Who Did YOU Get Your Mini Aussie From?

by Margaret
(Southeast USA)

I am researching breeders and have used the links here and others. I have started calling and speaking to some, I would LOVE to know what breeder the folks here got their pup/dog from and anyone that has had good or bad experiences with any. It is SO hard to know who to trust over the internet!

Note from Anton: You can find more information about choosing a breeder here and here.

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Researching a Breeder
by: Ontario, Canada

When we were researching the breeder we got our dog from we also called the local vet(s) in their area to find out if they were reputable and honest. Ours was! We had to attend their puppy class prior to being able to take her home; they followed up with us routinely for the first year to make sure our dog was doing well and see if we had any questions/concerns. We were also encouraged to contact them if we needed to.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Angie Ogle from Wigglebutt Aussies in Indiana has amazing dogs!

follow up regarding finding a breeder
by: margaret

Thank you for the information and I hope to get more! I've heard of Wigglebutt, but am not familiar with any names of breeders in Canada. I've seen that some are planning litters in the spring and some in the fall. Some have waiting lists. Does anyone have any experience with the waiting list process?

by: Nonnie

We lost our first mini Aussie to a gastrointestinal hemorrhage, tragically, and very quickly. I live in Texas. I started researching the internet for breeders in Texas. I wrote emails to several of them, just to get information about Aussies in general maybe get some information about what happened to our Carley.

I received a response from one. She didn't have much information about the gastrointestinal hemorrhage, but she was very empathetic and offered a lot of insight into the breed itself. She even invited us to come see her puppies whether we decided to buy on or not.

We did just that and picked out a beautiful blue eyed, blue merle mini and named her Baliee Joy. About a month later, we got her half-sister, who is a toy black tri whose name is Maggie Mae.

We were impressed with her setup and with her and her family. They are all involved with socialization of the puppies. They have a special birthing room in the house. Our breeder is Leslie Peckham or Southern Star Mini Aussies in Winona, TX. She is on the Mini-Breeder Directory on this website.

Our girls are now 2 1/2 years old and w keep in contact with her frequently.

Finding a breeder
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know Ridgestar Aussies in WA or Wigglebutt Aussies?

hastings MI
by: dani lee

We found first aussie, ace from a breeder in hstings MI, dela and mike, and I could tell you their last name but I don't have the papers in front of me, lol. We had ace 3 days before we tragicly lost him due to open fontells. ( rare I guess) but I was soo shook up and was also 8 mo. Pregnant at the time, that the next day I was going to just go and ask for our money back, it was tramatizing. ( I posted this full story about 2yrs. Ago in aussie stories so I won't go into the full detail) but long story short we noticed another litter of red pups walking up to them. She was so sweet, she even cried with me, they said IF we still wanted another aussie we could have our pick of any, and she would even foot the bill for the first puppy exam for my peace of mind. We left that day with our snicker doodle. God bless them! They were wonderfull sweet people. Being this was my first experince with any akc dogs or breeders, I didn't know what to expect, but they were sincere and heartfelt people, The kind that doesn't see their aussies as just shepards to their horses, but treated them like they were their kids. Amazing!

Someone asking about Ridgestar kennels in Bellingham
by: Sherry

To the person asking about Ridgestar Kennels in Bellingham WA. I know the kennel and have talked to the breeders and seen their puppies. They are an awesone kennel who breed a small number of dogs per year. Their pups are some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen and they stay interested in their puppies homes for as long as you want. Be prepared to wait for your pup as their wait list is long. But I think it is worth the wait and I currently am on their wait list for a female.

we love our breee
by: Anonymous

We got out Aussie from Ridgestar Aussies in Bellingham WA. They are fabulous!! Even after six months they are always willing to answer questions that arise. They truly care about their dogs and screen potential buyers for the perfect fit. I highly recommend Ridgestar Aussie

Ridgestar in Bellingham, WA
by: Anonymous

I researched carefully and knew as soon as I visited Ridgestar that Mona and Charlie Cooper were the breeders for me! It was a few months before my puppy was born and I visited several times while waiting for him. The dogs are all so clearly -0(and deservedly) well loved at Ridgestar, the puppies are so well cared for and rptrained during those critical first two months of life, I just wish I had space for more than one! If you're meticulous about caring for your pets and want only the most responsible breeders, I definitely recommend Ridgestar.

Southern Star Aussies, Leslie Peckham
by: Nonnie

Our Aussies are now four years old! We still keep in touch with Leslie.

Ridgestar Aussies in Bellingham
by: Jil Larson

I have to add my rave review of Ridgestar Aussies to those already posted. I was on the waiting list for a couple of months and it was so worth it! I was fortunate enough to live nearby so was able to visit the breeder several times while waiting for my pup, All the Ridgestar Aussies are raised with love and attention from their first breath. I highly recommend Ridge-star for anyone wanting a breeder with integrity and a quality Aussie.

Ridgestar Aussies in Bellingham WAshington
by: Mariane Adamson

We got our Aussie from Mona and Charlie at Ridgestar . We did our time on the waiting list but it was worth every moment. We have a son living with non verbal autism and we had some special considerations when looking for a companion for him. After temperament testing the pups they hand picked "Wilkins" for us, even though he should have gone to a breeder. It's been almost 2 years since he joined our family and I will be eternally grateful to Mona and Charlie. Wilkins is a treasure. He has been working as an assistance dog with our son, giving him a modicum of independence he would otherwise have not had. He is his ball and frisbee partner, playing as long as my son wants. He alerts when my husband, who is a type 1 diabetic, experiences low blood sugar. But most of all he is a member of the family. His registered name is Semper Fidelis, and he truly is "always faithful, always loyal"
Mona is always ready to answer questions, give advise and offer assistance and they truly love their dogs. Wilkins is my first Ridgestar dog but he will not be my last.

by: Jennifer

We went to Ridgestar a little over a year ago and are so pleased with our sweet dogs. We ended up adopting two retired dogs instead of puppies because we fell so in love with them. Mona was very knowledgable and takes great pride in the dogs that she breeds. Mona was eager to answer any questions I had even after I had brought my dogs home. This helped make their adjustments to our home go so smoothly. (Remember our dogs had spent several years with her). Beside the fact that our dogs are beautiful , we are told this often , they are truly fantastic dogs and more than we could of asked for. I wouldn't think twice about getting my dogs from Ridgestar.

Ridgestar Aussies
by: Anonymous

In reply to the person asking about Ridgestar Aussies... They are amazing. We purchased our dog from them. They are never more than a phone call away. The dogs are genetically perfect and all are socialized. All puppies spend time with the family and most have begun potty training by the time you get them.
I am looking into a second dog and I will go nowhere else but Ridgestar Aussies.
They are quality dogs and the owners truly care!

Ridge Star Aussies
by: Sara Boyer

I am extremely proud to say I partner with Ridgestar Aussies in owning Ridgestars Patriot Rocket. Mona and Charlie are breeders truly for the love of Aussies and improving the breed itself through very careful screening and medical testing. Mona and Charlie continue to mentor us through every step in making sure that Rocket’s pups will be healthy, high standards of the Aussie breed, and placed in homes that will continue to care for their Ridgestar puppies.

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