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The Australian Shepherd is the star of this website!

This site is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in Australian Shepherds, providing a one-stop-shop for everything related to the breed. Whether you're just thinking about getting an Aussie, a new owner looking for advice on puppy care, or an experienced owner, this website has something for everyone.

Aussie Training, Grooming, Health, Nutrition, Breeders Directory, and Q & A Forum

Here you will find a wealth of information on Australian Shepherd training, grooming, health, and nutrition. In addition, we feature a comprehensive directory of Australian Shepherd breeders, a directory of rescue organizations, as well as a Q & A forum where you can connect with other owners.

Dealing With Aggression, Behavior Problems, and Info on Specialized Training

Are you dealing with aggression or behavior problems with your Aussie? Whether your dog is exhibiting destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, food guarding, or reactivity, you'll find info on how to address these issues and improve your dog's behavior in our Aussie training section. Here you will also find information about specialized training like training for therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and tips on how to get started.

Things to Do With Your Aussie: Dog Sports From Agility Training to Dock Diving

We also have tons of info on dog sports and activities you can try with your Australian Shepherd. From agility training and dock diving to frisbee and flyball, we have a wide range of information on how to get involved in these exciting and rewarding activities with your Aussie. Whether you're looking to compete at a high level or just have some fun with your dog, this website has everything you need to get started.

Photos, Art, Cartoons... and Create a Page All About Your Aussie

We have so much more for Aussie Lovers, including these sections created by submissions from Aussie Fans from around the world... Photo of the Month, Aussie Art and Cartoons, and you can Create a Page All About Your Aussie here and share how aussome they are!

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Australian Shepherd Cartoon

Looking for Aussie Training and Care Info?

Find out how our popular guide can benefit you and your Aussie... Your purchase also helps to support this site. It is an ebook in the popular PDF format so you can download it immediately and get started right away. Click here for more info...

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month

Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month — Photo: Hannah Padilla, Aussie: Luka — Visit the site for all things Aussie from training to puppy care tips, from dog nutrition and health tips to Aussie artwork and cartoons—and more. #australianshepherd #dogphotography #aussie #aussielovers

Photo: Hannah Padilla

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This is Luka when we went hiking at the Chickasaw National Recreation Park in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Luka was trained specifically to be a trail dog. He had near perfect recall at only a year old and is able to be off leash if the area permits it. At this location we went for a swim in the beautiful Sulphur Springs and met some buffalo after a long hike! He is the most loyal companion and is always up for the next great adventure.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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