USA, FL, 10 Months Old

by Christine
(Riverview FL)

I have a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd that I need to find a rescue for. I got him off of Craigslist and was not told about his issues with aggression towards adults. I found out by reading his paperwork that they gave me when I got home.

He is great with my almost 2-year-old daughter and we also have two other Australian Shepherds and a cat he is fine with also.

I did get him neutered and he is UTD on his shots.

I have had him for two months and finding out he is just too much for us to train ourselves. We know about the breed and we already took in one red tape dog from the pound three years ago. We weren't expecting to have another one that could possibly bite someone if he doesn't get the training he needs by someone that knows what they are doing with a nervous Aussie.

He is also microchipped but I have not registered yet knowing I will have to give him up. He has not bitten anyone that we know of. They do have to muzzle him at the vets. All I know is the last owner kept him in a crate all day and he was not exposed to the world when he was younger. We have tried to expose him to new things but we are not trainers so I don't want to say we know what we are doing just because we have two other Aussies.

He definitely needs more room to run around being high energy. Loves play with dog toys and will fetch a ball. If you need any more info please ask.

Thank you Christine

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