chews & more.


Dog Products

Dog Powered Scooter
The first dog pulled device which places the dog behind a steering wheel! Thus giving the rider precision steering control of the dog. Therefore easy to ride, safe and appropriate for the urban environment, making dog mushing accessible to every breed, age of rider, location and season.

Make and Build Dog Stuff
Why not make and build dog stuff at home? Save yourself money, learn new skills through the step-by-step instructions, get a great sense of accomplishment and have a happier dog!


Dog Training

Absolute K-9 Solutions
Dog training GUARANTEED for the life of your dog. Our comprehensive dog training website is your complete resource for all your dog related needs. Our programs give you the necessary tools you need to curb bad behavior and promote good dog obedience.

ARC Dog Rehab
ARC Dog Rehab specialises in helping overcome any behvioural issues with your dog and covers the South of England. All consultations are carried out at your own home and I spend a minimum of two hours with you in order to start you on the road to a more balanced life with your dog.

Dog Obedience Training |How to Train a Dog | Dog Training Tips
Mindful Leadership brings out the Best in your dog. Everyone can do it! Every dog responds to it!.

Dog Care Basics
Knowing dog care basics is the foundation for understanding the life stages of your pet and helps make dog ownership a rewarding experience. It will greatly improve your dog’s quality of life if you have a solid foundation of information about your pets needs.

Dog Obedience Training Online
Learn how to train a dog or puppy with the best free puppy and dog training tips at Dog Obedience Training Online.

Dog Training Classroom
Dog Training should be short, simple and fun. Set your dog up for success with effective dog obedience and behavior training.

Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center & Canine Social Club
The Zoom Room offers dog agility training, obedience, puppy preschool, therapy dog training, trick training, and a wide range of innovative dog training classes including Pup-lates (Pilates core-conditioning for dogs). Our facility is sleek and modern, full of amenities like Kobe beef hot dogs and soft-serve peanut butter ice cream with crushed liver toppings. We are now offering pet franchises nationwide - contact us if you'd like to start a dog training franchise in your own hometown.


Agility Training

Affordable Agility
If you are looking for dog agility equipment at a reasonable price you can find a good selection of starter packages and individual pieces at Affordable Agility.

Blue Ribbon Agility
Looking for high quality, durable dog agility equipment? Their dog agility products are designed with strength and safety in mind. All contact equipment is constructed and welded by their highly skilled welders and craftsmen with the best quality materials available.


Sites of Interest

My Old Dog
A site just for senior dogs. Friendly, helpful information on all aspects of older dog care by a senior dog owner.
A to Z rabbit information and breeder (and RAW feeding) support website.

How To Start A Pet Sitting Business
You dream about starting your own business. You love animals and you have a burning desire to create your own future. Learn how to start a pet sitting business! Be your own boss, set your hours and make a great income doing it.
Visit an easy to navigate resource site filled with informative articles about cats and kittens. New articles are added daily. Enter your cats picture in the Mac Daddy Cat Challenge.

Cats and Dogs
Information on cats and dogs along with a great glossary and blog!

Choosing A Dog Made Easy
Providing essential advice and guidance for the novice dog owner when choosing the right dog for their lifestyle. Training tips, puppy advice, breed information, rescue-adoption health info and lots more.

Dog Answers
Whether you are already an experienced dog handler or just thinking about getting a dog, this is the ultimate free online guide to raising and living with man’s best friend.

Margaret Licha Designs
My handmade ceramic art tiles are created entirely in my studio from the original design to the finished product. Combining function and beauty while using age old methods and processes of the handmade decorative ceramic tile craft. My niche is animal designs – dogs, cats, barnyard animals – not an exact representation but a snapshot of their spirit, their quirkiness and joy for life.
A highly informative and wonderfully anecdotal site offering a celebration of dogs enjoying the great outdoors. With advice on dog-friendly holidays, pet passports, and with some great photos, this is an entertaining and useful site.

Ponies for Sale
Click now to view a huge range of Ponies for Sale, brought to you by Horsetrader Online.

Show Dog Topiaries
Beautiful moss-filled wire frames of "true-to-the-standard" dog breeds for the everyday gardener.

Your Pets Universe - Pet Supplies and Information
A universe of information about our faithful and furry four legged companions.


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