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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Send Us Your BEST Australian Shepherd Photos!

Do you have a photo that is so Aussome you think it could be the Photo of The Month, chosen to be the Photo of the Day and featured in our social media posts and the online Puzzle of the Month, or included in our Aussie Ebook?

Australian Shepherd Photos

We Are Looking for
1 IN A 1000 PHOTOS!

Photo Guidelines:

  • Your photo must be of an Australian Shepherd breed dog. (Miniature Australian Shepherds or North American Australian Shepherds (now recognized as American Shepherds by the AKC) are considered separate breeds.)
    Mini Aussie / American Shepherd Owners: I know you have great photos too. If you submit photos please clearly indicate the breed in your email.

  • Only send in YOUR Australian Shepherd photos – photos to which you have the copyright.

  • Send in the BEST quality Australian Shepherd photos possible.

  • Good focus, background, and composition.

  • Highest resolution possible - we will adjust them to fit our format later.

  • Don't crop your photo(s) - we'll crop them to fit our format later.

  • Send as many photos as you like but... Please only send each photo once. (Similar photos are fine, just not the exact same ones.) We keep them on file so there's no need to send the same photo multiple times.

Information to Include in Your Email:

We would like to include a brief description below your photo(s).

  • Your First & Last Name (for photo credit). Let us know if someone else should get a photo credit (and your name as the owner).

  • Your location. City, State, Country

  • Your dog's name! They are the star after all. :)

  • A little about your Aussie (age, sex, etc.) and about the photo. Try to include at least 2 or 3 sentences (or a good paragraph). Think of what you would say if you were telling friends about the photo. Be sure to include any interesting, funny, or unusual things that happened.

E-mail Your Australian Shepherd Pictures and Information Here:

Submissions are subject to our Terms of Use.

E-mail your information and Australian Shepherd photos to:

When I receive your submission, I'll send you the DISCOUNT CODE to get 40% OFF of our popular ebook, "Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care".
(Please note: I try to get to all emails as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take a day or two. Thank you for your patience.)   :)

Thanks for sharing your Australian Shepherd photos on

Keep in touch,

Anton Hout
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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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