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We've Had a Busy Summer

Welcome to another issue of the Newsletter. We haven't published one in a while as we've been busy adding new articles and information about new products that we hope you will find helpful.

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In This Issue:

- Now You Can Ask a Vet Your Aussie Health Questions Online

- 2009 Australian Shepherd Calendars Now Available

- Upcoming Aussie Photo Gallery Section

- How I Built

- Aussie Breeder Contest Winner Announcement

- Most Popular Dog Training Programs

- Dog Quote for Today

NEW - Do You Have a Question About Your Aussie's Health?

If you have questions about a dog health issue you can now use the form on our new Ask a Vet page to get advise directly from a real Veterinarian. When you need to talk to a vet help is just a click away. A dog health problem due to illness or injury can happen anytime. Now Veterinarians are available for online consultation 24/7/365.

You can get an answer to your dog health problem fast. In as little as a few minutes you can have the information you need from a veterinarian. You don't have to wait until your vet's office opens.

Why pay for an expensive office visit? You can get the advise you need for far less than you would have to pay if you go to your vet's office. There is no need to pay for office and equipment overhead if you just need to have a question answered or need good advise about a dog health problem and unlike an office visit, you don't pay unless you accept the answer. Of course there will be times when you do have to see your vet in person, but this is an excellent option when you just need a straight answer without paying a fortune.

Do you have a website? You can add this feature to your website and help your visitors too.

>> Ask a Vet

2009 Australian Shepherd Calendars Now Available

For you early-birds who don't like to wait until January 1 and scramble for a calendar picking through the leftovers in the discount bin (like me). This year I'm vowing to have a calendar long before the ball drops in Times Square. But not just any calander - an Aussie Calendar!

You can find the 2009 Australian Shepherd Calendars in the Aussie Shoppe.

>> 2009 Australian Shepherd Calendars

Photo of Bentley sent in by Holly

Upcoming Aussie Photo Gallery Section

I've had such a huge response from everyone who has sent in their Aussie photos that I haven't been able to keep up! If you sent in your pic and I haven't added it to the site yet it's because I've decided to start an Aussie Photo Gallery section. So look for that in the upcoming weeks. I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to send in your wonderful pictures and share your stories about your Aussies. If you would like to send in your pics you can find info about how to do that here:

>> Send in Your Aussie Photos

How I Built

I've received many wonderful compliments on the website. I still have a long way to go and appreciate your feedback about what you like about the site and how you think it could be improved. Thanks to everyone who has submitted thier photos, articles, suggestions and critiques.

But I've also received questions, not just about Australian Shepherds, but about the website itself. I've put together a page about some of the things to keep in mind if you have or are planning to create a website.

Are You Thinking of Starting a Website?
Want to Give Your Existing Site a Boost?

Whether your website is a hobby about something you love, like or is intended to promote your business, services or products it's no fun to build a website that nobody visits. I've learned a lot about building a successful website and I'm more than happy to help those of you who are either just starting out building your first website or just need a boost for your existing site.

I've written an article, albeit a long-winded one (I'm really going to have to edit it), about some of the things to keep in mind when building your site. But most importantly it talks about the difference between building a website and building a website that works!

Building a successful website isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be rocket science either. For example, the company I use provides me with everything I need to put together a professional site. I do have some technical skills but others who are completely new to the idea of building a website have created terrific (and very successful) sites without any technical skills whatsoever. Many of these people have turned their hobbies, passions and knowledge into websites and now even earn a living by doing what they love. It does take work but it is possible to develop a business online. Who knows, maybe you'll even be able to quit your day job! ;-)

Feel free to e-mail me or use the Contact form on the site if you have any questions.

>> How to Build a Website that Works

NEW - Aussie Only Search Engine

I'm happy to announce that our Aussie Only Search Engine is up and running. This is a highly focused search engine that only returns results for Australian Shepherd related websites. Looking for information about Aussies? This is your search engine...

Australian Shepherd Lovers Search Engine

Have a website about Aussies or a topic of interest to Aussie owners and breeders? You can add your site to the searh results and be included in the directory of sites included in the search.

>> Search
>> Add My Site

Aussie Breeder Contest Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Winding Oaks Kennel of Hamilton, Michigan!
They are the final winners of our "Free Puppy Arrival Announcement Contest".
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Aussie Breeders - Add a Puppy Arrival Announcement to Your Directory Listing for Only $10.00!
Let visitors know when you have a litter available.
Four Month Display! Puppy Arrival Announcements are shown with your directory listing for four months.
• Includes a photo at no extra charge.
• Also includes one free update.

>> Order a Puppy Arrival Announcement for your directory listing.

Dove Cresswell - Puppy Training and Dog Training Online
Dove Cresswell

Most Popular Dog Training Programs

Dove Cresswell. - Puppy Training and Dog Training Online
Watch a F R E E Lesson on Dove's Website

SitStayFetch by Daniel Stevens
Daniel Offers a F R E E 6 Day Mini-Course

>>> More Australian Shepherd Training Information

Dog Quote for Today

"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

- Abraham Lincoln

Until Next Time...

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All the Best and Woof!

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>>> Australian Shepherd Lovers Blog and RSS/XML Feed

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